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As some of you already know, I started My Girls On Tour to share my stories and experiences of life on the professional tennis tour…So I am super excited to have been invited to go this Saturday to Tie Break Tens held at the Royal Albert Hall- I won’t just get to see some of my favourite players play (some of whom have just won the Davis Cup this weekend), but I am also interviewing one of the world’s most famous players for My Girls On Tour! Eeek!

 I can’t wait to share it all with you soon 🙂 But before we get on to some serious tennis, I first wanted to talk about my time at the launch of the brand new fashion/fitness brand Style Sportif – an online market place that brings together some of the most famous names in sport fashion – to give us ladies some seriously stylish activewear, to not only feel good, but  to also look good whilst we are training! Or in my case, tree hugging, as I try to hold myself up after slowly dying from 5 minutes of slow running…

From super colourful leggings from Lexie Sport and Laurie Nouchka, to crazy sock designs from Move Active, chrome tops from SukiShufu and the bold very chic looks from Gymluxe, Style Sportif has a great range of stylish pieces that transition from sportswear to fashionable daywear.  At the launch, I loved looking at all the designs and I especially loved the London printed leggings and the street style pieces from Beth Richards!

The lauch was held at a very cool venue called Lights of Soho, which was just opposite where London Fashion Week had been held. The room was adorned with the coolest neon signs and riskee photographs, there was music, original cocktails on demand, Instaframs and goodie bags filled with all sorts of treats, from Coconut juice to Epoch pick me up scrub. A fashionista’s heaven!

It was in the evening and so I decided to wear black Guess Jeans, black heels and a backless sequin top from All Saints, that is perfect for events. It makes jeans look more formal and also swishes around as I walk, so it makes me feel like Cinderella – without the fear of tripping over my long ball gown.

Before Style Sportif I used to wear an oversized t-shirt and baggy sweats to do fitness in, but after seeing so many cool activewear designs I am starting to seriously re-think my poor training fashion choices…How about you, what do you guys like to wear when you work out?

So here are some pics and videos from the event.

Happy Monday everybody!

Abi xxx






Hollywood Sirens and Chanelling My Inner Marilyn

Yesterday we went to a beautiful event on the rooftops of one of London’s most stylish hotels the ME Hotel thanks to Deluxe Store Bahrain. If you are looking for the best view in London in one of the most exclusive and elegant atmosphere’s, then this is the place to go in London. Radio Bar is open in the day time and is a great place for cocktails and food and in the evening it fills up with London’s most chic crowd who sip drinks in a blue hue whilst listening to lounge house. It is very hard to get in on a Friday and Saturday night and guest list is an almost must.


This was going to be a very special occasion and so I decided to draw inspiration for my outfit from some of the most stylish, best dressed women every to grave this Earth, the Hollywood Sirens. These actresses burst onto the scene as drop dead gorgeous women and marked the golden era of American film and Hollywood. Grace Kelly, Joan Crawford, Judy Garland, Elizabeth Talor and Audrey Hepburn, all household names who inspire thought of elegance and beauty. But it was the most famous of all, the tragic Marilyn Monroe who’s looks and dresses really provoked, seduced and shook the nation. A sex symbol,  with a coy attitude and dresses so legendary they would become to be immortalized in stone, I decided to use her famous red sequin dress which she wore in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes as inspiration for my look.



I opted for a long floor length gown with long sleeves and shoulder pads which is entirely covered in sequins to truly reflect the glizzy glam pre 1960’s era. As accessories I decided to wear my beautiful ALFEX watch which I have just received from Deluxe Store Bahrain which is super glam. The white of the strap really went well with the dress and the gold dial which I could light up for some added bling really enhanced richness of the look. I find it quite difficult to find a watch which is functional but which elegant enough to wear out and so I was so pleased with this beauty! I finished the look off white gold stiletto heels and a gold arrow necklace. Hope you like it! Which Hollywood Siren is your favorite and why? Maybe you could do a Hollywood Siren/Beau look and share the link at the bottom of this thread, I’d love to see you ladies and gents looking all glammed up! 😉




White and Gold Watch – ALFEX from DELUXE STORE BAHRAIN

Long Sleeve Floor Length Sequin Dress with Padded Shoulders – AX PARIS

Metal Twist Stilettos – DUNE LONDON

Arrow Pendant – ACCESSORIZE

Wear Your PJs Like A Boss


Now I don’t mean to be rude, but when people credit Rihanna with bringing in the “wear your sexy PJs” or “silk dressing” gown to the club, they are wrong – because really, as all of us know, whether fancy dress or not, we’ve been doing that for years. At least I have, haven’t you? No? OK, so just me then… :/



I remember it well, the Whisky Mist 2011 pajama party – great a fun theme, but then things dawned on me and horror struck. I rummaged through my draws.  Baggy white stained t-shirts and woolly garments thick enough to make any sheep jealous were all we tossed aside in disgust. I know they said pajama party, but surely they couldn’t expect me to wear what I really sleep in??? An odd multicolored sock and my mum’s baggy knickers (the last ones left in the draw which got accidentally put there). So I went shopping for a “night dress” and may I say they have a better “little black dress” selection in lingerie stores than they do in normal clothes shops!So I wore it  first for a fancy dress party but this summer I wore it again as it was so light and it looked just like a sexy little black dress.  These pictures were taken in Islantilla at my parents beach house where we stayed for the first week of our holidays in Spain.




The benefits of wearing PJs on a night out are numerous: You can stay over at a friends house without having to borrow their clothes and you don’t have to sleep naked if you end up getting lucky.  You can now use your sexy nighties, which lets face it get bought with good intentions but then end up filling a whole draw and never get worn = MORE DRESSES!



BUT there are RULES:

Rule 1: if you wear PJs and people are starring  it’s because you look good, not because they know.

Rule 2: Avoid the satin finish

Rule 3: Make sure the back is low enough, no holes in weird places etc.

Rule 4: Lie quickly when someone asks you where you bought it from



Black Chemise – La Senza

Nude Heels – Dune

Turquoise Bracelet – TIERRA Natural Jewellery


Tiger Tiger


  I was 7 I was when at a village market I decide to spend 70 Francs (approx 5£) on a hat. This was my most expensive purchase to date and I can remember my Dad looking at the pill box hat and then at my tiny head and saying: “Are you sure you really want to buy that”? I had seen this look only once before, when I had asked him to cut all my long blonde locks off and give me a bowl cut, to resemble the close crop that my best friend had been given for her ear pinning back operation. I thought that she looked so cool and then I had mine done and I just looked like a freak. My primary school teacher exclaimed:”Oh! I thought that was a little boy in a dress!” :/ Anyhow, I bought the hat and gradually over the years have collected more and more strange bonnets and weaved bowlers. They don’t look bad, but I never seem to wear them. So after my trip to Morocco where the streets were strewn with Fez hats, I decided to get the Tiger printed Pill Box hat out of my draw, because although I haven’t worn it, I haven’t ever thought twice about dragging it around with me and on to my next house. Tiger Tiger is the center piece of today’s look.

What are you most crazy childhood purchases? Which ones do you still use or wear? Let us know 😉

 image imageimageimageimage image



Tiger Vintage Hat

Black Top – PRIMARK

Triangle Skorts – ALI EXPRESS

 Black Sandals -PRIMARK

Orange Leather Studded Bracelet – ALI EXPRESS

Evil Eye Jewellery – ALI EXPRESS

Leather Back Pack – Souks Marrakesh

Journey of a dress

If you are looking to buy a dress or a eye catching piece clothing for a your next holiday, a party or just for wearing around town, my best advice to you is this: type into Google “scarf print“. Scarf prints are by far my most exciting fashion find of the moment, with pieces of clothing decorated in ornate designs, such as interlocking chains, mosaics cut and placed next to floral fabrics, geometric trellises and oriental prints. There is something here for everyone, from bold colors and shocking contrast to safe and elegant garments. I just love them all and I am sure you will too!

For my holiday to Morocco I had to limit myself from buying two scarf print garments, one a dress and the other a long shirt. Here are the photos of my Mango shift dress touring Marrakesh 😉

IMG_6931 IMG_6934 IMG_6935 IMG_6936 DSC_0918 DSC_0930 DSC_0941 DSC_0942 DSC_0952 DSC_0956 DSC_1001 DSC_1003 IMG_7024 IMG_7034 DSC_1054 DSC_1057 DSC_1058 IMG_6938

DSC_0906 IMG_6754

We took a taxi to the Minaret garden where we walked around the lake and went into the house overlooking the olive grove plantation. After a quick visit to the Koutoubia Mosque, we walked around the lush gardens of La Mamounia and then ventured back into the heart of the Medina for a sport of shopping in the souks. If you look away from Place De Jemaa El Fna, to your right there is the Spice Market and there we had a lovely lunch overlooking the square full of carpets, spices, perfumes and wicker work baskets at Cafe des Epices – a great way to re charge whilst still being right at the heart of the action and where we had some of the best food of our trip. I can not recommend the gazpacho, the mini hamburgers and fresh juices enough!


Mango Scarf Print Shift Dress – ASOS

Silver Bangle – Afghan Connection (charity supporting education)

Eclipse Flip Flops – Guess

Leather back pack- Souks de Marrakesh


Maxi Dress and Mosaic Pattern Play

One of the most beautiful features of Moroccan architecture and design has got to be the incredible use of tiles of all patterns, colors  and shapes to decorate tombs, palaces, doorways, walls and courtyards. It is difficult, combining many different patterns together and yet here in Marrakesh, builders have made it seem as it if was the easiest, most natural thing in the world to do. I really found it fascinating to see plain geometric shapes create such rich and ornate decoration and the important place which mosaics hold in Moorish art.

image image

DSC_0580 DSC_0679 DSC_0727

When I went shopping for some appropriately long summer clothes, I noticed that pattern prints were definitely in vogue at the moment and so I just couldn’t help but buy a dress that would match and blend right into my surroundings.  I opted for a maxi dress as this would be right for local sensitivities but also would take up very little space in my suitcase. Now I usually avoid this look as long dresses I feel seem to have the dreaded tent effect on me, but this I just loved how the fabric of this dress molded to my body and how the overlapping top made my waist look thinner. The geometric patterns of the dress merged with the beautiful buildings around me and even the colors were in harmony with all the surrounding greens and blues. It was comfortable and cool as it has a low cut back. Let me know what you think! 🙂

DSC_0873 image







Flounce Geo Print Maxi Dress – FOREVER 21

Pink Sunglasses  – H &M

Evil Eye Jewellery (Ring, Bracelet and Earrings) – ALI EXPRESS

Silver Bracelet – AFGHAN CONNECTION – charity supporting education

Eclipse Thong Sandals – GUESS (Sold Out)

Boohoo Kaftan for Marrakech Sultan

For our trip to Marrakech, we went cheap skate style and flew with only hand luggage. Indeed as much as nothing gets me more in the holiday spirit than spending excessive amounts of money in Boots, buying mini deodorants and conditioners, face wipes, Iboprophene and razors (because although I can’t take them with me on the plane I usually haven’t used one for a while), the thought of choosing 3-4 outfits that fit into a Barbie Doll sized bag on the contrary simply fills me with dread.


Going for just under a week to a destination with just hand luggage is really like taking up the ultimate fashion gauntlet, the one which Ryanair merrily throws down to the vast majority of UK travelers. Concentrate the mind and get this one right and you could have not just 3 outfits but 9 (where all items can be mix matched together). Get this wrong and you could end up two odd wooly socks, a pair of shorts that are too tight, a see through Kimono and some cow boy boots that seemed like a good idea at the time.


Morocco is a religious place and although one of the most liberal Muslim countries I would advise that out of respect for local beliefs and sensitivities (whilst in no way compulsory) to wear non revealing clothes – that is dresses or shorts which are over the knee and tops which cover at least the shoulders. It is very hot, so really if you can’t face covering up completely then that is fair enough, but the majority local women wear long floaty dresses and trousers and head scarves so you will stand out more if you don’t try a bit more conservatively than if on a girls weekend break to Ibiza.


Being British I tend to like to get legs and arms out in the sun at the first opportunity so all my summer clothes were rather shorts and skimpy. I therefore trawled the shops and the internet for some maxi dresses, which would be perfect in the heat and for the environment to which I was heading. My most appropriate and favorite purchase of them all has got to be the £18 Kaftan which I bought from It comes in a variety of colors and I opted on the more spicy green one. The long part of the dress is sheer and so goes right down to the ground although ties up at the waist to give it some great shape. It has an under dress (which could even double as a separate dress in its own right) which is shorter and so seen through sun light, the garment is long but still sexy. This was so perfect for my trip to Marrakesh I wore it on two consecutive days and the hotel manager told me how Moroccan my dress looked which I loved! 😉 I combined it with evil eye jewellery and a large solid silver bracelet. Let me know what you think?

 DSC_0559 DSC_0612

10442467_10152520901024140_1441697500155501529_n DSC_0694 DSC_0695 DSC_0706 DSC_0741 DSC_0756 DSC_0764



Una V Neck Paisley Neon Kaftan Maxi Dress – BOOHOO.COM


SILVER BANGLE – AFGHAN CONNECTION – charity supporting education

Eclipse Thong Sandals- GUESS (sold out)


Walking Amongst the Gods

There is something about the rocks, the wilderness of the sea and the vast openness of the mountains which is humbling. Nature’s power is the reminder that long before we were here and long after we are gone will life continue. The Earth rises and falls, the cliffs are dashed and broken. Contours are made and remade and plants die and are reborn. Walking to St David’s Head on a wild windy road flanked by mountains and water I really felt the presence of the past. Ancient monuments showing signs of early occupation, including, an iron age cliff fort, prehistoric settlements and stone circles made this journey more akin to a quest of one of the characters in Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. When the storms hit a ship wreck and a huge prehistoric forests were unearthed. We ate out pic-nic on large rocks which had been stacked up on on top of the other by the wind and the water.

image image image image image

My outfit choice was deeply influenced by clothes worn by ancient civilizations. Short tops and long skirts. It was hot, so I wore my Finder Keepers Bustier. I really liked the triangle neck and I found that if I put it over my head, I could bend half of it over to turn it into a thick crop top with triangle edges. This turns it more into a neck collar, similar to the fashion worn by Egyptians and so I thought it fitting to wear it for my journey to this sacred place. We were going swimming and bathed in little coves along our walk. I wore a long white and gold cotton wrap as a skirt and rolled down the top. I really liked the new Chanel dresses that have thick waist bands as this makes actual waists look thinner. I combined it all with a double amber bracelet and top shop ankle boots.


imageimageimage image image image


One Step Ahead Le Bustier – FINDERS KEEPERS (sizes very! small)

Turkish Sarong as a skirt

Ankle Boots  – TOP SHOP (sold out)

Amber Beads from Lithuania


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