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As some of you already know, I started My Girls On Tour to share my stories and experiences of life on the professional tennis tour…So I am super excited to have been invited to go this Saturday to Tie Break Tens held at the Royal Albert Hall- I won’t just get to see some of my favourite players play (some of whom have just won the Davis Cup this weekend), but I am also interviewing one of the world’s most famous players for My Girls On Tour! Eeek!

 I can’t wait to share it all with you soon 🙂 But before we get on to some serious tennis, I first wanted to talk about my time at the launch of the brand new fashion/fitness brand Style Sportif – an online market place that brings together some of the most famous names in sport fashion – to give us ladies some seriously stylish activewear, to not only feel good, but  to also look good whilst we are training! Or in my case, tree hugging, as I try to hold myself up after slowly dying from 5 minutes of slow running…

From super colourful leggings from Lexie Sport and Laurie Nouchka, to crazy sock designs from Move Active, chrome tops from SukiShufu and the bold very chic looks from Gymluxe, Style Sportif has a great range of stylish pieces that transition from sportswear to fashionable daywear.  At the launch, I loved looking at all the designs and I especially loved the London printed leggings and the street style pieces from Beth Richards!

The lauch was held at a very cool venue called Lights of Soho, which was just opposite where London Fashion Week had been held. The room was adorned with the coolest neon signs and riskee photographs, there was music, original cocktails on demand, Instaframs and goodie bags filled with all sorts of treats, from Coconut juice to Epoch pick me up scrub. A fashionista’s heaven!

It was in the evening and so I decided to wear black Guess Jeans, black heels and a backless sequin top from All Saints, that is perfect for events. It makes jeans look more formal and also swishes around as I walk, so it makes me feel like Cinderella – without the fear of tripping over my long ball gown.

Before Style Sportif I used to wear an oversized t-shirt and baggy sweats to do fitness in, but after seeing so many cool activewear designs I am starting to seriously re-think my poor training fashion choices…How about you, what do you guys like to wear when you work out?

So here are some pics and videos from the event.

Happy Monday everybody!

Abi xxx






Tiger Tiger


  I was 7 I was when at a village market I decide to spend 70 Francs (approx 5£) on a hat. This was my most expensive purchase to date and I can remember my Dad looking at the pill box hat and then at my tiny head and saying: “Are you sure you really want to buy that”? I had seen this look only once before, when I had asked him to cut all my long blonde locks off and give me a bowl cut, to resemble the close crop that my best friend had been given for her ear pinning back operation. I thought that she looked so cool and then I had mine done and I just looked like a freak. My primary school teacher exclaimed:”Oh! I thought that was a little boy in a dress!” :/ Anyhow, I bought the hat and gradually over the years have collected more and more strange bonnets and weaved bowlers. They don’t look bad, but I never seem to wear them. So after my trip to Morocco where the streets were strewn with Fez hats, I decided to get the Tiger printed Pill Box hat out of my draw, because although I haven’t worn it, I haven’t ever thought twice about dragging it around with me and on to my next house. Tiger Tiger is the center piece of today’s look.

What are you most crazy childhood purchases? Which ones do you still use or wear? Let us know 😉

 image imageimageimageimage image



Tiger Vintage Hat

Black Top – PRIMARK

Triangle Skorts – ALI EXPRESS

 Black Sandals -PRIMARK

Orange Leather Studded Bracelet – ALI EXPRESS

Evil Eye Jewellery – ALI EXPRESS

Leather Back Pack – Souks Marrakesh

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