Maxi Dress and Mosaic Pattern Play

One of the most beautiful features of Moroccan architecture and design has got to be the incredible use of tiles of all patterns, colors  and shapes to decorate tombs, palaces, doorways, walls and courtyards. It is difficult, combining many different patterns together and yet here in Marrakesh, builders have made it seem as it if was the easiest, most natural thing in the world to do. I really found it fascinating to see plain geometric shapes create such rich and ornate decoration and the important place which mosaics hold in Moorish art.

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When I went shopping for some appropriately long summer clothes, I noticed that pattern prints were definitely in vogue at the moment and so I just couldn’t help but buy a dress that would match and blend right into my surroundings.  I opted for a maxi dress as this would be right for local sensitivities but also would take up very little space in my suitcase. Now I usually avoid this look as long dresses I feel seem to have the dreaded tent effect on me, but this I just loved how the fabric of this dress molded to my body and how the overlapping top made my waist look thinner. The geometric patterns of the dress merged with the beautiful buildings around me and even the colors were in harmony with all the surrounding greens and blues. It was comfortable and cool as it has a low cut back. Let me know what you think! 🙂

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Flounce Geo Print Maxi Dress – FOREVER 21

Pink Sunglasses  – H &M

Evil Eye Jewellery (Ring, Bracelet and Earrings) – ALI EXPRESS

Silver Bracelet – AFGHAN CONNECTION – charity supporting education

Eclipse Thong Sandals – GUESS (Sold Out)

Boohoo Kaftan for Marrakech Sultan

For our trip to Marrakech, we went cheap skate style and flew with only hand luggage. Indeed as much as nothing gets me more in the holiday spirit than spending excessive amounts of money in Boots, buying mini deodorants and conditioners, face wipes, Iboprophene and razors (because although I can’t take them with me on the plane I usually haven’t used one for a while), the thought of choosing 3-4 outfits that fit into a Barbie Doll sized bag on the contrary simply fills me with dread.


Going for just under a week to a destination with just hand luggage is really like taking up the ultimate fashion gauntlet, the one which Ryanair merrily throws down to the vast majority of UK travelers. Concentrate the mind and get this one right and you could have not just 3 outfits but 9 (where all items can be mix matched together). Get this wrong and you could end up two odd wooly socks, a pair of shorts that are too tight, a see through Kimono and some cow boy boots that seemed like a good idea at the time.


Morocco is a religious place and although one of the most liberal Muslim countries I would advise that out of respect for local beliefs and sensitivities (whilst in no way compulsory) to wear non revealing clothes – that is dresses or shorts which are over the knee and tops which cover at least the shoulders. It is very hot, so really if you can’t face covering up completely then that is fair enough, but the majority local women wear long floaty dresses and trousers and head scarves so you will stand out more if you don’t try a bit more conservatively than if on a girls weekend break to Ibiza.


Being British I tend to like to get legs and arms out in the sun at the first opportunity so all my summer clothes were rather shorts and skimpy. I therefore trawled the shops and the internet for some maxi dresses, which would be perfect in the heat and for the environment to which I was heading. My most appropriate and favorite purchase of them all has got to be the £18 Kaftan which I bought from It comes in a variety of colors and I opted on the more spicy green one. The long part of the dress is sheer and so goes right down to the ground although ties up at the waist to give it some great shape. It has an under dress (which could even double as a separate dress in its own right) which is shorter and so seen through sun light, the garment is long but still sexy. This was so perfect for my trip to Marrakesh I wore it on two consecutive days and the hotel manager told me how Moroccan my dress looked which I loved! 😉 I combined it with evil eye jewellery and a large solid silver bracelet. Let me know what you think?

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Una V Neck Paisley Neon Kaftan Maxi Dress – BOOHOO.COM


SILVER BANGLE – AFGHAN CONNECTION – charity supporting education

Eclipse Thong Sandals- GUESS (sold out)


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