Wear Your PJs Like A Boss


Now I don’t mean to be rude, but when people credit Rihanna with bringing in the “wear your sexy PJs” or “silk dressing” gown to the club, they are wrong – because really, as all of us know, whether fancy dress or not, we’ve been doing that for years. At least I have, haven’t you? No? OK, so just me then… :/



I remember it well, the Whisky Mist 2011 pajama party – great a fun theme, but then things dawned on me and horror struck. I rummaged through my draws.  Baggy white stained t-shirts and woolly garments thick enough to make any sheep jealous were all we tossed aside in disgust. I know they said pajama party, but surely they couldn’t expect me to wear what I really sleep in??? An odd multicolored sock and my mum’s baggy knickers (the last ones left in the draw which got accidentally put there). So I went shopping for a “night dress” and may I say they have a better “little black dress” selection in lingerie stores than they do in normal clothes shops!So I wore it  first for a fancy dress party but this summer I wore it again as it was so light and it looked just like a sexy little black dress.  These pictures were taken in Islantilla at my parents beach house where we stayed for the first week of our holidays in Spain.




The benefits of wearing PJs on a night out are numerous: You can stay over at a friends house without having to borrow their clothes and you don’t have to sleep naked if you end up getting lucky.  You can now use your sexy nighties, which lets face it get bought with good intentions but then end up filling a whole draw and never get worn = MORE DRESSES!



BUT there are RULES:

Rule 1: if you wear PJs and people are starring  it’s because you look good, not because they know.

Rule 2: Avoid the satin finish

Rule 3: Make sure the back is low enough, no holes in weird places etc.

Rule 4: Lie quickly when someone asks you where you bought it from



Black Chemise – La Senza

Nude Heels – Dune

Turquoise Bracelet – TIERRA Natural Jewellery


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