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Happy Year New Year everyone! I hope that you had a great start to 2016! Today I will be talking New Year’s resolutions and post my favourite 2015 moments in a few hours, but first I wanted to share with you some of my festive party looks that I have been wearing throughout the sunny wintry days of December, including my New Year’s Even outfit that I wore to see the spectacular London Fireworks! The dress that I wore is truly special to me as it is one from my own collection, which brings me to my most exciting 2015 fashion and travel blog moments, working on my boutique collection and the launch of my own line of party dresses in collaboration with ModayBesos in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In the UK we love to wear beautiful dresses to go out in and so whilst living abroad in Barcelona I thought that it would be great to share these party pieces with other countries. It was so much fun deciding on the designs and the ones that I chose are all ones that I myself would love to wear to a party! I wanted something fun and summery, with lots of lace, bright colours and patterns that would be great for a fun nigh out! I also loved the more bohemian side of the collection that we worked on that featured long skirts, crochet tops and chunky silver jewellery with more neutral tones and of course the beautiful lace and satin ball gowns and wedding dresses! The launch took the My Girls On Tour team across the world to Buenos Aires in Argentina where my dresses are now stocked in beautiful boutiques and stores around the country.

We stayed at the 5* Hotel Boca Junior a luxury hotel by Design which is right in the heart of Buenos Aires and which is the only hotel in the world to be themed around a football team! We visited some beautiful places including La Casa Rosada, Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral and the Teatro Colon. My favourite though was La Boca, an area of the city filled with brightly coloured houses, tango dancers, music and bars. It was nice wandering the streets and seeing the sights, eating our way through succulent steaks and lemon biscuits.

So here are two of my favourite dresses from the collection that I have styled for the party season, with the blue dress being the one that I wore this New Year’s Eve, as well as some photos from our trip to Buenos Aires which was undoubtedly one of my 2015 highlights!

Hope you like it, Abi xxx





















Blue Dress –

Quilted Clutch – ARMANI JEANS

Heels – DUNE

My White Picket Frock at the Dorchester

   I am so happy to be able to announce that this month, myself and My Girls On Tour are off to France and TURKEY which I am super excited about!!!!


Last weekend as a very special treat we went to one of the most beautiful and famous hotels in the world, the Dorchester, for afternoon tea. Now a good old afternoon tea is, for me at least, right up there with probably one of the best inventions of the 19th century, with the likes of the light bulb, the steam boat, the telephone, the rubber band, the lawn mower and the dish washer. Am I exaggerating? Perhaps a little, but really how many other countries do you know of that have come up with what is basically a three course cake feast?



For such a pampering and girlie afternoon I decided to wear a gold and turquoise bodice dress from White Picket Frock. What I loved about this dress were the rich colors and the beautiful heart shape of the corset. I felt like a Princess wearing it and so feminine. It was a perfect length, just above the knee, so it looked really sexy but also super sophisticated and smart. I paired it with a long gold arrow necklace to compliment the dress which shined in the light and sparkled as I moved. I really can’t get enough of this beautiful little London boutique’s dresses, they are just so perfect for special events. I can not recommend them enough!









The atmosphere was amazing at the Dorchester Hotel. Staff gave presents to guests are they descended from their rooms, the staff were immaculately dress, so polite and the flower bouquets so beautiful. A place where the present Queen Elizabeth II attended a dinner part the day before her engagement was announced. This place oozed old school class and wealth.  I felt so chic and feminine wearing my Khalea Strapless Jacquard Midi Dress, whilst sipping pink champagne. The scones were so scummy and the fruit tea that I choose delicious. My favorite part were the little cakes which we couldn’t quite finish for fear of death by chocolate. A must do, even if it is just once in a lifetime 😉

Let me know what you think of the dress, do you like the look? What is your favorite White Picket Dress? Let me know 🙂



Khalea Strapless Jacquard Midi Dress – WHITE PICKET FROCK

Metal Twirl Stilettos – DUNE

Long Arrow Gold Pendant – Accesorize

Green flower earrings – Accessorize

Don’t forget that you have until the 11th October to use your 15% code “MGOT” on all dresses!!!!!

Khalea Strapless Jacquard Midi Dress

Sophie Embellished Lace Gown

Grace Beaded Detail Gown

Kendall Sweatheart Lace Bodice Gown

Brigitte Drap Straight Gown

Lia Sequin Midi Dress


A Smile and A Dress


Its easy to feel intimated when going out in Knightsbridge and Mayfair with all the roaring Ferrari’s and Lamborgini’s careering up and down the street, the long legs, Chanel bags and the snooty nosed gate keepers of the best members clubs, with their powerful clipboard and judging eyes. The queue moves at a snails pace with all the hispters with silver rings and groups of glamorous girls in teetering heels being given fast track access before the crowds. The feeling of elation that you get as you inch closer to the door comes with an equally powerful feeling of dread – will our group be rejected or worse will everyone get in except for me? Will they leave me behind if this happens, so that I’ll be forced to make the walk of shame home alone and through thoughts of despair and dejection vow to never speak to best friends again? Just as I am about to have a nervous breakdown, the red rope is opened and our path to the club is freed up. My heart is racing but I swan through, cool as a cucumber and whisper to the nearest person  “see I knew we’d get in”…*

*and just because you say it, everyone knows that you are lying…

Before disappearing down the darkened staircase I turn and take one smug look at the faces staring from behind the now closed security bar. We’re in, we’re in…your not, your not… And then just as my new found confidence is turning me into the most despicable person, the security guard puts me right back in my place by roughly shoving me out of his way to get to an altercation which is happening in the bar down below. VIP moment over as now I’ll have to readjust my stiletto 😥

Now all joking aside, many of the hottest clubs and bars do have a very strict dress code so really wearing the right attire is key. For me, finding the right dress for a night out is so important, not just to make sure that I get in, but also to really make me feel my best. If in doubt I find that wearing a short black dress with high heels works, but really what I want is a dress that will make me feel confident, sophisticated, sexy and make me stand out of from the crowd. I’ve found that that they can be quite hard to find and there is a tendency for clubbing attire to boarder on trashy. I was so pleased to find White Picket Frock as they really have made shopping for such a look simple. They have a small but incredible selection of classic and very classy dresses that are just perfect for wearing at some of the best parties in the world. Since discovering them, going out to cool places has never felt so easy.

So my advice for Mayfair clubbing is the following: park your beat-up old silver bubble car next to a gold encrusted Ferrari, sort your shoes out and then turn the corner and walk up to the club as if your Beyonce. You can look a million dollars, forget the rest, all you need is a dress and your smile.




Not since the swinging sixties has it not been so cool to live in London and to reflect the city’s revival, I decided to wear the Lia Sequin Mini Dress from White Picket Frock for my night out to Baku and Cafe Kaizen. I love this dress as it creates a retro style look with long sleeves, shoulders pads and beautiful embellished sequin patterning. A retro style is one which attempts to imitate or draw influence from another that of a past era and so I decided to take inspiration from the fashion of another golden era, that of the  1920’s and combine the dress with a large crystal encrusted ring for a real eye catching look.

The pictures were taken in Baku. Its restaurant is decorated with white roses and Marie Antoinette white french furniture. A magnificent grand piano lies under a glass spiral staircase which winds up to the top floor where there is a sumptuous bar where bar staff mix guest’s personalized cocktails. The food is an interesting infusion of Middle Eastern and Japanese dishes. This is a hidden gem and is great for a quite date or romantic dinner as it is often pretty empty. The atmosphere at Cafe Kaizen was good and I loved the glowing trees and wall murals. I will look forward to trying their food as we went there only for the party, but on the whole the atmosphere was good and quite informal.

Let me know what you think of the look and I can’t wait to share with you some more retro fashion’s soon!


Lia Sequin Sleeve Mini Dress  – WHITE PICKET FROCK

15% Discount with “MGOT” Code available until the 11th October for all My Girl’s On Tour Readers

Crystal Star Ring – Roman Road Market

Black Stilettos – ALDO

Wool Coat with Silk Lining – JARVIS

Black patent leather bag – PRADA

Boohoo Kaftan for Marrakech Sultan

For our trip to Marrakech, we went cheap skate style and flew with only hand luggage. Indeed as much as nothing gets me more in the holiday spirit than spending excessive amounts of money in Boots, buying mini deodorants and conditioners, face wipes, Iboprophene and razors (because although I can’t take them with me on the plane I usually haven’t used one for a while), the thought of choosing 3-4 outfits that fit into a Barbie Doll sized bag on the contrary simply fills me with dread.


Going for just under a week to a destination with just hand luggage is really like taking up the ultimate fashion gauntlet, the one which Ryanair merrily throws down to the vast majority of UK travelers. Concentrate the mind and get this one right and you could have not just 3 outfits but 9 (where all items can be mix matched together). Get this wrong and you could end up two odd wooly socks, a pair of shorts that are too tight, a see through Kimono and some cow boy boots that seemed like a good idea at the time.


Morocco is a religious place and although one of the most liberal Muslim countries I would advise that out of respect for local beliefs and sensitivities (whilst in no way compulsory) to wear non revealing clothes – that is dresses or shorts which are over the knee and tops which cover at least the shoulders. It is very hot, so really if you can’t face covering up completely then that is fair enough, but the majority local women wear long floaty dresses and trousers and head scarves so you will stand out more if you don’t try a bit more conservatively than if on a girls weekend break to Ibiza.


Being British I tend to like to get legs and arms out in the sun at the first opportunity so all my summer clothes were rather shorts and skimpy. I therefore trawled the shops and the internet for some maxi dresses, which would be perfect in the heat and for the environment to which I was heading. My most appropriate and favorite purchase of them all has got to be the £18 Kaftan which I bought from It comes in a variety of colors and I opted on the more spicy green one. The long part of the dress is sheer and so goes right down to the ground although ties up at the waist to give it some great shape. It has an under dress (which could even double as a separate dress in its own right) which is shorter and so seen through sun light, the garment is long but still sexy. This was so perfect for my trip to Marrakesh I wore it on two consecutive days and the hotel manager told me how Moroccan my dress looked which I loved! 😉 I combined it with evil eye jewellery and a large solid silver bracelet. Let me know what you think?

 DSC_0559 DSC_0612

10442467_10152520901024140_1441697500155501529_n DSC_0694 DSC_0695 DSC_0706 DSC_0741 DSC_0756 DSC_0764



Una V Neck Paisley Neon Kaftan Maxi Dress – BOOHOO.COM


SILVER BANGLE – AFGHAN CONNECTION – charity supporting education

Eclipse Thong Sandals- GUESS (sold out)


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