Hollywood Sirens and Chanelling My Inner Marilyn

Yesterday we went to a beautiful event on the rooftops of one of London’s most stylish hotels the ME Hotel thanks to Deluxe Store Bahrain. If you are looking for the best view in London in one of the most exclusive and elegant atmosphere’s, then this is the place to go in London. Radio Bar is open in the day time and is a great place for cocktails and food and in the evening it fills up with London’s most chic crowd who sip drinks in a blue hue whilst listening to lounge house. It is very hard to get in on a Friday and Saturday night and guest list is an almost must.


This was going to be a very special occasion and so I decided to draw inspiration for my outfit from some of the most stylish, best dressed women every to grave this Earth, the Hollywood Sirens. These actresses burst onto the scene as drop dead gorgeous women and marked the golden era of American film and Hollywood. Grace Kelly, Joan Crawford, Judy Garland, Elizabeth Talor and Audrey Hepburn, all household names who inspire thought of elegance and beauty. But it was the most famous of all, the tragic Marilyn Monroe who’s looks and dresses really provoked, seduced and shook the nation. A sex symbol,  with a coy attitude and dresses so legendary they would become to be immortalized in stone, I decided to use her famous red sequin dress which she wore in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes as inspiration for my look.



I opted for a long floor length gown with long sleeves and shoulder pads which is entirely covered in sequins to truly reflect the glizzy glam pre 1960’s era. As accessories I decided to wear my beautiful ALFEX watch which I have just received from Deluxe Store Bahrain which is super glam. The white of the strap really went well with the dress and the gold dial which I could light up for some added bling really enhanced richness of the look. I find it quite difficult to find a watch which is functional but which elegant enough to wear out and so I was so pleased with this beauty! I finished the look off white gold stiletto heels and a gold arrow necklace. Hope you like it! Which Hollywood Siren is your favorite and why? Maybe you could do a Hollywood Siren/Beau look and share the link at the bottom of this thread, I’d love to see you ladies and gents looking all glammed up! 😉




White and Gold Watch – ALFEX from DELUXE STORE BAHRAIN

Long Sleeve Floor Length Sequin Dress with Padded Shoulders – AX PARIS

Metal Twist Stilettos – DUNE LONDON

Arrow Pendant – ACCESSORIZE

Someone Hide The Scissors!


Yesterday I went to see the Inbetweeners 2 at the cinema and found myself somehow identifying with Simon’s psycho girlfriend who keeps cutting up his clothes. Now, I am not condoning damage to private property, but there is something rather fulfill about cutting up clothes (my own, not other people’s of course!). After removing large sections of my primark jeans the other week, I decided to customize these dark trousers in a similar but slightly more subtle way. Having been asked over and over again “Abi, are you sure you want to do this?”, I took a deep breathe and with a mad glint in my eye I made two cuts across my knees. Beads of sweat formed on my brow. I ignored the cries of “Stop, Abi! Stop whilst your ahead!” and decided to pull down hard on one of the corners to rip the flap down even more.



The feeling I got was hard to describe and could only be compared to the one that I had when at the age of 16 I decided to dye my hair blonde at home. Excitement, exhilaration, boldness and a Captain Flash disregard for consequences.  The wind soon left those sails I can tell you when blonde turned into different shades orange. Why different shades I hear you ask? Because the first packet said to color and then highlight for golden blonde – it was a lie, it was fluorescent orange. The second panic packet said lighter platinum blonde, that lied too as it just went lighter orange and the third box which I picked up on my third visit to the supermarket that day, said brown, which turned into a dirty ginger, a color which couldn’t be changed for the next month by the hairdresser for fear of all my hair breaking off. Apparently you can’t just keep dying and highlighting hair :/


So here I am wearing my customized jeans. They are a great way to dress down a shirt and I have combined them here with a leather jacket and leather mirror shoes for a casual but expensive look. What do you think?  So I guess the moral of this one is simple, be impulsive and from experience I would say that if you want something you won’t stop wanting it until you do it. So go for it and get it done and at least then you can get it out of your system…that is UNLESS the effects are irreversible (bowl hair cut, eye brow shaving, hair dying, prison tats etc) and whether the effects are irreversible should be judged objectively (the reasonable person test, not the crazy teenager/mid life crisis test).


Ripped Jeans – Primark

Leather Jacket – Zara

Baby Blue shirt – Zara

Leather Mirror Shoes  – Stradivarius

All White Errthang Looks

          After my trip to Marrakesh where I wore some very colorful and patterned dresses and shirts, I decided for my holiday to the South of Spain to pack some simpler, more casual clothes. My most favorite color to wear in hot weather has got to be white, which reflects the sun, keeps you cool and looks great with tanned skin. Here are some of my “all white errrthang” casual looks from this summer, complete with white sandals and nail varnish 😉




Let me know which one is your favorite?! 🙂

J’aime le bleu <3

I am happy to announce that my dates for my mini Europe trip are set and that I shall be departing for the South of Spain in around two weeks time! I am well and truly getting in the mood for summer and my outfit choice today really reflects this. I loved all the beautiful vibrant blues that I have seen in the last few weeks – the blue of the sky and the sea, the rich sapphire color of the Majorelle Garden and the turquoise mosaics ordaining the walls of great palaces. Marrakesh was a great place to buy accessorize to infuse my outfits and I couldn’t help the silver bracelet with the large opal stones, the dark blue Fatima Hand shoes and earrings. My sister bought me the lovely bright spotty bangle in Wales and what I love is by wearing so many different shades of this lovely color from all over the world, it almost feels as if I am stepping out in many many colors. So this is my blue rainbow and like the subtle nuisances of the sea, my accessories and tie dye top each catch the eye,  sitting in harmony with each other without ever clashing.


image image   DSC_1172DSC_1174 DSC_1178


 My new comfortable New Look baby pink and gold sandals and H &M reflective lens hot pink glasses were great to add a splash of vibrant color! Hope you like it 🙂


Cami with Drastic Back Top in Winter Tie Dye Top – ASOS

Pink and Gold Flats – NEW LOOK (similar)

Pink Glasses – H &M (still available in store)

Torn Jean Shorts – BERSHKA (sold out)

Blue, White, Black Spotty Bracelet – Craft Shop St Davids

Silver Opal Stone Bracelet – Souks Marrakesh

Blue Ball Earrings – Souks Marrakesh

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