Backstage at London Fashion Week



I can’t believe it is almost that time of the year again.. Yes, that’s right people, it is almost time for FASHION WEEK! Last season was amazing after being made official bloggers of London Fashion Week by the British Fashion Council and I am so pleased that you enjoyed my time at the Designer Showrooms and also at all the incredible shows that we went to. I covered pretty much every aspect, from my outfits to the incredible spring summer collections, but I left one thing out, I left the best till last, as an anticipation as to what is to come this year…

My favourite SS16 show at London Fashion Week was the Belgrade Fashion Week Showcase which we ran over to after the Christopher Raeburn showcase at Brewer Street. The designs that we had been seeing all week had been so bold, creative and imaginative, but the ones from this show were truly remarkable, so I thought that I would share some of my favourite looks with you.

The show was opened by Ana Ljubinkovic who’s pieces held a beautiful sculptural shape. They were made out of very modern materials included printed latex but the colours and the intricate detailing meant that they kept their femininity. Each piece had so many elements to it, from floral patterns, cut-out sections, tassels and ribbons and Ana’s ability to bring it all together was so impressive. The models had their faces painted with glitter, each piece was simply stunning.


Budislava‘s pieces were a lot simpler in their make-up. They were constructed to perfection and there was a good use of geometric shapes. Each section corresponding to a specific muted colour and there was a lot of monochrome. Each look flowed effortlessly as the models walked the runway. I loved the eye pieces which gave the whole collection a very stylish and futuristic feel.


When I was interviewed by Belgrave TV, I was asked which designer’s collection was my favourite and being a total magpie, gravitating towards everything bright and colourful, I said George Styler‘s. I promise it had everything to do with the beautiful printed bodysuits and nothing to do with the fact he had just charmed me minutes before 😀 The pieces were so fierce and refreshingly the majority of his models were women of colour. I loved the padded shoulders and the shape of the pieces as well as the beading neck detail. They would look great in any photoshoot or for any bold street style look.


Finally, the last collection of my London Fashion Week, when I had thought that I had seen everything and that nothing could possibly top the original pieces just showcased, out came Ivana Pilja‘s collection. Over the loud techno music you could almost hear the audience gasp, as the first models dressed in a floor length leather cloak and long witch like hair glidded onto the catwalk. Then followed a monochrome cube and a black and white body with matching face mask. This was something out of Lady Gaga’s dreams. I loved the originality and the boldness of the collection, it really was the best close to an incredible week.


I couldn’t stop taking photos throughout the show and by this point my phone had virtually run our of battery. I had thought that things were coming to an end, but actually they had only just begun. Mishika, one of my new awesome fashion week friends, and I were invited to speak to the designers, the models and to the TV crew before we then went backstage in preparation of the next show! The events then subsequently unfolded were amazing, we made friends with Amy Woodman from Britain’s Next Top Model, we took selfies with models covered in glitter and saw never before showcased creations, we had such an amazing time. A dream ending to an incredible London Fashion Week.

So here are some of the photos that we took backstage and of our final London Fashion Week show! I hope you like it 🙂 I can’t wait for this fashion season, we have so many great things in stall for you guys, I really hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am!

Abi xxx





*Special thanks to Pop Pr & Mishika 🙂


Westfield Stratford Shopping


My nearest shopping center is the Westfield in Stratford London, which was built as part of the Olympic renovation scheme. It is absolutely massive, there are so many beautiful shops both inside and out and although there is not the luxury department like there is at the Westfield in Shephard’s bush, they do have some great shops for buying small fun family Christmas presents, like H&M, Primark, Zara and TK Max.

As many of you have already guessed, I am a last minute person. I didn’t get my Halloween outfit sorted until after 4pm on the day, I realized I had my final law exam just two days before the exam was to take place and, despite every time saying that I have learnt my lesson, I obviously never do, because I left all my Christmas shopping until the very last minute. Indeed, by the time the 24th came, I was really dreading facing the big crowds knowing that I had such limited time I would probably end up going into endless shops not being able to find the right thing, sweating and more sweating and then buying way too many things for myself…

So I decided to go to the Westfield in Stratford to see what I could get in 4 hours for my parents, my brother & his girlfriend, my sister & her boyfriend and perhaps even a little something for grandma… I ended up doing quite well and I will be sharing with you my Christmas present gift guide (which will now all be in the SALE! Hurray!) and also sharing what I ended up buying 🙂

In the meantime here is the outfit that I wore to Stratford and the type of look that I like wearing when I have to do some power shopping – flat comfortable shoes (uggs or slip-ons), a big over sized coat or jumper, a light cross body purse, so that I don’t freak out every 2 seconds thinking I have lost/left/had stolen/abandoned my bag somewhere.

I hope that you are enjoying your Christmas!

Best wishes,

Abi xxx


Leopard Shoes – DUNE

Black padded clutch – ARMANI JEANS (from FARFETCH)

Black Wool & Silk Coat – JOVIS

Ripped Jeans – VINTAGE

Chunky knit scarf – ASOS



Banana Republic


I am starting to feel the impending doom of Christmas looming on the horizon. I have been having too much fun and so I still haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet! The feeling can only be described as that of pre-exam nervousness, knowing that you only have a day to finish half the syllabus* Shudder! :/

My plan is to cram my shopping into the last 48 hours that I have left…so tomorrow want to catch me tomorrow, I will be panicking and panic buying, braving the crowds and Oxford Street/ Regent Street madness, on Christmas Eve! Am I mad? … OK, actually let’s not answering that question…

One of the stores that I will be hitting as a top priority is Banana Republic who recently made me one of their VIP shoppers and invited me to celebrate with them at  their brand new store opening in Kensington. The store was in such a beautiful location and the space was great! The holiday collection being showcased was very chic and sophisticated, with bright pops of color dotting the store and catching my eye: lime green, pink, oranges, the perfect looks for bold fashionistas, fashion bloggers and anyone wishing to brighten up the dreary London sky.

There was a DJ, a nail bar and we a lucky dip where we won discounts and gift vouchers to shop in the store. Gustavo ended up winning the gift voucher, which set him off on a mad shopping spree round the store, he really couldn’t get enough of the rich green jumpers, the thick knits and of course the stylish socks that no entrepreneur can go without. There were so many cocktails, amazing food and after taking photos and giving an interview for Banana Republic UK, we got to relax with the awesome Banana Republic Team!

I will be including some of my favorite pieces in my Christmas Shopping list that I will be posting today and then updating tomorrow depending on my different finds, but in the meantime here are the photos of this special night. I wore a long camel waistcoat- jacket with a black lace up body, black jeans, a wide brimmed hat and black sneakers. I loved the length of the coat and thought that the body and the hat really added a hipster vibe to the whole outfit.

Let me know what you think 🙂 Also, I am shopping tomorrow, so if you have any great present suggestions please don’t forget to send them to me or suggest them to me in the comments, I really need your help!

Love, Abi xxx



Lace up body – MISSGUIDED


Ceramic Bracelet – IRIS SANDALS




Office to Festive


I hope that you have all been having a great building up to Christmas! As some of you know from my Instagram & Twitter, I am writing this from Paris. I can’t wait to share the pics and the stories from our trip, but first I wanted to share one of my best style type for vamping up a classic outfit.

When I was doing my live stream interview for Passion4Fashion, I was picture from one of my readers of their office outfit and was asked by one them to share my thoughts as to how I could make it more fashionable, turning it into an evening or festive city style. I thought that the question was quite a good one as turning a plain look into something more special without going over the top is something that I myself have struggled with in the past.

My first big tip to to take your outfit our of the office is to add a statement necklace. There are some great pieces around in a range of prices and every type of necklace can really alter a plain top and in such a different way that people will actually think you are wearing a completely different outfit. I have been loving silver chain Dylanlex statement pieces and the cheaper alternative from stores such as ModayBesos and boho coin necklaces that you can find from most online retailers such as H&M.

My second tip is instead of buying a plain t-shirt, top or blouse, buy one that has some neck detailing, such as beads, a collar with detail or studs. One of my favorite pieces this winter has been a plain black Missguided body that has a beautiful lace-up design up the front. It goes with everything, isn’t too flamboyant but is a great and easy piece to wear to get an eye catching fashionable look.

Finally ripped jeans really add a fashionable touch to any look. I would either get an old pair of jeans and distress them or I would buy a cheap pair and experiment with them. It’s as easy as adding one cut over each knee and then giving the cut a quick rip.

So with some ripped jeans, a plain top with some neck detailing or statement necklace and a black leather jacket, you can easily go from office drap to Christmas fab! 😉

Happy styling everybody!





Sunglasses – TRUSSARDI

Black Leather Jacket – ZARA

Black Blazer – ZARA

Metal Heel Heels – DUNE

Black Top – TOPSHOP

Statement Necklace with Crystals – MODA Y BESOS

Coin Necklace – Vintage

Lace-up Black Body – MISSGUIDED



Walking Wounded

A, C and Z 3

It was a few days ago in Paris when I was taking a video selfie for Snapchat in front of Laduree that two giggling girls came up behind me and followed me around totally photobombing me on purpose for like 5 minutes. It was when I turned in a circle to try to get a better face angle, * Stop judging me, I know you do it too* and could still somehow see them in my rear view of my front mirror, that I realized that I was being Selfie Punked…OH the SHAME! O MON DIEU! 😥

I shook off the massive sense of insecurity as they ran away arm in arm laughing, died a little bit inside and then flipped the camera back to selfie mode to keep on filming…Nothing can ruin a good selfie…NOTHING, you hear meaah, NOTHING! ;P

Being a fashion blogger and pretty active on social media, this isn’t the first time I have been judged for taking selfies in the street (First World problems I know…) but whenever it happens I do always laugh, because despite all the selfies I don’t actually take myself too seriously… So this is why I agreed to appear in Walking Wounded‘s latest music video entitled “Selfie“, which talks about narcissistic boys & girls who travel the globe only for their focus to be on selfies with famous monuments and site and not, on the sites themselves…

Sound familiar? no, No, NO , she denies forcefully… *

*Quick Camera Roll scroll and then turn and simply ignore the accusatory looks*


So why did I agree to play the role of the narcissistic girl? Because Walking Wounded literally rock! Some of their tunes, The Devil Went to Tesco, Home Sweet Hackney,  are some of my favorite and their albums are perfect for trips to far off nomadic lands whether in person or imaginary, nights by the camp fire and for chilled out sessions full of authentically cool vibes. They are  a 5-piece band from pre-Hipster Hackney – before the East London borough was a inundated with  bijou cafe´s – playing cutting edge original material in a myriad of styles: from Punk to Arabic to Balkan, Celtic to Reggae, Ska to Rock, featuring  featuring Christine Taylor on accordion, Jonny Owen on harmonica, Hugh Poulton on vocals and guitar, Adrian Teasdale on bass, and Arnold Lane on percussion. They are every city hipster’s unattainable dream – their style and their sound is effortless, real and edgy in the true sense of the word. I really couldn’t listen to them enough!

I had never been in a music video before so I was excited when I was asked and boy, it the whole day was so much fun! I turned up at a big house in North East London with some of my boho clothes that I was asked to wear. There was a green screen and black screen in front of which the band played, lots of sound equipment and big cameras. The band had to repeat their pieces a number of times to get them right during which time we had to run on and storm the stage to obscure the real stars, to take selfies of ourselves with them, or simply of ourselves! The day was fueled with coffee and then in true rock in roll style the band went to the pub after finishing the first part of the recording! Sid Vicious and Gigi Hadid eat your heart out…

A, C and Z 3H and A 3


A, A and Z 1

So if you are fed up with people taking selfies all the time, or sick of forests of selfie sticks despoiling beautiful places…Then this video is for you!

Happy Monday everybody 🙂

Abi xxx

Don’t forget to check out all their awesome songs on the Cloud and subscribe to the Walking Wounded Youtube Channel! – Some of my favorites are and you can be sure that when I am out on one of my adventures I will be listening to them: Fallen Angel, Thunder at Sundown, Sahara Blues & California.


Tie Break Tens


These past few weeks have been amazing, we have been working really hard on some great collaborations that I can’t wait to share with you all. Tomorrow we are off to Paris to shoot some cool looks and to attend some meetings, because although I am still posting about this season’s fashion week, we are already preparing next year’s fashion season where we hope to travel to all 4 main fashion weeks in February.

So amongst all this work it was amazing to be invited last weekend to attend and cover Tie Break Tens, an awesome tennis tournament that was aired on Sky Sports. Some of you may not know this, but I used to play professional tennis and was on the WTA world tennis tour for 4 years and part of starting my blog was to share our travels and adventure of our life on tour. It must therefore come as no surprise that I am a real sports fan so it was really great seeing such an incredible line up of famous players play at one London’s most iconic venues the Royal Albert Hall.

Tie Break Tens is such a great concept that I truly believe it has revolutionised competitive tennis. The whole tournament was to take place on one day, each match would be just 10 points long and the winner would take all, the massive $250,000 dollar prize! I could see that with such high stakes and such a quick victory or defeat that the intensity and the wow factor of the game would be increased but I could never have imaged in my wildest dreams the awesome events that ensued…

The tennis was being played from 6pm until 9pm on the Saturday, which meant that people who work during the week or who can’t take a full day or week off for some serious tennis watching could go too. We arrived early at the beautiful Royal Albert Hall just after 3.30pm to attend Andy Murray, John McEnroe and Kyle Edmund’s pre-match Press conference. We walked down into a very sumptuous green room, filled with match score boards from the previous tournament, Champions Tennis, that saw great veterans compete, with the winner Xavier Malisse earning a wild-card entry into Tie Break Tens to compete for $250,000. There were news channels, other bloggers, massive video cameras and us and we were all invited to sit in the front rows to ask the our questions to the players, two of whom had just come back from Belgium having won the Davis Cup for Britain! I lived streamed some of the press conference on my Snapchat (AbigailRoyston), it was great to hear what the players had to say – Murray hadn’t hit a ball since his massive victory but he had swung a racket in his bedroom at home and Kyle, only 20 years old was still wearing a look of disbelief that he was now amongst the legends.  John McEnroe was as animated as ever, playing some serious phycological games on the young players, knowing that he now had a better advantage without the three long sets that he would otherwise have had to play in order to win.



After taking some photos in the green room we were invited up to the top balcony, into the VIP area to watch the pre-match warm up and to have canapés and champagne. The Lanson Champagne from was to die for, the setting was sublime, giant photos of all the greats adorned the walls, white illuminated rackets and the most beautiful table settings ever with white ivory candelabras. It really felt so special to be able to enjoy tennis in such an elegant setting and the view over the whole hall and the court was fabulous.



After two flutes of champagne and unlimited canapés, we were accompanied by the awesome Tie Break Tens team to our seats. One by one Annabella Croft announced the players, Tim Henman, Xavier Malisse, Andy Murray, John McEnroe, Kyle Edmund and David Ferrer…I couldn’t have been more excited about the line up and seeing so many great players, essentially playing 10 match points and all in one day! I was living any tennis fans dream and the matches hadn’t even begun!

The tournament was structure was the following, the players made up two groups, group A and B and each player in the group had to play the other two in his group, so the first phase was a round robin and then much like the football world cup, the winner of Group A would then qualify and play the runner up of Group B and then the winner of Group B would quality and play the runner up of Group A. The winners would then play for the massive prize and the other two would battle it out for 3rd and 4th place. The veterans were put into one group and so the first match of the day was Tim Henman vs. John McEnroe, a match that was an absolute joy to watch and which Tim, after much crowd pleasing by John McEnroe, ultimately won. The short points meant that every match was unpredictable, John McEnroe just missed out on a place in the semi’s after loosing a 7-1 lead against Xavier Malisse 7-10, and of course having lost in the first round against Andy Murray, Kyle Edmund then made his way into the final to face him again having beaten the winner of the veteran group. The players were on great form laughing and joking with the crowd despite the high stakes, which made the whole event so much fun!

In a massive twist of fate, Kyle Edmund having lost easily to Andy Murray in the first round, ended up playing amazingly well in the final and won, thus doubling the total of his career prize money in a day! We were called down to view the prize giving ceremony from the reporters box and then, after Kyle received his prize, we went on court with Londongramer to watch vloggers Oakelfish and George Benson try to return Andy Murray’s serves. And I did say try…

After the match we had drinks and ate some amazing food with the players. I was meant to interview Tim Henman but due to scheduling difficulties this was put on hold, but I did get a few cheeky  photos for Andy Murray, when we discussed our time at the Open in Barcelona and caught up on some of the good friends that we have in common. Peruvian Charles, you know who I am talking about 😉 Andy was so nice, incredibly gracious in defeat, an incredible star and great role model who has raised over $50,000 with Andy’s Aces to help children in danger.

So here are some of the photos and videos from this amazing day with the most amazing team from Tie Break Tens. It was truly a privilege to cover such an incredible event, especially as one of the reasons why I started My Girls On Tour was to share my travel adventures and stories from my time playing the world tennis tour – hence the name My Girls On Tour!

Hope you like the photos of Tie Break Tens and I wanted to ask all you tennis fans out there, if you could pick one player from the history of tennis to join Tie Break Tens who would you pick and why…Can you imagine Roger Federrer vs. Nadal with the winner playing DJokovic all in one day! Mind blowing I know!

Happy Monday everybody, below is my full video of the event! 🙂









Day 3 & 4 LFW Designer Showroom Highlights


It is crazy how quickly time flies, especially when you are having fun! Today I received an email from the British Fashion Council announcing that the line up for AW London Fashion Week has just been finalised and I can’t wait to share the action of this awesome fashion showcase with all very soon, but first I wanted to talk about some of my favourite collections and designers from the Spring Summer 2016 London Fashion Week Designer Showrooms.

As some of you already know, the British Fashion Council made My Girls On Tour an accredited blog for London Fashion Week, which for me was a massive deal and meant that I got to meet some of the most creative and innovative designers in the world and also got to see their collections either at the shows or just after they came off the runway in the Designer Showrooms.

The week was really full on, as many of the shows were scattered around the center of London and it really was a whirlwind meeting so many new people, photographers and models. Every day I went to the Designer Showrooms organised by the British Fashion Council as they had different shows, presentations, drinks and collections and everyday I discovered something new. It truly was an awesome experience and all thanks to the British Fashion Council, so thank you BFC 🙂

So here are some pics from the designers and collections that I loved the most!

Thank you for all your lovely comments, let me know which one is your favourite! Tomorrow I will be sharing one of my favorite events to date on MGT and I will also be revealing our next destination that we are flying off to on Tuesday!

Happy Weekend everybody 🙂

Abi xxx


Ballerina Skirt – Smorodina Fashion





This Portuguese designer immediately caught my eye and on closer inspection her SS16 collection truly stole my heart, so it is no wonder why she is the star of the Portuguese fashion world! The pieces really told a story, a reminder of cruel ancient times dominated by jealousy and greed, transformed and taken into a new world, today’s world, ruled by peace and kindness. The beautiful colours really drew me in, with light pinks, bright reds and blues really evoking strong emotions of love and strength, but what I thought was wonderful was the use of soft leather and heavy fabrics and the delicate yet strong ties that adorned the pieces. A definite must have for any sassy New Yorker or Parisian fashionista.



The London Fashion Week Designer Showrooms are truly incredible because there are not only great British and European designers but also some incredible emerging and established international designers. Annakiki is definitely one of those, with 7 stores and a budding empire in China, they are making waves over in the Far East and are now making the transition over to the UK & US, which if their SS16 collection is anything to go by, they will be majorly successful in doing.  The colours of the collection were simple, red, white and navy blue, but the patterns and the details were so creative, I just loved all the eye catching pieces! Ruffles, stripes and 3D details really made these pieces pop, I couldn’t help but touch them.  I particularly liked the mix between the modern fabrics and colours and the vintage inspired patterns with the long flared skirts and the 3/4 length flared trousers being a real staple of Annakiki looks. Definitely one to watch!




My Mum is an abstract artist and she has the coolest taste in clothes and I do try to borrow her things whenever I can. When I walked passed PPQ’s SS16 I couldn’t help be stop and gaze in wonder. These pieces were so her (and therefore by extension, so me!). I immediately feel deeply in love with the whole collection, the rich blues reminding me of a Matisse or of a beautiful day by the sea in the South of France. Made from an exciting mix of soft, flowing fabrics with straight cuts and bold fabric design, these looks were so elegant and just so chic.If you are looking for a show-stopping gown and long flowing silhouettes then PPQ is the one for you.



If street style looks, patches, bright colours and american baseball jackets are your thing, then you must not miss Tyla Blade’s SS16 collection. I really loved the quirky details added to my favourite piece, the flowers and the trim that really spiced up an already cool American classic jacket.



This collection of beautifully crafted bags, sees a continuation of the theme of the collision of natural organics with AEVHA London’s signature vectored shapes. Pops of colour nestle amongst more muted tones, like blooms amongst the spring foliage. I really loved the striking hand carved handle, with each piece of exotic rosewood making each bag inimitable. Pure luxury and the perfect accessories for a very chic and sophisticated woman. I loved the mint green of the Dromeda clutch and the Carnelia Tote as well as the Arboreal Garnet Tote made with hot pink saffiano finish leather with hand carved rosewood, which makes each bag inimitable. For the sexy Parisian and those attractive monochrome Instagram feeds my fav would definitely be the Serena Shopper in black calfskin & hand carved bone.



Kevin’s exceptional sewing and finishing skills really shone through in his SS16 collection and I loved how his love for shapes stood out in his designs, making them truly unique. Inspired by Evel Knievel, his childhood hero, and the Battle of the Planets, his favourite childhood show, I loved how the collection was so dynamic and futuristic. The use of rubber and leather together I felt was particularly bold and really made the pieces interesting. I myself would love to wear one of these looks and shoot it in some rustic American desert…sounds like a plan, right Kevin?! 🙂


If your one to stick your middle finger up at fashion and pomp then this collaboration is one for you. Lukasism’s clutches were so fun, edgy and would be the perfect addition to any bad ass fashionistas street style look. They even had some purses made to look like 1st class tickets! I know right?! I can literally hear you travel fashionistas going wild…The clutches were a really fun way to poke fun at pop culture whilst making an iconic image statement and I also really loved the great pieces from Paprika EDITION who use modern print techniques to create some very urban and very stylish pieces.


Winter Wonderland with Farfetch

imageIt’s getting pretty cold over here in London and it still hasn’t snowed, but since the beginning of December things have started to feel and look super festive thanks to all the beautiful Christmas lights and  Christmas markets that have sprung up over town.

 I was really excited when Eleasha, a lovely new friend of mine and founder of Duchess of Fashion, invited me to join Farfetch and some of London’s coolest fashion bloggers at Winter Wonderland, a giant fair set up in Hyde Park with rides, the most amazing wooden winter villages, shops and of course mulled wine, waffles and hot chocolate stands.

This really was the best way to start off the Christmas period not least because I truly love Farfetch. All of you fashionistas definitely need to check them out if you haven’t done so already, because they are literally revolutionising the way people shop for designer items.  They bring together hundreds of the world’s best independent designer boutiques, so you can shop and fine some of the most beautiful pieces all in one place, making it so much easier to find great looks at the best prices. Sounds pretty good to me! 😉

The day was so much fun, I met some lovely lovely fashionistas who’s blog are absolutely amazing, including Vikki the founder of Style and Minimalism, Camila Carril, Ellie Adams who vblogs & blogs at TheEllenexdoor and Sarah Monaco from I Bleed Fashion. We had so much fun walking around, taking pictures of Minions, drinking hot chocolate, freezing our socks off in the beautiful Magic Ice Kingdom, getting a little freaked out in the giant fairest wheel when the carriage started swinging in the wind and of course skating and in my case evil laughing at the poor people crawling round, holding on to the side of the rink, trying not to fall over on the ice. Awesome times! And awesome squad gaols for that matter…*Taylor Swift you ain’t got nothing on us! HA!

For our day out I was pretty sure it was going to be cold so I wore a long khaki green coat, thick scarf and green lace up heels, that I have worn so many times they are now not only stylish but also comfortable, even though they didn’t look it. Eleasha made me laugh when she coined the phrase “fashion before reason” in reference to my look…Yes, that’s me haha fashion before reason! I wore my favourite Farfetch accessory, the Michael Kors  ‘Jet Set Traveller’ shoulder bag, that I chose because I thought that it would be perfect for winter, for chic little outings and for adding a little bit of colour to my winter outfits.

I shared a lot of my day on my Snapchat (Abigail Royston) but unfortunately because I didn’t save it (a lesson I never seem to learn), it has now gone, but I did do two video edits with the app Tipit and luckily I do have some awesome photos of our day taken by Preston Photography, that are way better anyway that the snaps that I took anyway 🙂 I loved seeing London in the glistening sun from high above in the fairest wheel with Vikki and Ellie and the magic ice kingdom was beautiful beyond words, with the most incredible ice statues carved into ogres, fairies, castle walls, thrones and wildlife. Stepping in was like going through the wardrobe in Narnia.  I never usually go on rides or go into fun houses when go to fairs because I am scarred of rollercoasters and I think that showing any interest in doing things will encourage people to push me onto one of those insane drop machines or those star shaped wheels that make people fly, so doing those fun things, off the beaten track and away from the churros and candy floss stands, made the day extra special.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week too, thank you for your lovely comments.

Abi xxx

Photos by Preston Photography


Michael Kors ‘Jet Set Traveller’ should bag – FARFETCH

Khaki Wool Coat – COS

Green Lace up Heels – ZARA

Ripped Flares – LOIS

Green & Blue Scarf – ZARA




image image





image image

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