Halloween Wishlist

If any of you guys have seen the film Mean Girls, you will know that finding the perfect outfit for Halloween can soon turn into a total nightmare. I’d like to say that I am one of those girls who dresses up as a flesh eating zombie and doesn’t care about social norms, but I did that one year and the party sucked…So from now on, I always make a massive effort for Halloween because actually, it’s the best opportunity to wear some gothic chic styles that not only look amazing but which are pretty fierce, original and super sexy.image (1)

 So in preparation for this year’s party look, I teamed up with Lyst to create my Halloween outfit wishlist because Lyst is not only the best place for online shopping but also the best place for finding some much needed fashion inspiration. You can follow your favourite brands, see all the pieces side by side to compare and match them up AND you can see the full details of savy fashionista’s and celeb’s outfits. It’s right up my street because I tend to buy things individually without always thinking about what I could wear them with and so by creating a wishlist on Lyst.co.uk, it helps me to think about the outfit as a whole and get more wear out of my clothes.

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I was still not sure what kind of look I was going to go for but having all my favourite brands in one place really helped me to pick my perfect Halloween outfits! This time I decided to build them around a type of shoe that are really fierce and powerful. Everyone is wearing them…Yes, you guessed it…Ghillie shoes!

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Ghillie shoes, like Halloween, originated from a Celtic country, Scotland. They came about after the chieftain’s attendants, known as a ghillie, modified their heavy brogues to make it easier for them to walk up and down the mountains and through the marshy bogs. This new shoe had no tongue so that the water could drain quickly from the shoe, and was laced up the leg so it could be pulled out of the mud without being lost. From that day onwards it has been a staple in every fashionista’s wardrobe, from the Victorian era when women looked to squeeze their feet into the smallest possible shoes, to Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner and Marlene Dietrich, who in the 1950’s, wore shoes by David Evins, the King of Pumps.

I really think that the Ghillies are the perfect statement piece to wear, which is why I made them the center of my Halloween wishlist. I love the way the ties intertwine and buckle around and up the leg, creating gladiatorial like look. They are really fierce but feminine and are often made out of leather or in bright colours. I am sure you can remember Vivenne Westwood’s infamous purple mock-croc super elevated platform gillie shoes that brought Naomi Campbell crashing down on the Catwalk… Luckily for us though Osorio, the founder of Aquazzura, has just created this years must-have shoe—the Christy—a new take on the flat ghillie, which is beautiful and functional at the same time! FEW!

So here is my Halloween wishlist that I created, inspired by my all time favourite dark cartoons – Itchy and Scratchy! Can you guess which one is which? They had so many cute things to combine it was difficult to make a final selection, especially for jewellery and accessories. Thanks to Lyst I know exactly what I will be wearing for Halloween and as I am now officially addicted, I will definitely be creating some more outfits in the near future on there and will be tampering around with these ones too…So make sure you check out my Lysts and why not make some yourselves and then share them with me below in the comment section!

Hope you like my Spooky Choice 😀 Abi xxx

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Jester Scarf Print and Bank Holiday Oxymoron


So I’m back now in London and although I haven’t quite finished showing you my photos and tales from my recent trip to Spain, I thought that today I would share with you the outfit that I wore today for my stroll around my urban neighborhood. The joys of a bank holiday only became apparent to me recently when I started working as a paralegal in the city. Until my first job, I had always had August free from school or university. Honestly, I hadn’t even know that there was a bank holiday in the summer. So whilst working as a paralegal, the importance of this lone Monday off grew inside my mind to the point of bursting and in the same way as a desert camel looks forward to its next drink, I got through my days thanks to the thought of this mini- break. Indeed, there is only one feeling more powerful than the elation felt on the Friday evening when you leave work knowing you have 3 WHOLE days off… and that is the despair and utter devastation felt on the Monday night knowing that you will have to go back to work tomorrow and that there isn’t a holiday now in sight until Christmas. So apart from the images of Hieronymus Bosch’s various hells which flash through your mind on that last evening of freedom and which, lets just face it can’t be helped, I do hope that you have a wonderful bank holiday! 🙂


The shirt which I have worn for today’s outfit really reflects this oxymoron. I really like this scarf print as it reminds me of a pack of cards or indeed the dress usually worn by the King’s Fool with the fabric sown into a mirror image and bright squares of color. As in Shakespeare’s plays, jesters such as Feste, although Fools, are often the wisest of the court and although their jokes are funny, they are often infused with sadness. The office bank holiday in this regard be considered the jester’s modern day equivalent of a joke.


Recently I have been a massive fan of ripped skinny and boyfriend jeans. All the shops are selling them with the odd slit and the odd hole in, but none of them sell jeans which have been cut out and so I set out to create my own. As you probably already know, cut-out jeans is a new fashion which involves not only ripping and fraying new looking trousers, but also removing large parts of the fabric. I really love this look as it means that baggy trousers look more feminine and can be matched with long shirts or t-shirts without making the wearing looking like a prize whale.




I chose a pair of very cheap and over sized boyfriend shorts in Primark, took them home and then made one cut just around the place where my shorts would end and then another cut just above the knee. I then cut the trousers down from the top cut to the bottom cut and in doing so removed the fabric from the front part of the upper thigh. Make sure though to only cut the front part of the trouser leg and to leave the back intact. Here I have worn these trousers with white casual slip-ons and a scarf print shirt, which is longer at the front than it is at the back.



I will be releasing a detailed video of the different ways to customize your jeans and how to carry out different cuts to achieve the both the cut-out look and the ripped jean look, so make sure you stay tuned 😉


Remix Silk Scarf Print Shirt – ASOS

Boyfriend Jeans – PRIMARK

Evil Eye Jewellery – ALI EXPRESS

Large White Pearl Bracelet – ALI EXPRESS

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