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It was a few days ago in Paris when I was taking a video selfie for Snapchat in front of Laduree that two giggling girls came up behind me and followed me around totally photobombing me on purpose for like 5 minutes. It was when I turned in a circle to try to get a better face angle, * Stop judging me, I know you do it too* and could still somehow see them in my rear view of my front mirror, that I realized that I was being Selfie Punked…OH the SHAME! O MON DIEU! šŸ˜„

I shook off the massive sense of insecurity as they ran away arm in arm laughing, died a little bit inside and then flipped the camera back to selfie mode to keep on filming…Nothing can ruin a good selfie…NOTHING, you hear meaah, NOTHING! ;P

Being a fashion blogger and pretty active on social media, this isn’t the first time I have been judged for taking selfies in the street (First World problems I know…) but whenever it happens I do always laugh, because despite all the selfies I don’t actually take myself too seriously… So this is why I agreed to appear in Walking Wounded‘s latest music video entitled “Selfie“, which talks about narcissistic boys & girls who travel the globe only for their focus to be on selfies with famous monuments and site and not, on the sites themselves…

Sound familiar? no, No, NO , she denies forcefully… *

*Quick Camera Roll scroll and then turn and simply ignore the accusatory looks*


So why did I agree to play the role of the narcissistic girl? Because Walking Wounded literally rock! Some of their tunes, The Devil Went to Tesco, Home Sweet Hackney,Ā  are some of my favorite and their albums are perfect for trips to far off nomadic lands whether in person or imaginary, nights by the camp fire and for chilled out sessions full of authentically cool vibes. They areĀ  a 5-piece band from pre-Hipster Hackney – before the East London borough was a inundated withĀ  bijou cafeĀ“s – playing cutting edge original material in a myriad of styles: from Punk to Arabic to Balkan, Celtic to Reggae, Ska to Rock, featuringĀ  featuring Christine Taylor on accordion, Jonny Owen on harmonica, Hugh Poulton on vocals and guitar, Adrian Teasdale on bass, and Arnold Lane on percussion. They are every city hipster’s unattainable dream – their style and their sound is effortless, real and edgy in the true sense of the word. I really couldn’t listen to them enough!

I had never been in a music video before so I was excited when I was asked and boy, it the whole day was so much fun! I turned up at a big house in North East London with some of my boho clothes that I was asked to wear. There was a green screen and black screen in front of which the band played, lots of sound equipment and big cameras. The band had to repeat their pieces a number of times to get them right during which time we had to run on and storm the stage to obscure the real stars, to take selfies of ourselves with them, or simply of ourselves! The day was fueled with coffee and then in true rock in roll style the band went to the pub after finishing the first part of the recording! Sid Vicious and Gigi Hadid eat your heart out…

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So if you are fed up with people taking selfies all the time, or sick of forests of selfie sticks despoiling beautiful places…Then this video is for you!

Happy Monday everybody šŸ™‚

Abi xxx

Don’t forget to check out all their awesome songs on the Cloud and subscribe to the Walking Wounded Youtube Channel! – Some of my favorites are and you can be sure that when I am out on one of my adventures I will be listening to them: Fallen Angel, Thunder at Sundown, Sahara Blues & California.


Pulp Fiction PVC, Fringe and Studed Boots

PVC trousers, studded boots and tassels… it may sound as if I went out of the house today looking like a Pulp Fiction wierdo. However, I hope that with this post will assure you that PVC trousers can worn reasonably tastefully without a camel toe in sight.


These trousers as a more stylish and daring version of comfortable leggins. They are great with any types of boots, especially shiny wellington boots when it rains, as they can tuck in to them and the rain simply bounces off them. They give any outfit an edge and give legs a slinky sexy rock chic edge that is streamlined and molded to the body. Leather and its sumptuous folds and creases could never be so smooth and light. They can be worn with large jumpers and coats and long t-shirts and still look fashionable.

Tassels have always been a scary area for me ever since my old boss bought the company secretary and I nipple tassels at the office Christmas Party held at Proud Burlesque Cabaret.Ā  However, setting aside the sleeze for a moment,Ā  I chose this jacketĀ  to wear with the trousers as I loved the contrast of the dull suede against the shiny plastic and the fringe just added more fuel to the “I am a lyrical and musical bad ass” fire, which is topped off with the studded boots.

Studs can look kitsch, but the details are black and so do not show up too much. Instead they create a shimmering wave effect across the whole lower foot area. The flap makes the foot thicker than the lower leg, making it look slimmer and it hides the laces and the otherwise skinny top withered part of the boot. A cashmere roll neck long sleeve thin jumper doesn’t take anything away from the jacket and the trousers andĀ  adds some elegance to these maverick pieces. Let me know what you think of the look šŸ™‚



image image

image image image




Suede Fringe Jacket – FOREVER 21 (sold out)

Faux Leather wet leggingsĀ  – GUESS

Capelleti bootsĀ  – ALDO

Cashmere roll neck jumper – MASSIMO DUTTI (sold out)

Sunglasses – TRUSSARDI


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