Westfield Stratford Shopping


My nearest shopping center is the Westfield in Stratford London, which was built as part of the Olympic renovation scheme. It is absolutely massive, there are so many beautiful shops both inside and out and although there is not the luxury department like there is at the Westfield in Shephard’s bush, they do have some great shops for buying small fun family Christmas presents, like H&M, Primark, Zara and TK Max.

As many of you have already guessed, I am a last minute person. I didn’t get my Halloween outfit sorted until after 4pm on the day, I realized I had my final law exam just two days before the exam was to take place and, despite every time saying that I have learnt my lesson, I obviously never do, because I left all my Christmas shopping until the very last minute. Indeed, by the time the 24th came, I was really dreading facing the big crowds knowing that I had such limited time I would probably end up going into endless shops not being able to find the right thing, sweating and more sweating and then buying way too many things for myself…

So I decided to go to the Westfield in Stratford to see what I could get in 4 hours for my parents, my brother & his girlfriend, my sister & her boyfriend and perhaps even a little something for grandma… I ended up doing quite well and I will be sharing with you my Christmas present gift guide (which will now all be in the SALE! Hurray!) and also sharing what I ended up buying 🙂

In the meantime here is the outfit that I wore to Stratford and the type of look that I like wearing when I have to do some power shopping – flat comfortable shoes (uggs or slip-ons), a big over sized coat or jumper, a light cross body purse, so that I don’t freak out every 2 seconds thinking I have lost/left/had stolen/abandoned my bag somewhere.

I hope that you are enjoying your Christmas!

Best wishes,

Abi xxx


Leopard Shoes – DUNE

Black padded clutch – ARMANI JEANS (from FARFETCH)

Black Wool & Silk Coat – JOVIS

Ripped Jeans – VINTAGE

Chunky knit scarf – ASOS



Flowers in My Head

Flowers in My Head

I have one last exam left and then I am off to Wales followed by Morocco. I wanted to do some posts before I leave London for the summer on the things that I get up to, where I live and the secret gems and hide away that are not featured in the guide books. So I’m going to start off by talking the new Olympic park which I can see from my kitchen window.


Right now it is a great time to go to walk along the Green Way to the Stadium as all the flowers are out. This walk is really nice as you can see the city over in the distance and there is a great sense of space and openness.  I love having coffee at the Green Way Cafe where they have art exhibitions, a piano often played by passing by cyclists and an overgrown garden before arriving at the busy shopping mall just minutes away. This wild walk makes a change from my usual haunt, Victoria Park which has been voted London’s best park in 2014.

I wore a white floral lace top which is really light and instead of combining it with denim shorts I decided to go for cotton brown ones, which are more comfortable. This meant that I was able to run across the fields and pick flowers without worrying about them getting dirty or without being able to move. For accessories I wore hand made earrings from Lithuania which are really delicate and feminine.


image image




image image


Have you been to the Olympic park yet? If so what did you think about it? Which one is your favorite London park?


Neon Rose Lace vest top – HOUSE OF FRASER

Brown Cotton Shorts – PRIMARK (sold out)

Sunglasses – TRUSSARDI

Hand-made earrings from Vilnius Lithuania

Grey Wedge Embellished Sandals  from Barcelona