I Love The Sales


January is one of my favourite shopping months because there are so many great sales and bargains to be had! My friends and I always hit the boxing day sales even though they can be a a bit manic as a sort of New Year’s tradition…but now January is coming to an end and so are the sales 😥 or at least that is what I thought before I discovered Love The Sales- Q for boyfriend and bank balance to simultaneously let out a sigh of relief…

Love the Sales is a website that brings together the sale items from 500 of the biggest UK retailers. I wanted to dedicate this post to this amazing little corner of the internet because I think that everyone should know about them. They offer 75% off on some of the most incredible pieces, from Michael Kors bags, Missguided dresses, Armani watches and All Saint scarves. Fashion and shopping lovers, I tell you, they have it all!  There are so many pieces that would usually be super expensive which you can find for under £15 – It’s just the perfect place for finding some great looks because you can shop all the stores in one place! The products listed change daily, there are just so many great bargains to be had, from homeware and electronics to clothes, I really couldn’t recommend them enough!

Hurray! Finally sales all year round!

So here I am wearing a sick mesh panelled knitted dress that I had my eye on for a long time from Missguided, that I got from Love the Sales, in the sale! Today it was really sunny, so I wore it around East London and styled it with a wide brimmed hat and sequinned creepers.

Let me know what you think and thank you always for your amazing comments 🙂

Abi xxx



Black Mesh Panelled Knitted Dress (Missguided) – LOVE THE SALES

Sequinned Creepers – LONDON REBEL

Black Brim Hat – ACCESSORIZE

Leather Backpack – ZARA

Banana Republic


I am starting to feel the impending doom of Christmas looming on the horizon. I have been having too much fun and so I still haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet! The feeling can only be described as that of pre-exam nervousness, knowing that you only have a day to finish half the syllabus* Shudder! :/

My plan is to cram my shopping into the last 48 hours that I have left…so tomorrow want to catch me tomorrow, I will be panicking and panic buying, braving the crowds and Oxford Street/ Regent Street madness, on Christmas Eve! Am I mad? … OK, actually let’s not answering that question…

One of the stores that I will be hitting as a top priority is Banana Republic who recently made me one of their VIP shoppers and invited me to celebrate with them at  their brand new store opening in Kensington. The store was in such a beautiful location and the space was great! The holiday collection being showcased was very chic and sophisticated, with bright pops of color dotting the store and catching my eye: lime green, pink, oranges, the perfect looks for bold fashionistas, fashion bloggers and anyone wishing to brighten up the dreary London sky.

There was a DJ, a nail bar and we a lucky dip where we won discounts and gift vouchers to shop in the store. Gustavo ended up winning the gift voucher, which set him off on a mad shopping spree round the store, he really couldn’t get enough of the rich green jumpers, the thick knits and of course the stylish socks that no entrepreneur can go without. There were so many cocktails, amazing food and after taking photos and giving an interview for Banana Republic UK, we got to relax with the awesome Banana Republic Team!

I will be including some of my favorite pieces in my Christmas Shopping list that I will be posting today and then updating tomorrow depending on my different finds, but in the meantime here are the photos of this special night. I wore a long camel waistcoat- jacket with a black lace up body, black jeans, a wide brimmed hat and black sneakers. I loved the length of the coat and thought that the body and the hat really added a hipster vibe to the whole outfit.

Let me know what you think 🙂 Also, I am shopping tomorrow, so if you have any great present suggestions please don’t forget to send them to me or suggest them to me in the comments, I really need your help!

Love, Abi xxx



Lace up body – MISSGUIDED


Ceramic Bracelet – IRIS SANDALS




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