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So today I pledged to post at least one new blog post a day for two weeks…Am I crazy? Maybe!…But I do have so many fun things and adventures to share with you that I felt that this was the only way to do it!So here we go, the 2 week challenge begins!

This Autumn was particularly hot and I couldn’t believe my luck when the sun just kept on shining and shining, well into September and then into October…As I am sat here writing this it feels as if the wind and the November rain are about to batter my terrace door open, but still, I can’t help but feel that we had a pretty good run for our money this year in terms of British summers.

Recently I have been loving the high waisted hipster trousers, so I went to Brick Lane to Rokit where they have the most amazing selection of old Levis. I had seen them look good on models and I saw the coolest skater wearing a pair that he had cut off at the bottom with converse. LOVE! My heart was bursting with expectation…The moment was over pretty quickly when I realised that all of the size 38s wouldn’t actually zip up let alone do up…  Apparently some nice people have made the current sizes bigger than the vintage ones, but at least I have now fully appreciate the function of low waisted skinny jeans – to save you from having  to fit your whole body into your trousers and coming out looking like a stuffed human sausage… So anyway, after 3 visits to the rack I finally found a pair that would do up over my flabby bits and that would close in a place other than right under my arm pits…HURRAY!

So after fashion week I had a few days off to recover when all I wanted to do was go out for walk in the park and around town and enjoy the rays. I decided to do a 90’s throwback and rock a velvet crop top with my hipster Levis and then another look wearing a black crop top with high waisted black jeans and blue denim shirt. Both looks were fun to roam around in- I loved the casual vibe of the denim and the the high waist still made the looks appropriate for the city. With both looks I wore my DollyRed leather Gail black purse with beautiful baby blue stitching. I loved the detail and thought that it went well with my beaded jacket. Their pieces are super elegant but really fun too, the perfect accessories to add a touch of colour and sophistication to any outfit.

Let me know if you like the looks,

Abi xxx












imageLOOK 1

Black Crop Top – TOP SHOP

Denim Shirt – Vintage

Black Skinny Jeans – COLLIER BRISTOW

Sunglasses- TRUSSARDI

Metal Toe Cap Sneakers – STRADIVARIUS

Look 2

Vintage Levis Jeans – LEVIS from Rokit Vintage

Black Leather Clutch – DOLLYRED

Creep Platform Metallic shoes – SCHUH

Velvet Crop Top – FOREVER 21


Alice’s Pig


Happy Monday everybody! The mist here in London has been rolling in, turning this weekend into the perfect creepy Halloween! This time of year, with all the pumpkins, sweets and costumes really make me feel like a like a kid, and soon it will be Christmas…OUUUU the excitement (yes it is almost too much to bear!).  So, with that in mind, I thought that it would be the perfect occasion to talk about one of my Alice in Wonderland moments that I had in Avila this summer and one of my favourite original new brands, Alice’s Pig, inspired by vintage style and one of the best Walt Disney films ever, Alice in Wonderland!

Ever since I was a kid I was obsessed with the cartoon – I loved the flamingo croquet, the bread and butter butterflies, the “Eat Me” sweets and of course Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee… Probably living close to the Alice Bar, a pub that is entirely themed, when I was at uni, didn’t help with my obsession, but it’s hard for anyone to shake off the impact of such a fun, brightly coloured film about a white rabbit in a waist coat, a stoned Caterpillar and painted red roses.

When I went to Avila this summer, I had my own Alice moment when I walked through the massive gates of the incredible walled fortifications of the city and there, right in front of us were these huge giant papier mâché figurines, looming above us, twirling around people, tall and bright against the sandstone walls of the castle. I really felt as if I had taken a sip from Alice’s magic shrinking potion, it was such a magical feeling, the whole city was just incredible, with beautiful Cathedrals and lovely old streets, they all dwarfed me. We ate traditional “llemas de Santa Teresa” made with egg yolks and sugar, we had the most incredible food with Gustavo’s and his family in a restaurant opposite the wall and walks around, gazing upwards for hours. It was crazy, but it was normal.

Crazy but Normal, that is what is great about Alice’s Pig‘s vintage style that is so perfect for London life right now. The name of course really drew me to this brand, reminding whoever should choose to venture down the rabbit hole that colliding styles and cultures can produce something interesting and that there can be beauty and surprise in anything; even in a pig. So this summer, right after coming back from the incredible UNESCO world heritage city of Avila, I decided to style one of their original gridded skirt and crop top with an orchid printed scarf and long flowy blouse. Alice’s Pig’s designs are so bright and funky, with stripes, stars, floral patterns and feminine cuts, they are the perfect pieces for a cool street style look or for a more elegant, 60’s retro look.

Have you had any Alice in Wonderland moments recently?

Abi xxx

image  image imageimageimageimageimageimage  imageimage
imageimage image imageimage  imageimage image  imageimageimage


Two piece combination of a pleated maxi skirt and a cute top – GINA’S GRID by ALICE”S PIG

Orchid Print Neck Scarf- SILKANDY

White Chiffon Blouse – Stradivarius

Glasses – Stradivarius

Vintage Blang Blang

Today was raining and it has got so cold here in London! 😦


So how do I deal with the cold? Apparently not very well…I tend to try to buy at least one winter coat a year and as they are expensive, I normally get them after the 24th of December in the sales. The only problem with holding out that long to buy a coat, when living in London, is that by the time you get to the sales, half of winter has already come and gone. Which can only mean way too many days shivering in doorways, flapping my arms around like a penguin trying to generate  heat and generally dying a thousand chilblain deaths whilst all the while looking unbelievable uncool in last year’s warm out coat…

So this year, I had a plan…It is pretty amazing how fashions come back around, and luckily for me, my Mum has been coat hoarding for decades. So, my plan was to raid my Mum’s old old old clothes and see what I could find! On my first rummage I found this discarded dusty old velvet coat with faux-fur collar and I just thought it would be perfect to use to ward off the cold until the sales came along 🙂 I really love eclectic looks that somehow come together and I thought that I would try for such an alternative look today for my meetings in town. I combined the coat with some dark blue jeans, a green sweat shirt and black summer platform sandals with socks to get an urban street look. I thought that lots of ethnic jewellery would look really cool with the glamorous faux-fur, so I layered up lots of eye catching  “bling bling” rings and bracelets. So let me know what you think and also, how do you deal with the cold?


PS: Thanks Mum xxx



Faux Fur Velvet Coat – Vintage from Mum

Black Wedge Sandals – PRIMARK

Green Embellished Sweater – BLACK TRUFFLE

Dark Blue Jeans – GUESS

 Fair Trade Hand Woven Swarovski Ehtnic Bracelet – CASTELLANOS ETHNIC ORIGINS

Turquoise and Silver Bracelet – Souks Marrakesh

Bling Rings – PRIMARK

Cowboy ‘n Cow Girl Style


  I can tell that I am getting older because I no longer want to inflict minor injury on myself to avoid having to go for a walk with my parents. I can remember thinking how many walks do you need to go on? And why did they think it would appeal to me when I could stay home and watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch double episode? Slow, sometimes painful if going uphill…a run I would understand, but a walk invariably followed by a cup of tea???

Now that I don’t get a lot of time off, and I live a very city life here in London, I jump at the chance to run up a few hills, climb a few trees, kick some rocks and fall into rivers. So today, like everyday I was in France I had to be the one persuading people to go for walks and apparently when it’s someone else’s idea, they are a lot harder to convince!

Here are some of my pics from the time walking in the Pyrenees. I decided to wear something suited for the outback and nature but also which would make me feel good. I combined some thick leather cow boy style boots and an all denim ensemble and just loved the freedom of roaming around the cows, the horses, running in the meadows and climbing stuff. The boots are super special because of the rich green and yellow ocher color which I just love to wear in Autumn and the double denim really gave my look a retro cow girl look. And don’t forget,to follow the yellow/red path markers on trees and rocks to help you find your way if your ever lost along the Pyrenean mountain range.  Let me know what you think 😉







Large Denim Shirt – VINTAGE

High Waist Denim Shorts – BERSHKA

Leather Hat – VINTAGE from Australia

Leather boots – VINTAGE


Fall Trends: Army Green and Cloche Hats


The sun was shinning, the birds chirped…We walked around the city in our short skirts, shorts and shades, had lazy Sunday picnics in the park and faced severed dehydration riding the central line during rush hour. Nights were sweaty and we started resenting our double glazing and carpet upholstery as the house was just so hot. Summer here in London seemed to be eternal…but then two weeks ago…life as we knew it changed forever. It was a day like any other when my luck finally run out. I had dressed to go and meet some friends and left my house without a jumper or umbrella.  The wind blew and the heavens opened, the temperature dropped. I had played weather Russian roulette and I was going to get burned. From that day onwards, things have really gone from bad to worse and so it is actually quite hard not to want to skip Fall Trends and just go straight onto to winter coats , scarves and jumpers – really just to save myself from loosing my toes and fingers to frostbite…


The only thing holding me is back from doing this are the lovely rich earthy autumn colors that are so in vogue at the moment:

yellow ochers, army greens, dark red burgundy and oranges-

And the fact that sometimes the sun does come out and then the snow boots feel a little excessive…Also the tube at rush hour is still really hot, so you don’t want to wear too many warm clothes…

So to outsmart the schizophrenic weather, I decided to wear a light blue dress with heels, but to keep warm I wore a thick wool long coat and a cloche hat. This way, if the sun did end up coming out, then I wouldn’t roast because I would be able to strip down to the dress and heels but then, if it suddenly got cold and rained, I would be protected by the hat. I decided to try an unusual combination of green and blue for an industry meeting and I loved how the coolness of the blue was really enriched by the army green. I really loved the tartan and the Harris Tweed that I had seen during my trip to Edinburgh and this outfit was really inspired by my trip up there and also a 1920s french chic style. I dressed the casual  trench coat up with the cloche hat and green lace up heels. The different tones of grey in the cloche hat really brought out a subtly in the block green and I draped the scarf over one shoulder as I had seen during one of the collections at the Emerging Trends Fashion at London Fashion Week.

Let me know what you think and how you deal with the changing weather 🙂

Abi xxx



Army Green Coat – COAST

Army Green Lace Up Heels – ZARA

Mixed Fabric Tunic – ZARA

Tonal Grossgain Cloche Hat – ACCESSORIZE

Green and Blue Knit Scarf – ZARA

Le Pliage Toile Bag- LONGCHAMP


Don’t Pretend Like You Didn’t See Me…

                          Don’t pretend like you didn’t see me…Cos I’m wearing Neon Baby!!!!


Neon colours are some of the most useful ones around. On my desk I have a huge pile of fluorescent highlighters that I use constantly to help me study, with the bright yellow one giving me so much pleasure in my quest to make my notes appealing, that once I start highlighting one key word, I end up realizing that I have colored in an entire paragraph/page/chapter- which I guess sort of defeats the point… As for my tabs and posted notes that have filled up my law books – the pretty colors draw attention to important pages but somehow I always end up over killing the system and tabbing up every page and it is only towards the end that I realise that I can’t remember the system :/


I loved how Sophie Webster really made her shoes stand out with her urban jungle and like the 80s and early 90s, every other thing that was cool, was even more awesome because you could see it from a mile away. These bright colors look 100% fake and I have never seen anything in the wild which glows in the same way as this toxic radioactive color. So where do they come from? Neon is actually as noble gas which is colorless, odorless and was discovered in 1898 as one of the three residual rare inert elements remaining in dry air, after nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide are removed. However it gives a distinct reddish- organ glow when used in either low-voltage neon glow lamps or neon advertising signs which operate at a high voltage. Although still referred to as “neon”, other colors are generated with different noble gases or by varied colors of fluorescent lighting.  It is no wonder why neon is considered by so many the ultimate statement of a modern society. From the lights of the billboards in Times Square to the glow of radioactive material. Machines, inventions, these colors reflect the power of man to create something which is bolder than nature.



So how to harness this power in an outfit and not look like an over zealous traffic cone? A great way to dull the neon without loosing any of its eye catching charm is by combining it with neutral or pale colours. This brightens up the pastels and dims the glow. Accessories such as bright glasses or shoelaces are a great way to add a flash of colour to your ensemble. Here I have gone with a bright yellow blazer, which not only looks less bright when combined with baby blue jeans, a white shirt and a white bag, but which still looks vibrant enough for cars not to have excuses to ignore me when I cross the road. I have a love hate relationship with neon, in that highlighters and tabs make my life easier when it comes to exams but when I am in full throw my cramming, my room does turn into a wild paper glow party – my hands are covered in pen and left over fluo- posted notes get stuck to me in all sorts of awkward places. I thought that I could reflect that in today’s look and get my own back on those pesky suckers.


Do you love or hate neon?…Let me know what you think of the look and any tips that you may have on how to wear these bright colours! 🙂 Abi xxx



Yellow Blazer with Padded Shoulders  – ZANZEA (charity shop)

Black and White Back-Pack – NEW LOOK

Pink Neon Sunglasses – H&M

White Chuck Taylor Trainers – CONVERSE

White tank shirt – PRIMARK


Feline Hat – EBAY

Evil Eye Earring – ALI EXPRESS


A Smile and A Dress


Its easy to feel intimated when going out in Knightsbridge and Mayfair with all the roaring Ferrari’s and Lamborgini’s careering up and down the street, the long legs, Chanel bags and the snooty nosed gate keepers of the best members clubs, with their powerful clipboard and judging eyes. The queue moves at a snails pace with all the hispters with silver rings and groups of glamorous girls in teetering heels being given fast track access before the crowds. The feeling of elation that you get as you inch closer to the door comes with an equally powerful feeling of dread – will our group be rejected or worse will everyone get in except for me? Will they leave me behind if this happens, so that I’ll be forced to make the walk of shame home alone and through thoughts of despair and dejection vow to never speak to best friends again? Just as I am about to have a nervous breakdown, the red rope is opened and our path to the club is freed up. My heart is racing but I swan through, cool as a cucumber and whisper to the nearest person  “see I knew we’d get in”…*

*and just because you say it, everyone knows that you are lying…

Before disappearing down the darkened staircase I turn and take one smug look at the faces staring from behind the now closed security bar. We’re in, we’re in…your not, your not… And then just as my new found confidence is turning me into the most despicable person, the security guard puts me right back in my place by roughly shoving me out of his way to get to an altercation which is happening in the bar down below. VIP moment over as now I’ll have to readjust my stiletto 😥

Now all joking aside, many of the hottest clubs and bars do have a very strict dress code so really wearing the right attire is key. For me, finding the right dress for a night out is so important, not just to make sure that I get in, but also to really make me feel my best. If in doubt I find that wearing a short black dress with high heels works, but really what I want is a dress that will make me feel confident, sophisticated, sexy and make me stand out of from the crowd. I’ve found that that they can be quite hard to find and there is a tendency for clubbing attire to boarder on trashy. I was so pleased to find White Picket Frock as they really have made shopping for such a look simple. They have a small but incredible selection of classic and very classy dresses that are just perfect for wearing at some of the best parties in the world. Since discovering them, going out to cool places has never felt so easy.

So my advice for Mayfair clubbing is the following: park your beat-up old silver bubble car next to a gold encrusted Ferrari, sort your shoes out and then turn the corner and walk up to the club as if your Beyonce. You can look a million dollars, forget the rest, all you need is a dress and your smile.




Not since the swinging sixties has it not been so cool to live in London and to reflect the city’s revival, I decided to wear the Lia Sequin Mini Dress from White Picket Frock for my night out to Baku and Cafe Kaizen. I love this dress as it creates a retro style look with long sleeves, shoulders pads and beautiful embellished sequin patterning. A retro style is one which attempts to imitate or draw influence from another that of a past era and so I decided to take inspiration from the fashion of another golden era, that of the  1920’s and combine the dress with a large crystal encrusted ring for a real eye catching look.

The pictures were taken in Baku. Its restaurant is decorated with white roses and Marie Antoinette white french furniture. A magnificent grand piano lies under a glass spiral staircase which winds up to the top floor where there is a sumptuous bar where bar staff mix guest’s personalized cocktails. The food is an interesting infusion of Middle Eastern and Japanese dishes. This is a hidden gem and is great for a quite date or romantic dinner as it is often pretty empty. The atmosphere at Cafe Kaizen was good and I loved the glowing trees and wall murals. I will look forward to trying their food as we went there only for the party, but on the whole the atmosphere was good and quite informal.

Let me know what you think of the look and I can’t wait to share with you some more retro fashion’s soon!


Lia Sequin Sleeve Mini Dress  – WHITE PICKET FROCK

15% Discount with “MGOT” Code available until the 11th October for all My Girl’s On Tour Readers

Crystal Star Ring – Roman Road Market

Black Stilettos – ALDO

Wool Coat with Silk Lining – JARVIS

Black patent leather bag – PRADA

Stars and Stripes

          The original plan had been to go bowling. I was determined to make up for my lack of skill and to wear something which would intimidate my opponents – for this reason I decided to an American flag design inspired t-shirt and  baggy cut out jeans. I combined it with a thin and very long gold chain, a black leather jacket and my leather mirror sneakers. I felt that these would make people think that I knew what I was doing and at the very least, they would be easier to do some physical exercise in than very tight clothes. I also felt that it was a good time  to wear something linked to America to mark and celebrate the beginning of NYC fashion week!


In the end we went for brunch at such a special place that we ended up staying all day and well into the evening. It was secret London at its best, with the street having incredible restaurants, both a lively artisan market and world famous flower market, and one of London’s biggest parks three minutes walk away. It is so cool and so hipsterish that it makes Shoreditch look like a knocked off corporate hang out. Where is this hidden gem? Well, its called Broadway Market and is in Hackney next to London Fields. I loved the abstract graffiti by the artist Kefart and seeing all the people walk down the road with large bouquets of flowers from Columbia Flower Market.


We had brunch (which is neither breakfast nor lunch but a mixture of both) at the Market Cafe, where I would highly recommend the Eggs Benedict and then, after a trip to the pub, we lay by the wild flowers at London Fields. It was such a great relaxing Sunday, in really good company and a great part of London which is off the tourist trail. I really can not recommend going there on a sunny Sunday enough! That was the main reason as to why we didn’t end up bowling… there was no need to go anywhere else, Broadway Market had everything and more! I can’t wait to go back next weekend!;)


American Flag T- Shirt- FOREVER 21

Cut Out Jeans  – PRIMARK

Slip ons with Metal End   – STRADIVARIUS

lariat Stick Long Necklace – ACCESORIZE

Leather Jacket – ZARA

Earrings – BULGARI

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