Day 2 London Fashion Week Designer Showroom Highlights

On my second day in the Designer Showrooms I had the most amazing time. The excitement of going to such space filled with such beautiful creations still hadn’t worn off and so when I went this time after lunch I couldn’t wait to find what I would discover next. The Showrooms were a lot more buzzing and fuller at this time of the day, filled with bloggers, press, fashionistas and even the designers themselves! I went backstage with Maybelline and discovered the Toni & Guy hair salon and even hung out in the VIP Press area! There were edgy presentations going on and a DJ deck had been set up to entertain the sprawling mass of fashionistas who had just come from the latest show in the Brewer Street Show Space and who were now checking out the collections whilst sipping drinks that they had bought at the busting cafe/bar.

One of my favourite things about going to the Designer Showrooms was that I would get to see up close the collections that had just come off the runway. It was super exciting to see Holly Fulton’s Swarovski encrusted colourful designs that had only just been showcased to the world. I was one of the first fashionistas to see them up close because as I walked passed I was told that they had only just been put out. Next door were Jean Pierre Braganza’s designs also fresh off the runway and side by side, these two collections really made an impact. There wasn’t the hype that the catwalks bring but it was actually a much better way to see the clothes because you really got to admire all the incredible detail which could perhaps be missed if you were only seeing them from a distance. One of my other higlights of my second day at the Designer Showrooms was meeting Fyodor & Golan and being able to talk to them about their “Transformer” collection, finding out about their inspirations, trying on their shoes and taking pictures of their incredible use of colour and futuristic materials.

There were so many incredible collections and here are just a few of my particular favourites!

Hope you like them, Abi xxx


Holly Fulton focused her collection on the artist Eileen Agar taking inspiration from the surrealist artist’s work, style and personality. I really loved the bold colours and the feminine, 70’s chic style of the collection, with beautiful flowing skirts and embellished jackets. It was such a treat seeing such beautiful detailing up close, the use of Swarovski crystals was a really chic touch and really made the pieces shine. I particularly liked the lime green jacket embellished with rubber stamped flowers, which not only added a very modern touch but also in my mind was a great continuation of the textile print in the dresses and long sleeve tops.

image image


This collection was very bold and futuristic and was inspired by the coloured cartoon of the 80s, Transformers. I really picked up the futurism and the toy-box art, with their use of very vivid primary colours, geometric shapes and metallic fabrics. I particularly liked the neoprene dresses and jackets that were made up of bows and the plastic transformer abstract embellishments on the sweatshirts. In contrast to the black neoprene styles, there were also an incredible range of patterns and garments made out of different materials. Ruffled flowers stood out on see through PVC rain coat style jackets and multi-coloured geometric patterns flowed through many pieces and I particularly liked the very high futuristic platform shoes that were particularly cool!

image image image image image image

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 16.34.48


Xu Zhi is not only a complete sweat heart but in my mind, also one of the most talented designers of the whole showspace. Featured by Elle Italia on their Instagram feed, Xu Zhi’s ready to wear collection boasted handmade pieces that were both eye catching and incredibly beautiful. Incredibly timeless, I really loved his use of bright colours ranging from blues to warm oranges and the woven, twisted, braided and bonded yarns that created complex layers creating a floating silhouette. The collection was more like a work of art than simply clothing, indeed, Xu Zhi’s collection is romantic and poetic at the same time, with every thread creating a rich tapestry of colour and texture that was truely special to touch and see up close. An incredible collection and probably my favourite from Day 2!

image image image image

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 15.49.54


It’s VEGAS BABY! I absolutely loved Vielma London’s SS16 collection because it was very young, fun and very wearable. The epitome of modern retro rock glam, these wouldn’t look out of place in an American pastel motel room.  Inspired by the golden age of Vegas in the 1950’s and 60’s, Chilean born Gabriel Vielma really infused the designs with the class and elegance of the country clubs and the buzz and glitz of the Las Vegas strip. These pieces featured dark American blues, soft draped printed silks, fitted blazers that sparkled with gold stars and burnt denim, truly everything that a modern fashionista could ask for!

imageScreen Shot 2015-10-22 at 16.20.33imageMINKI CHENG

This collection caught my eye because as I really liked the bright colours that contrasted against the black designs. I really felt Minki Cheng’s focus on sophistication and and loved the unusual textural designs and unique hand finished textiles. The ties and blocked colours really worked well to bring each piece to life and all in all was a very modern and beautiful collection.

image image image Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 16.36.47

My Victoria’s Secret Show London Experience


  I was in Italy when I found out that My Girls On Tour had been invited to be a part of the Victoria’s Secret London 2014 Experience. There are times to act cool but this one just wasn’t going to be one of them! I just couldn’t have been more excitted.

I’ve been to the beautiful Victoria Secret flagship Bond Street Store a number of times but never could I of imagined rubbing shoulders with  the ‘Angels”, some of the world’s highest paid and most beautiful models in the world. I was flying back on the 2nd, the day that London was to host London hosted the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and couldn’t wait to be a part of the hype. I had already shared in the experience thanks to two of my favorite bloggers Chiara Ferragni and Kristina Bazan who posted pics from the Victoria Secret private plane that departed from New York. It was therefore with a massive feeling of excitement and expectation that  I touched down in London…Boy I wasn’t disappointed and I just can’t wait to show you my pictures from the day!

A highlight of the show were Candice Swanepoel walking the catwalk in the gilded angel section and Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio  wearing the $2 million dollar Dream Angels Fantasy Bras and Asian inspired “exotic traveler” looks. Each of this year’s designs were made by Mouawad jewellers using 16,000 rubies, diamonds and sapphires, all of which are strung together with 18 karat gold. The ornate ensembles took the designers more than 1,380 hours to make. All of this whilst Ed Sheran sang loving life, Taylor Swift strutted her stuff in sexy lace and Ariana Grande filled the exhibition hall with her amazing voice.*

*PS: I breathed the same air as Jordan Dunn!!!! X)

The show closed, after which we got ready to go out. We got to Bonbonnerie, a club who’s look is inspired by House of Faberge. It opened at 11 and by the time we got there at 5 minutes past, there were already two huge queues of people outside. We managed to go in though fairly quickly and without waiting which was good because it was pretty manic and cold outside. Model agencies, other guests from the show and celebrities had all come. The atmosphere was electric and the crowds went wild when Jordan Dunn and the other Angels arrived at the VIP. A Saxaphonist played over the DJ’s tracks that were being mixed in the center of the room in a booth shaped like the famous Faberge Egg. Magnum Bottles were brought out with sparklers and VIP tables were packed out with cool crowds and beautiful girls. A day to remember ❤ For the party I decided to wear a light blue/silver bandage dress with gold heeled stilletoes and my black and gold long jacket over the top. I thought it fit in with the opulence of House of Faberge. Let me know what you think?


Victoria's Secret Bond Street Miranda Kerr window








My Girls On Tour Hosts White Picket Frock Fashion Event

I am so happy to finally share with you all the pictures from My Girls On Tour’s super fun White Picket Frock fashion event that we hosted last Saturday at Cafe Kaizen.  I really had such an amazing time and truly thank you to Eva the founder of White Picket Frock and all of you who came, it was great to meet you! It is so difficult to find timeless elegant dresses and it is for this reason why I decided to throw this fashion party, to help support this new small dress boutique store and their designs. British fashion has been a massive inspiration for my blog and throughout my life and so it was amazing to be help contribute towards its development and avant-guarde reputation. Here are the links to the two collaborative posts in case you missed them: Khalea Strapless Dress and Lia Sequin Mini Dress.  We are currently working on some amazing collaborations which I can’t wait to share with you, so we will be announcing our next event soon! I hope that you like the pics of yourselves partying the night away 😉 and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog via email to get your private invites and guest list to our next party! ❤



















For the party  I decided to wear the Lia Sequin Mini Dress in Black and my Gold River Island Floral Print Jacket, with black high heels and tights. I was so busy with the whole evening, with the guests and then partying that I didn’t have time to take any pictures of my look, but I think my friends did so once I have got hold of them I will be sharing them with you!

Can’t wait to see you all again soon!

Abi xxx



Invite To White Picket Frock Fashion Party

Cafe Kaizen



At Cafe Kaizen

17 Hanover Square, London W1S 1HU

Hello Fabulous Fashionistas,

I hope you have had a good start to the week?! If not, don’t worry only four more days to go and then we have a fabulous party for you to go to this weekend! 🙂

I am super excited to tell you that My Girls On Tour have teamed up with the beautiful boutique dress store White Picket Frock to invite you all to a night of VIP partying at the beautiful Cafe Kaizen in Mayfair.

As some of you will know already, Cafe Kaizen was where Kate Moss with Rita Ora went out last Saturday for Halloween dressed as Cara Delevigne:

We will have a VIP table with free drinks for all of you who come. You will get to meet the founder of White Picket Frock herself and talk dresses, fashion and business start-ups (and of course party the night away!)

  I really think that you will love Cafe Kaizen’s bohemian arty vibe. Dress code is smart/chic and a touch of bohemian is encouraged 🙂

If you and your friends want to come and join me and my girls for some drinks, then don’t forget to subscribe to My Girls On Tour and RSVP YES to so that I can give you the guestlist name to say at the door 🙂 I really hope you can come and hope to see you there 

Abi xox

PS: Entrance to Cafe Kaizen is subject to club regulations, policy and dress code! Also there may be a £20 charge at the door for guys and possibly for late comers/girls but usually girls do get in for free 😉

Cafe Kaizen 2

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Day 1 London Fashion Week: Floral Print Dress and Rock Chic Attitude


  Wow! I was so happy about the fashion event invite and I really couldn’t wait to go! After taking a moment to think about what had just happened, I closed my email and went to make a cup of coffee. It wasn’t until my boyfriend asked me “so, what are you going to wear”, that the true horror of the situation fully struck me.


 I was going to be in a room full of some of London’s most fashionable people, who all loved clothes, had probably or were probably studying fashion in some of the top places in the world. Some of the girls would be models, others bloggers or even designers themselves. Choosing my outfit for this first show was going to be a hard one…


I wanted to fit right in whilst also making a statement. To do this should I go all out and wear a super glamorous outfit? Or would that seem too desperate and a bit of an overkill?  Perhaps less is more and instead I should go for a more casual look – after all I couldn’t think of anything worse than trying to strike a pose on the red carpet whilst teetering awkwardly on high heels. Although it was true that Hollywood glamor and wedding attire just wouldn’t do for this one, could I really wear flats to an industry party where height and giraffe legs are cherished above all else?

With all of these questions in my mind, I decided that my first outfit to go with a very feminine, floral print dress. However, to give this outfit an edge, I would ditch the heels and wear my trusted metal point slip ons instead. These would be a great contrast with the short but voluptuous multi-layered girlie dress and would create a very chic and original look. The leather jacket and gold fish tail necklace really brought out the alternative side of the dress. Let me know what you think of my first outfit choice for fashion week! 😉 And what would you have worn?

imageCameo the label dress 2image



Let me know what you think of my first outfit choice for fashion week! 😉 What would you have worn?


Floral Print Dress – CAMEO THE LABEL

Metal Tip Slip Ons – STRADIVARIUS

Leather Jacket – ZARA

Diamond Bracelet – MACY’S

Arrow Head Long Pendant Necklace – ACCESORIZE

Eva Clutch in Monochrome – LOUIS VUITTON

Emerging Trends at London Fashion Week

We were excited and the air was filled with anticipation. The 3rd annual Emerging Trends Europe was about to begin and so soon we and hundreds of industry professionals were about to discover some of the most talented designers of 2014. Our front row seats promised for an uninterrupted view of the catwalk, I prepared my camera as the lights dimmed and turned blue. The beat started and out came the first model, confident and striking. The air filled with the sounds of hundreds of shutters closing and light bulbs erupted at the end of the runway. This was the beginning of something extraordinary.



The first designer was the American Nevada Couture, a great example of chic city girl outfits, perfect for a spontaneous yet ultra modern and sophisticated look. Garments were a simple elegance: soft pink tops with silk white shorts and ankle strap stilettos, ballerina skirts. I loved the detailed beading on the floating dresses which gave them a bohemian feel. Even though the collection was pretty, large bib necklaces really turned these outfits into something more powerful and looks such as the striking white trousers and silk tank top worn by a model with red hair made the collection a strong statement of femininity.


Up next was the very interesting Anya Liesnik, a designer from Germany. I loved her use of different layers with the sheer fabric garments creating a lovely variation of the Royal Blue colour palette. The striking black shirts, bold black underwear and floral print dresses were broken up by free-flowing skirts and the use of the polka dots was a a great way to play with depth. Her creations were of a natural beauty, like patterns on a butterfly’s wing, light and fragile to the touch but stunning and strong in flight. I would definitely wear ALL of the monochrome charcoal grey collection which was show cased but I loved how Anya, at the end of the show, really set pulses racing with a maxi red nympth dress with a crown of red roses. For me this was the strongest collection of the first half.


Shefali Couture from Dubai oozed strong powerful elegance and femme fatal attitude. With black lace, high neck dresses and vintage chokers, these stunning garments were perfect for a night to remember. One of my favorite was the long floor length fitted slinky dress. It looked so sexy, perfect for a very special occasion, the embellished back was so stunning and shone like tiny black diamonds. I loved how all the outfits were really well complimented by a stunning array of shoes. The showbiz thick heeled ones really caught my eye and I fear that I shall covet them now for ever more.


What I loved about the next collection was that each dress looked so different whilst always maintaining Fleur Kalinza’s distinctive signature look, an attractive multicolor print. The light dresses were so incredibly well made as they were fitted and hugged the models in all the right places. The buttermilk tops contrasted beautifully with the colorful print on the skirts which floated dramatically around and behind the women they walked down the runway. Ruched sleeves were embellished bows and I loved the use of neck ruffles which helped to bring the top and the bottom half of the final dress together. Stefan Meuwissen’s shoes were the definition of perfection. The thin heels and triangular shape of the shoe really made Fleur Kalinza’s outfits look a million dollars. I loved the crisp cut out edges which revealed a lot of the beautiful ankle and upper foot and this was tied up perfectly with a dainty ankle strap. Both definitely designers to watch out for in the future!


A wonderful twist in the evening were the textured men’s wear collection by the Indian Designer Azzurra. The use of different materials really made the looks interesting. The originality of the wool blankets which were draped casually over the men’s shoulders was not lost on neither myself or my boyfriend and it was this striking fashion statement which contrasted so well with the smooth metallic ruched trousers. I adored the design of the drop crotch trousers, infused with the harem style. The leather sandals and the beads really gave the whole look a spiritual feel and the wooden staff as well as adding bright splashes of colour, also added to the sense of an ancient leader with inner confidence. For me this wouldn’t be a great London city look but would be a great fashion for anyone who wanted to dress in a very bohemian and alternative style.

The next collection Prieston was one of my favourites. Long trains made out of see through large floral print made each piece so dramatic. So much glamour and and so many extremes, the collection by Naomi Nagy was inspired by Russia. The sensual playfulness of the red and the magenta made these beautiful dresses really stick in my mind. The length of the robes and the gowns really transferred the idea of exaggerated feelings and the crystals of the Swarovski Elements were subtle and brought some fun to these passionate looks. Loved it and hope to one day maybe be able to make a dramatic entrance to a fabulous party in one!


I was so impressed by the British designer Leonora Asomanin’s collection inspired by a Japanese folk story. The collection retells the fisherman’s journey down to the barrier reef. Leonora blew our minds by contrasting yellows with purples and placing blues next to magentas.I loved the how Leonora used the natural beauty of the ocean and transferred the zen spirit of sea anemone and fish to these already majestically soothing garments. Fitted off the shoulder corsets were transformed by beautiful long gold and embellished shoulder drapes, which made the purple of the top richer. With some of the most original and beautiful fabric patterns I have ever seen, I watched in awe as magnificent trains billowed down the catwalk. I absolutely loved this collection and can’t wait to show you more pictures as Leonora will be a designer that I will be featuring on the blog!


Finally came striking models with dark eye make up done by London Muse and hair by Karine Jackson Salon. The Capital T designs by Tertia Enda were really rich, with red, orange and gold floral patterns cutting a dramatic contrast to the black fabric placed next to it. The silhouettes of the dresses were really slimming and would be perfect to high profile business meetings followed by classy cocktails with the girls. I particularly liked the amber two piece matching set, with floaty crop top and pencil skirt and the way this beautiful rich fabric hung loosely down off a striking collar.



  Truly a beautiful amber ending to a spectacular line up of talent. Let me know which one is your favourite? 🙂

Featuring in order of appearance:

Naveda Couture (USA)

Anya Liesnik (Germany)

Shefali Couture (Dubai)

Fleur Kelinza (UK)

Stefan Meuwissen (Belgium)

Azzurra (India)

Prieston (Hungary)

Leonora Asomanin (UK)

Capital T by Tertia Enda (Indonesia)

Invite to Fashion Event with Free Three Course Dinner


I am so pleased to announce to you all that My Girls on Tour has teamed up with the incredible Press Club London and G.A Events for its official launch “Dress to Impress” on the 21st June 2014!


10295135_236797703184676_300094996744538386_o 10353273_236798293184617_4587207258419524551_o

I would like to invite you to a free sit down three course dinner with wine and drinks, which will offer a perfect setting bloggers and fashion lovers to meet and discuss blogging, fashion and haute couture. After the dinner we will all be given our own private table with unlimited drinks where we will be able to relax and let our hair down together after a great fashion networking session. This is a wonderful way to show case some of your best looks and to meet real players in the fashion industry in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.


In order to be eligible to attend simply LIKE the My Girls on Tour Official Facebook Page and wait for confirmation.


The dinner will be exclusively for those who have LIKED the page, but if afterwards you would like to bring some friends for the party, you are more than welcome. Just make sure they are suitably dressed and there should be no problem!

I’m really looking forward to meeting you all soon!

Abigail xxx


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