Halloween Wishlist

If any of you guys have seen the film Mean Girls, you will know that finding the perfect outfit for Halloween can soon turn into a total nightmare. I’d like to say that I am one of those girls who dresses up as a flesh eating zombie and doesn’t care about social norms, but I did that one year and the party sucked…So from now on, I always make a massive effort for Halloween because actually, it’s the best opportunity to wear some gothic chic styles that not only look amazing but which are pretty fierce, original and super sexy.image (1)

 So in preparation for this year’s party look, I teamed up with Lyst to create my Halloween outfit wishlist because Lyst is not only the best place for online shopping but also the best place for finding some much needed fashion inspiration. You can follow your favourite brands, see all the pieces side by side to compare and match them up AND you can see the full details of savy fashionista’s and celeb’s outfits. It’s right up my street because I tend to buy things individually without always thinking about what I could wear them with and so by creating a wishlist on Lyst.co.uk, it helps me to think about the outfit as a whole and get more wear out of my clothes.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 21.21.08

I was still not sure what kind of look I was going to go for but having all my favourite brands in one place really helped me to pick my perfect Halloween outfits! This time I decided to build them around a type of shoe that are really fierce and powerful. Everyone is wearing them…Yes, you guessed it…Ghillie shoes!

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 21.16.12

Ghillie shoes, like Halloween, originated from a Celtic country, Scotland. They came about after the chieftain’s attendants, known as a ghillie, modified their heavy brogues to make it easier for them to walk up and down the mountains and through the marshy bogs. This new shoe had no tongue so that the water could drain quickly from the shoe, and was laced up the leg so it could be pulled out of the mud without being lost. From that day onwards it has been a staple in every fashionista’s wardrobe, from the Victorian era when women looked to squeeze their feet into the smallest possible shoes, to Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner and Marlene Dietrich, who in the 1950’s, wore shoes by David Evins, the King of Pumps.

I really think that the Ghillies are the perfect statement piece to wear, which is why I made them the center of my Halloween wishlist. I love the way the ties intertwine and buckle around and up the leg, creating gladiatorial like look. They are really fierce but feminine and are often made out of leather or in bright colours. I am sure you can remember Vivenne Westwood’s infamous purple mock-croc super elevated platform gillie shoes that brought Naomi Campbell crashing down on the Catwalk… Luckily for us though Osorio, the founder of Aquazzura, has just created this years must-have shoe—the Christy—a new take on the flat ghillie, which is beautiful and functional at the same time! FEW!

So here is my Halloween wishlist that I created, inspired by my all time favourite dark cartoons – Itchy and Scratchy! Can you guess which one is which? They had so many cute things to combine it was difficult to make a final selection, especially for jewellery and accessories. Thanks to Lyst I know exactly what I will be wearing for Halloween and as I am now officially addicted, I will definitely be creating some more outfits in the near future on there and will be tampering around with these ones too…So make sure you check out my Lysts and why not make some yourselves and then share them with me below in the comment section!

Hope you like my Spooky Choice 😀 Abi xxx

image (1)image

Roses On My Jumper


So today my boyfriend and I went furniture hunting to Ikea. I just couldn’t stand wadding over boxes of clothes and having my shoes fall out of my wardrobe any longer. When I lost my keys a few days and spent three hours looking for them amongst the chaos I decided that enough was enough…I would have to brave the frozen meatball animal funneling world of the Swedish Mastermind, who thank God dedicated his genius to minimalist design and flat pack wardrobes and not something more sinister like political world domination. I can’t wait to show you want I bought! I will be doing a few posts on my room refurb, with some before (please don’t judge me!) and after shots once it is finished and sharing a few videos of the whole process, so I hope that you will enjoy them! 🙂 Oh! Also if you have any room ideas then do let me know because its not all done yet and I would love to incorporate some of your suggestions too!

I decided to wear one of my favorite fall jumpers, a really chic baby pink 3D rose top from Lookbook Store. It is so girlie and the detail is so beautiful. The pastel pink is so in vogue at the moment and the rustic flowers just make it so right for Autumn and snuggling around the fire and drinking warm hot chocolate with marshmallows :)I felt so cute wearing it with my little black and white backpack and it was perfect for a fun day out. I decided to wear it with a snap back, washed light blue jeans and green leather slip-ons for a more street style look. I discovered Lookbook Store through my Instagram and I just loved their chic style. rompers with lace, fitted winter coats, stunning dresses and wooly knits at such a cheap price. They really do have have so many nice things you should definitely check them out and then tell me what you think!



3D Rose Top – Baby Pink
from: Lookbook Store

Faded Jeans – PRIMARK

Green Crock Leather Slip-Ons – ZARA

Black and White Monochrome Backpack – NEW LOOK

Snapback – OAKLEYS


Hollywood Sirens and Chanelling My Inner Marilyn

Yesterday we went to a beautiful event on the rooftops of one of London’s most stylish hotels the ME Hotel thanks to Deluxe Store Bahrain. If you are looking for the best view in London in one of the most exclusive and elegant atmosphere’s, then this is the place to go in London. Radio Bar is open in the day time and is a great place for cocktails and food and in the evening it fills up with London’s most chic crowd who sip drinks in a blue hue whilst listening to lounge house. It is very hard to get in on a Friday and Saturday night and guest list is an almost must.


This was going to be a very special occasion and so I decided to draw inspiration for my outfit from some of the most stylish, best dressed women every to grave this Earth, the Hollywood Sirens. These actresses burst onto the scene as drop dead gorgeous women and marked the golden era of American film and Hollywood. Grace Kelly, Joan Crawford, Judy Garland, Elizabeth Talor and Audrey Hepburn, all household names who inspire thought of elegance and beauty. But it was the most famous of all, the tragic Marilyn Monroe who’s looks and dresses really provoked, seduced and shook the nation. A sex symbol,  with a coy attitude and dresses so legendary they would become to be immortalized in stone, I decided to use her famous red sequin dress which she wore in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes as inspiration for my look.



I opted for a long floor length gown with long sleeves and shoulder pads which is entirely covered in sequins to truly reflect the glizzy glam pre 1960’s era. As accessories I decided to wear my beautiful ALFEX watch which I have just received from Deluxe Store Bahrain which is super glam. The white of the strap really went well with the dress and the gold dial which I could light up for some added bling really enhanced richness of the look. I find it quite difficult to find a watch which is functional but which elegant enough to wear out and so I was so pleased with this beauty! I finished the look off white gold stiletto heels and a gold arrow necklace. Hope you like it! Which Hollywood Siren is your favorite and why? Maybe you could do a Hollywood Siren/Beau look and share the link at the bottom of this thread, I’d love to see you ladies and gents looking all glammed up! 😉




White and Gold Watch – ALFEX from DELUXE STORE BAHRAIN

Long Sleeve Floor Length Sequin Dress with Padded Shoulders – AX PARIS

Metal Twist Stilettos – DUNE LONDON

Arrow Pendant – ACCESSORIZE

Cookie Monster and Macaroon Love

     Last night my friends and I went out and ended up at Bubbledogs for hot dogs and champagne. An amazing evening which ends like that can only mean a pretty tiered and hungover day after.  We had already planned to go for afternoon tea though so  this morning when we woke up we couldn’t just stay home and not do very much. In the same way as a dog stuck at home gets separation anxiety when his master leaves the house, the meer thought of leaving my duvet was creating some nasty issues deep inside my psyche. So, after shoehorning myself out bed, I decided to wear my new Autumn furry snuggle bunny jacket with my teddy bear Tous earrings to try to preserve a cosy feeling as much as possible. It was so warm and I could just disappear into its thick folds to avoid the cold autumn air, so it was the perfect choice for something smart yet comfortable. I combined it with light blue jeans and green sneakers for a pastel blue overall look. Let me know what you think? ❤

DSC_0515 imageimageDSC_0525 DSC_0572 image  image  imageimage image image  image image

WARNING! The only real problem about wearing a bright fury jacket to eat cake is that you will automatically feel like the Cookie Monster. Best known for his voracious appetite and his famous eating phrases: “Me want cookie!”, “Me eat cookie!”, and “Om nom nom nom” (said through a mouth full of food), the Cookie Monster will devour anything from donuts to inedible objects.  So, after wolfing down some macaroons in record time and having brushed off a few weird looks, I decided to order a cafe mocha with extra cream and a slice of red velvet to really give them something to stare at…NOM NOM



Faux Fur Jacket  – ZARA

Baby Blue Jeans – RIVER ISLAND

New York to Paris T-Shirt – RIVER ISLAND

Printed Green Leather Slip Ons – ZARA


Teddy Bear Pearl Earrings  – TOUS

Glimpses of Neon


    This is one of the looks featured in my post “All White Errthang”  where I am wearing my newest purchase. I really like baggy t-shirts which droop at the sides to wear to the beach as not only are they light and airy but it means that the colorfulness of my swimming costume is sometimes when I move my arms. The stronger the contrast between the under top and the t-shirt the better the effect. Here I am wearing a black and white print top and have combined it with white slip-ons, a neon swimming costume and blue ray-bans. What I love about this T is that it could be combined with jeans and sneakers for a more urban Autumn look.











Black and White t-shirt – H&M

White shorts

White slip-ons – PRIMARK

Sunglases – Ray-Ban

Bikini – Calzedonia

All White Errthang Looks

          After my trip to Marrakesh where I wore some very colorful and patterned dresses and shirts, I decided for my holiday to the South of Spain to pack some simpler, more casual clothes. My most favorite color to wear in hot weather has got to be white, which reflects the sun, keeps you cool and looks great with tanned skin. Here are some of my “all white errrthang” casual looks from this summer, complete with white sandals and nail varnish 😉




Let me know which one is your favorite?! 🙂

Tiger Tiger


  I was 7 I was when at a village market I decide to spend 70 Francs (approx 5£) on a hat. This was my most expensive purchase to date and I can remember my Dad looking at the pill box hat and then at my tiny head and saying: “Are you sure you really want to buy that”? I had seen this look only once before, when I had asked him to cut all my long blonde locks off and give me a bowl cut, to resemble the close crop that my best friend had been given for her ear pinning back operation. I thought that she looked so cool and then I had mine done and I just looked like a freak. My primary school teacher exclaimed:”Oh! I thought that was a little boy in a dress!” :/ Anyhow, I bought the hat and gradually over the years have collected more and more strange bonnets and weaved bowlers. They don’t look bad, but I never seem to wear them. So after my trip to Morocco where the streets were strewn with Fez hats, I decided to get the Tiger printed Pill Box hat out of my draw, because although I haven’t worn it, I haven’t ever thought twice about dragging it around with me and on to my next house. Tiger Tiger is the center piece of today’s look.

What are you most crazy childhood purchases? Which ones do you still use or wear? Let us know 😉

 image imageimageimageimage image



Tiger Vintage Hat

Black Top – PRIMARK

Triangle Skorts – ALI EXPRESS

 Black Sandals -PRIMARK

Orange Leather Studded Bracelet – ALI EXPRESS

Evil Eye Jewellery – ALI EXPRESS

Leather Back Pack – Souks Marrakesh

J’aime le bleu <3

I am happy to announce that my dates for my mini Europe trip are set and that I shall be departing for the South of Spain in around two weeks time! I am well and truly getting in the mood for summer and my outfit choice today really reflects this. I loved all the beautiful vibrant blues that I have seen in the last few weeks – the blue of the sky and the sea, the rich sapphire color of the Majorelle Garden and the turquoise mosaics ordaining the walls of great palaces. Marrakesh was a great place to buy accessorize to infuse my outfits and I couldn’t help the silver bracelet with the large opal stones, the dark blue Fatima Hand shoes and earrings. My sister bought me the lovely bright spotty bangle in Wales and what I love is by wearing so many different shades of this lovely color from all over the world, it almost feels as if I am stepping out in many many colors. So this is my blue rainbow and like the subtle nuisances of the sea, my accessories and tie dye top each catch the eye,  sitting in harmony with each other without ever clashing.


image image   DSC_1172DSC_1174 DSC_1178


 My new comfortable New Look baby pink and gold sandals and H &M reflective lens hot pink glasses were great to add a splash of vibrant color! Hope you like it 🙂


Cami with Drastic Back Top in Winter Tie Dye Top – ASOS

Pink and Gold Flats – NEW LOOK (similar)

Pink Glasses – H &M (still available in store)

Torn Jean Shorts – BERSHKA (sold out)

Blue, White, Black Spotty Bracelet – Craft Shop St Davids

Silver Opal Stone Bracelet – Souks Marrakesh

Blue Ball Earrings – Souks Marrakesh

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