Day 3 & 4 LFW Designer Showroom Highlights


It is crazy how quickly time flies, especially when you are having fun! Today I received an email from the British Fashion Council announcing that the line up for AW London Fashion Week has just been finalised and I can’t wait to share the action of this awesome fashion showcase with all very soon, but first I wanted to talk about some of my favourite collections and designers from the Spring Summer 2016 London Fashion Week Designer Showrooms.

As some of you already know, the British Fashion Council made My Girls On Tour an accredited blog for London Fashion Week, which for me was a massive deal and meant that I got to meet some of the most creative and innovative designers in the world and also got to see their collections either at the shows or just after they came off the runway in the Designer Showrooms.

The week was really full on, as many of the shows were scattered around the center of London and it really was a whirlwind meeting so many new people, photographers and models. Every day I went to the Designer Showrooms organised by the British Fashion Council as they had different shows, presentations, drinks and collections and everyday I discovered something new. It truly was an awesome experience and all thanks to the British Fashion Council, so thank you BFC 🙂

So here are some pics from the designers and collections that I loved the most!

Thank you for all your lovely comments, let me know which one is your favourite! Tomorrow I will be sharing one of my favorite events to date on MGT and I will also be revealing our next destination that we are flying off to on Tuesday!

Happy Weekend everybody 🙂

Abi xxx


Ballerina Skirt – Smorodina Fashion





This Portuguese designer immediately caught my eye and on closer inspection her SS16 collection truly stole my heart, so it is no wonder why she is the star of the Portuguese fashion world! The pieces really told a story, a reminder of cruel ancient times dominated by jealousy and greed, transformed and taken into a new world, today’s world, ruled by peace and kindness. The beautiful colours really drew me in, with light pinks, bright reds and blues really evoking strong emotions of love and strength, but what I thought was wonderful was the use of soft leather and heavy fabrics and the delicate yet strong ties that adorned the pieces. A definite must have for any sassy New Yorker or Parisian fashionista.



The London Fashion Week Designer Showrooms are truly incredible because there are not only great British and European designers but also some incredible emerging and established international designers. Annakiki is definitely one of those, with 7 stores and a budding empire in China, they are making waves over in the Far East and are now making the transition over to the UK & US, which if their SS16 collection is anything to go by, they will be majorly successful in doing.  The colours of the collection were simple, red, white and navy blue, but the patterns and the details were so creative, I just loved all the eye catching pieces! Ruffles, stripes and 3D details really made these pieces pop, I couldn’t help but touch them.  I particularly liked the mix between the modern fabrics and colours and the vintage inspired patterns with the long flared skirts and the 3/4 length flared trousers being a real staple of Annakiki looks. Definitely one to watch!




My Mum is an abstract artist and she has the coolest taste in clothes and I do try to borrow her things whenever I can. When I walked passed PPQ’s SS16 I couldn’t help be stop and gaze in wonder. These pieces were so her (and therefore by extension, so me!). I immediately feel deeply in love with the whole collection, the rich blues reminding me of a Matisse or of a beautiful day by the sea in the South of France. Made from an exciting mix of soft, flowing fabrics with straight cuts and bold fabric design, these looks were so elegant and just so chic.If you are looking for a show-stopping gown and long flowing silhouettes then PPQ is the one for you.



If street style looks, patches, bright colours and american baseball jackets are your thing, then you must not miss Tyla Blade’s SS16 collection. I really loved the quirky details added to my favourite piece, the flowers and the trim that really spiced up an already cool American classic jacket.



This collection of beautifully crafted bags, sees a continuation of the theme of the collision of natural organics with AEVHA London’s signature vectored shapes. Pops of colour nestle amongst more muted tones, like blooms amongst the spring foliage. I really loved the striking hand carved handle, with each piece of exotic rosewood making each bag inimitable. Pure luxury and the perfect accessories for a very chic and sophisticated woman. I loved the mint green of the Dromeda clutch and the Carnelia Tote as well as the Arboreal Garnet Tote made with hot pink saffiano finish leather with hand carved rosewood, which makes each bag inimitable. For the sexy Parisian and those attractive monochrome Instagram feeds my fav would definitely be the Serena Shopper in black calfskin & hand carved bone.



Kevin’s exceptional sewing and finishing skills really shone through in his SS16 collection and I loved how his love for shapes stood out in his designs, making them truly unique. Inspired by Evel Knievel, his childhood hero, and the Battle of the Planets, his favourite childhood show, I loved how the collection was so dynamic and futuristic. The use of rubber and leather together I felt was particularly bold and really made the pieces interesting. I myself would love to wear one of these looks and shoot it in some rustic American desert…sounds like a plan, right Kevin?! 🙂


If your one to stick your middle finger up at fashion and pomp then this collaboration is one for you. Lukasism’s clutches were so fun, edgy and would be the perfect addition to any bad ass fashionistas street style look. They even had some purses made to look like 1st class tickets! I know right?! I can literally hear you travel fashionistas going wild…The clutches were a really fun way to poke fun at pop culture whilst making an iconic image statement and I also really loved the great pieces from Paprika EDITION who use modern print techniques to create some very urban and very stylish pieces.


Cocoon Luxe


Since London Fashion Week things have been crazy! Last week we covered one of the coolest tennis tournaments ever, Tie Break Tens, where we got to interview Andy Murray and John McEnroe, drink champagne in the VIP area and even go courtside! I have posted some photos on my Instagram and I shared the whole day on my Snapchat (AbigailRoyston) but within the coming days I will share all my pics and videos with you here and on Youtube, so if you love tennis like I do, then stay tuned!

I have been going to lots of business and fashion industry meetings but with the cold weather and rain here in the London, looking fab and making a good first impression isn’t always easy. Its so cold outside so all I want to do is wrap up, but then as soon as I get inside and sit down, the temperature goes right up, so it’s a bit difficult working out how many layers to wear.

So I was super excited to discover an amazing brand called Cocoon Luxe, who I discovered when I went to meet Pop PR, just after London Fashion Week and just before their press day which was amazing and which I can’t wait to tell you about soon! Their collection of  vintage inspired versatile capes are made with cashmere and timeless tweed fabrics that literally cocoon your body, keeping you warm but super stylish.  They really do make the perfect staples for any wardrobe, creating a perfect A-line, with the heavy wool giving just enough structure to create a seamless shape. The style is perfect for layering and I loved the way that you could customise the designs with initials and mix your choice of fabric with the cut.

I really loved the rich greens and browns, especially as they offer a really classy alternative to the more traditional blacks and greys of winter collections. The hoods are perfect for looking good in rainy weather and the cut is really flattering, which I is always a bonus because in the lead up to Christmas I tend to stop eating when I hate myself and not when I am full – especially if my Mum’s mince pies are involved! So here I am rocking some of my favourite pieces from Cocoon Luxe‘s SS2016 collection, with my favourite look definitely being the Harris Tweed Collared Cape which is so chic!

Let me know what you think 🙂

Abi xxx









Abi xxx


Harris Tweed Collared Cape – COCOON LUXE

Harris Tweed Hooded Cape – COCOON LUXE

Vintage Ripped Jeans – LOIS

Gilli Shoes – ZARA

Ceramic Bracelet – IRIS SANDALS

Fun Facts 😛

  • Harris Tweed is the only fabric in the world governed by an Act of Parliament.
  • Harris Tweed must be made according to the 1993 Act: ‘With 100% pure virgin wool, dyed, spun and finished in the outer Hebrides and woven by hand by the islanders at their homes on the islands of Lewis, Harris, Uist and Barra’
  • Every 50 meters of length of fabric is checked before being stamped by hand with the ORB which is found in every genuine Harris Tweed garment. No other fabric can call itself Harris Tweed.

Mimpikita SS16 LFW


Day 3 of LFW was coming to an end and I was slowly but surely loosing my voice. The good news was that I was turning into an exotic foreigner with a husky voice, which I realised was working to my advantage when one PR said “Oh! love you accent!” and another Sales Consultant said to me, referring to one of the designer’s influences, “If you were from the UK then you would probably know it, so you probably won’t have heard of it…” Does this mean people think I am not from the UK? Sweet! Can I choose a new nationality for the week? French…no, Dutch…No, I have it… SWEDISH! Yes! For the remainder of the week I will be Swedish…

Now bearing in mind I was now rasping my way through words, it was to my utter excitement and then dread, that I was asked by the amazing Pop Pr to interview on camera the Zulkifli sisters, Nurul, Mira & Syera, who launched Mimpikita in 2008 and have since transformed the company into an international fashion house with bridal and ready-to-wear collections. I had just seen the show and it was amazing! Beautiful fresh colours with very elegant almost bridal embellishments. There was something serene and very relaxing about the effortless designs of floating dresses, trousers and tops that were brought in the waist with a tie. The colours ranged from bright yellows and oranges to whites and creams. The slits and belting meant that the pieces would really transition well from day to night

It was of course despite the loss of voice, an incredible pleasure to ask them about their inspirations and techniques and to meet such creative geniuses in person. Known for combining the highest quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship with a modern design sensibility, they explained that they pieces are inspired from their time involved in their father’s architectural firm and in such are intricately composed and structured. Their embellishments are definitely a defining feature of their collection as they also create bridal wear and their designs made out of specially selected fabrics of the highest quality are very much for the modern elegant woman.

My Dad always tells us to be honest. When you’re honest in your art, there is a vulnerability to it and although there is a possibility that we might epically fail, we’re willing to give it our all…Every Collection and show that we put out- it always feels like it’s the first show all over again. We’re definitely feeling the jitters for London Fashion Week!”

You and me both Mimpikita…

I loved the whole collection, a real celebration of femininity, with the perfect materials and cut elegant looks on hot summer days! I could definately see them taking London by storm and I thought that I had actually spotted Jordan Dunn in the front row, but now I am not too sure if it was her… Celebrity Pap fail*

Unfortunately I don’t have any pics of me interviewing although it is on camera somewhere, but I hope you like the pictures that I took from the show! 🙂 Let me know what you think! Ouuu also, let me know if you had to change your nationality for the day which one would you choose and why?! 😉

Abi xxx

image image image image image image image image image image

Day 2 London Fashion Week Designer Showroom Highlights

On my second day in the Designer Showrooms I had the most amazing time. The excitement of going to such space filled with such beautiful creations still hadn’t worn off and so when I went this time after lunch I couldn’t wait to find what I would discover next. The Showrooms were a lot more buzzing and fuller at this time of the day, filled with bloggers, press, fashionistas and even the designers themselves! I went backstage with Maybelline and discovered the Toni & Guy hair salon and even hung out in the VIP Press area! There were edgy presentations going on and a DJ deck had been set up to entertain the sprawling mass of fashionistas who had just come from the latest show in the Brewer Street Show Space and who were now checking out the collections whilst sipping drinks that they had bought at the busting cafe/bar.

One of my favourite things about going to the Designer Showrooms was that I would get to see up close the collections that had just come off the runway. It was super exciting to see Holly Fulton’s Swarovski encrusted colourful designs that had only just been showcased to the world. I was one of the first fashionistas to see them up close because as I walked passed I was told that they had only just been put out. Next door were Jean Pierre Braganza’s designs also fresh off the runway and side by side, these two collections really made an impact. There wasn’t the hype that the catwalks bring but it was actually a much better way to see the clothes because you really got to admire all the incredible detail which could perhaps be missed if you were only seeing them from a distance. One of my other higlights of my second day at the Designer Showrooms was meeting Fyodor & Golan and being able to talk to them about their “Transformer” collection, finding out about their inspirations, trying on their shoes and taking pictures of their incredible use of colour and futuristic materials.

There were so many incredible collections and here are just a few of my particular favourites!

Hope you like them, Abi xxx


Holly Fulton focused her collection on the artist Eileen Agar taking inspiration from the surrealist artist’s work, style and personality. I really loved the bold colours and the feminine, 70’s chic style of the collection, with beautiful flowing skirts and embellished jackets. It was such a treat seeing such beautiful detailing up close, the use of Swarovski crystals was a really chic touch and really made the pieces shine. I particularly liked the lime green jacket embellished with rubber stamped flowers, which not only added a very modern touch but also in my mind was a great continuation of the textile print in the dresses and long sleeve tops.

image image


This collection was very bold and futuristic and was inspired by the coloured cartoon of the 80s, Transformers. I really picked up the futurism and the toy-box art, with their use of very vivid primary colours, geometric shapes and metallic fabrics. I particularly liked the neoprene dresses and jackets that were made up of bows and the plastic transformer abstract embellishments on the sweatshirts. In contrast to the black neoprene styles, there were also an incredible range of patterns and garments made out of different materials. Ruffled flowers stood out on see through PVC rain coat style jackets and multi-coloured geometric patterns flowed through many pieces and I particularly liked the very high futuristic platform shoes that were particularly cool!

image image image image image image

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 16.34.48


Xu Zhi is not only a complete sweat heart but in my mind, also one of the most talented designers of the whole showspace. Featured by Elle Italia on their Instagram feed, Xu Zhi’s ready to wear collection boasted handmade pieces that were both eye catching and incredibly beautiful. Incredibly timeless, I really loved his use of bright colours ranging from blues to warm oranges and the woven, twisted, braided and bonded yarns that created complex layers creating a floating silhouette. The collection was more like a work of art than simply clothing, indeed, Xu Zhi’s collection is romantic and poetic at the same time, with every thread creating a rich tapestry of colour and texture that was truely special to touch and see up close. An incredible collection and probably my favourite from Day 2!

image image image image

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 15.49.54


It’s VEGAS BABY! I absolutely loved Vielma London’s SS16 collection because it was very young, fun and very wearable. The epitome of modern retro rock glam, these wouldn’t look out of place in an American pastel motel room.  Inspired by the golden age of Vegas in the 1950’s and 60’s, Chilean born Gabriel Vielma really infused the designs with the class and elegance of the country clubs and the buzz and glitz of the Las Vegas strip. These pieces featured dark American blues, soft draped printed silks, fitted blazers that sparkled with gold stars and burnt denim, truly everything that a modern fashionista could ask for!

imageScreen Shot 2015-10-22 at 16.20.33imageMINKI CHENG

This collection caught my eye because as I really liked the bright colours that contrasted against the black designs. I really felt Minki Cheng’s focus on sophistication and and loved the unusual textural designs and unique hand finished textiles. The ties and blocked colours really worked well to bring each piece to life and all in all was a very modern and beautiful collection.

image image image Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 16.36.47

Paradise Lost – Danielle Romeril SS16 London Fashion Week


I started the third day of London Fashion Week off with breakfast and strong coffee at The Delaunay, a beautiful European Cafe Restaurant next to the famous Carole King Musical, the perfect fuel needed to kick start my energy and keep me going for the remainder of this crazy week!

It was really nice and sunny, so  I walked down the Strand, past the red phone boxes and red buses to Trafalgar Square and then on to the Mall. I tried to share the whole journey with you on my Snapchat so I hope that you liked it and enjoyed seeing such a beautiful part of London through my eyes. If you do ever come to visit London. then a great way to see all of that part is to take the tube to St Paul’s Cathedral, where you can then cross the Millenium Bridge over to the Tate Modern. After having admired the turbine halls and the view over the Thames from the cafe, you can take a boat along the river from in front of the Globe Theatre, where Shakespeare’s plays were first performed, all the way past the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament where you can disembark. From there you can see Big Ben and Westminster Abbey and then continue up to Trafalgar Square and then on up to Piccadilly Circus and China Town, or else take the direction that I was going and go down to the Mall and then on Buckingham Palace!

I was heading to the Mall because that morning I was invited by The Wolves to see Danielle Romeril‘s SS16 London Fashion Week Showcase. The setting was truly royal, below the large white houses looking out onto St James’s Park and under the large maple trees that often shade the royal guard. The anticipation outside was electric and I couldn’t wait to see a collection from such a talented and original designer, who’s label is currently supported by Topshop and the British Fashion Council under the NEWGEN scheme, a scheme who’s previous recipients include Alexander Mc Queen, Christopher Kane, Erdem, Simone Rocha, JW Anderson and Mary Katrantzou!

As some of you I am sure can tell from my Motril Trip Photo Diary I am absolutely obsessed with palms and lush green vegetation and flowers, so it was no wonder that I immediately fell in love with Danielle’s asymmetrical and layered silhouettes with palm prints with bold verdant colour palette, that really stood out and popped behind the dark black background of the show space. Inspired by a Jackie Nickerson photographic series documenting African farmers in their work attire and geometric and chromatic shots by Viviane Sassen, the improvised beauty of the draped dresses and the use of unexpected textures, including cutwork cotton layered over muslin and a jacquard embroidery resembling a rippling mass of flowers, were both elegant and undone. The colour palette was very bold but feminine and I loved the notting and flutted sleeves as they really added a level of sophistication to the pieces.

The whole outfits were really brought together by the incredible chunky soled shoes, a collaboration between Kickers and Danielle Romeril, that gave the whole collection a relaxed and sport vibe. Layers of cut raffia created a new summer fur contrasting against the sweetest of pink nubucks, while raw fray cut work leather combined with paint speckled or colour blocked rubber soles, perfect for any woman or girl who isn’t a “try hard” and very in keeping with Danielle’s most special pieces. The colours, pink lady, white black and vibrant green marry really emphasised the signature part punk part prim, vibrant yet relaxed look, making this collaboration not only a massive success but Danielle’s whole collection one of my favourite of the whole week.

The designs really transported me back to the summer, to a warmer and more exotic place and I would like to think that they would be high up on any travelling fashionista’s wishlist, because they are certainly high up on mine! My favourite look was the white and green dress with waist tie worn with the white leather Kickers. Which one is yours? Let me know!

Happy Sunday to all you amazing people, Abi xxx









image image image




image  imageimageimageimage

Fierce Street Style Fashion at London Fashion Week – Rein & Field of Ponies SS16

There was some pretty cool fashion going on in the Designer Showrooms and after 3pm a DJ started mixing music and the people drinking at the bar spilled out into the show space, turning the whole place into one massive party. It was during such times that some particularly fierce fashion came on show, with two designers in particular that I can’t wait to tell you about.

REIN was founded in 2013 by Rebecca Morter and Gemma Vanson, is rapidly becoming an industry favourite and has been worn by Lady Gaga, Lisa Maffia, and featured in Cheryl Cole’s ‘Crazy Stupid Love’, so it was no wonder that the fierce models and lazer cut monochrome collection really caught my eye. The pieces were really strong and very edgy, a rebellious and strong feminist statement. I loved it and I couldn’t help but think that the pieces would be great for cool street style look and would definitely offer a one of a kind design. Indeed, REIN is all about a celebrating the female form,  and their designs are inspired by and for women, focusing on the body as a medium and in keeping with their signature look, there was a real exploration between the body and clothing, revealing and concealing, a play upon the socially acceptable and clothing’s ability to empower women.

image image



In total contrast but equally as fierce was the collection from Field of Ponies. Eye catching bubble gum pink designs didn’t take away from the wild nature of the pieces. This London/Montreal based label designed by Julie BĂ©rubĂ©, is undoubtedly perfect for anyone looking to make a mark and find their “tribe” with monster shaggy hand woven coats and quilted pieces which really played with the relationship between man and nature. I just loved the use of different fabrics, woven rope and faux fur it was so different and really unique. Some of the most original sweatshirts I have seen, these unisex creations really stood out as amazing street style wear.

Let me know what you think

Abi 🙂


image imageimage

Chelsea Bohemian Glamour with Castellano Ethnic Origins

  So  I have been teasing you over social media about a really amazing project that I have been working on with one of my favorite new brands, Castellano Ethnic Origins. As most of you know already, one of my greatest inspirations for my looks and outfits comes from traveling, learning about new cultures and taking inspiration from the places that I go to, so to find a brand with such beautiful ethnic pieces like Castellano was incredibly special.


I met Daniela the founder of Castellano, in Sloane Square, where I got to see her beautiful collection of uniquely woven bracelets and bags prior to their release. I was immediately struck by the beauty of the pieces. The bright colors and the abstract patterning was ethnic, but each piece sparkled and shimmered in the light thanks to the hundreds of colored Swarovski crystals that had been added to them, a beautiful touch of luxury. I hadn’t quite seen anything else like it. Indeed no Chelsea hipster’s style has ever been the same since their release into the boutiques of King’s Road. Simply effortless way to achieve the bohemian chic look!


For me this is why Castellano is so special and why I am so proud that My Girls On Tour has been asked to work with them. Each beautiful bag and bracelet is one of a kind and each one has a story but Castellano is also unique in that they collaborate with the Indigenous Women’s Association and support the ethnic communities in Colombia who seek to preserve their weaving skills and cultural heritage. There are brands who take inspiration from Columbian patterns and designs and make cheap replica copies, but never do these large companies recognize the human faces behind the creations or patterns. Daniela though felt that this needed to change. Castellano’s aim is to help improve the living conditions of the traditional weavers, their families and the community, with an emphasis on clean water, electricity and education. With donations from every sale, Castellano support social projects in the community, and bring employment to the highly skilled weavers in the north of Colombia, enabling them to preserve their way of life and tell their story through the patterns and colors they weave, each mochila or bracelet unique in its own right.


The Tain bracelets have a beautiful gold coin at the clasp and come in three different models: The Wayuu, the Wayuu Chain and the Double Wayuu. The more I wore the better my outfit looked, so I chose the Double Wayuu and the Wayuu as my favourites. The Taratzu bag collection was so original and I loved the thick cross body strap. I chose the Tain which took 30-40 days to weave with just one strand of thread. Another one that caught my eye was the Wayuu Tote bag from the Isaschii collection. Carried in the city it would brighten up any everyday look, feel chic and authentic. It carries over the shoulder and would be perfect for my traveling adventures or for going to the beach with a luxury and hippie-chic feel! I particularly liked the bright blues, pinks and yellows of some of the bags which really brightened up the wintery London sky. What about you, which ones are your favorite?

So without further a due here are the pictures that we took of these wonderful fair trade creations, that I think would  really add a touch of colour and ethnicity to create the perfect glamorous bohemian chic look. What do you think? 😉





If you want to see more of these stunning individual creations, they are now on sale as of today on  Also don’t forget to show your support for such a worthwhile cause by giving Castellano a “Like” on Facebook and by Following them on Instagram and Twitter!







Ripped Customized Black Jeans – PRIMARK

Crimson Velvet Jacket – DOLCE & GABBANA

Blue Crepe Top – BERSHKA

Metal top slip-ons – STRADIVARIUS

Silver Ring Set – PRIMARK


Emerging Trends at London Fashion Week

We were excited and the air was filled with anticipation. The 3rd annual Emerging Trends Europe was about to begin and so soon we and hundreds of industry professionals were about to discover some of the most talented designers of 2014. Our front row seats promised for an uninterrupted view of the catwalk, I prepared my camera as the lights dimmed and turned blue. The beat started and out came the first model, confident and striking. The air filled with the sounds of hundreds of shutters closing and light bulbs erupted at the end of the runway. This was the beginning of something extraordinary.



The first designer was the American Nevada Couture, a great example of chic city girl outfits, perfect for a spontaneous yet ultra modern and sophisticated look. Garments were a simple elegance: soft pink tops with silk white shorts and ankle strap stilettos, ballerina skirts. I loved the detailed beading on the floating dresses which gave them a bohemian feel. Even though the collection was pretty, large bib necklaces really turned these outfits into something more powerful and looks such as the striking white trousers and silk tank top worn by a model with red hair made the collection a strong statement of femininity.


Up next was the very interesting Anya Liesnik, a designer from Germany. I loved her use of different layers with the sheer fabric garments creating a lovely variation of the Royal Blue colour palette. The striking black shirts, bold black underwear and floral print dresses were broken up by free-flowing skirts and the use of the polka dots was a a great way to play with depth. Her creations were of a natural beauty, like patterns on a butterfly’s wing, light and fragile to the touch but stunning and strong in flight. I would definitely wear ALL of the monochrome charcoal grey collection which was show cased but I loved how Anya, at the end of the show, really set pulses racing with a maxi red nympth dress with a crown of red roses. For me this was the strongest collection of the first half.


Shefali Couture from Dubai oozed strong powerful elegance and femme fatal attitude. With black lace, high neck dresses and vintage chokers, these stunning garments were perfect for a night to remember. One of my favorite was the long floor length fitted slinky dress. It looked so sexy, perfect for a very special occasion, the embellished back was so stunning and shone like tiny black diamonds. I loved how all the outfits were really well complimented by a stunning array of shoes. The showbiz thick heeled ones really caught my eye and I fear that I shall covet them now for ever more.


What I loved about the next collection was that each dress looked so different whilst always maintaining Fleur Kalinza’s distinctive signature look, an attractive multicolor print. The light dresses were so incredibly well made as they were fitted and hugged the models in all the right places. The buttermilk tops contrasted beautifully with the colorful print on the skirts which floated dramatically around and behind the women they walked down the runway. Ruched sleeves were embellished bows and I loved the use of neck ruffles which helped to bring the top and the bottom half of the final dress together. Stefan Meuwissen’s shoes were the definition of perfection. The thin heels and triangular shape of the shoe really made Fleur Kalinza’s outfits look a million dollars. I loved the crisp cut out edges which revealed a lot of the beautiful ankle and upper foot and this was tied up perfectly with a dainty ankle strap. Both definitely designers to watch out for in the future!


A wonderful twist in the evening were the textured men’s wear collection by the Indian Designer Azzurra. The use of different materials really made the looks interesting. The originality of the wool blankets which were draped casually over the men’s shoulders was not lost on neither myself or my boyfriend and it was this striking fashion statement which contrasted so well with the smooth metallic ruched trousers. I adored the design of the drop crotch trousers, infused with the harem style. The leather sandals and the beads really gave the whole look a spiritual feel and the wooden staff as well as adding bright splashes of colour, also added to the sense of an ancient leader with inner confidence. For me this wouldn’t be a great London city look but would be a great fashion for anyone who wanted to dress in a very bohemian and alternative style.

The next collection Prieston was one of my favourites. Long trains made out of see through large floral print made each piece so dramatic. So much glamour and and so many extremes, the collection by Naomi Nagy was inspired by Russia. The sensual playfulness of the red and the magenta made these beautiful dresses really stick in my mind. The length of the robes and the gowns really transferred the idea of exaggerated feelings and the crystals of the Swarovski Elements were subtle and brought some fun to these passionate looks. Loved it and hope to one day maybe be able to make a dramatic entrance to a fabulous party in one!


I was so impressed by the British designer Leonora Asomanin’s collection inspired by a Japanese folk story. The collection retells the fisherman’s journey down to the barrier reef. Leonora blew our minds by contrasting yellows with purples and placing blues next to magentas.I loved the how Leonora used the natural beauty of the ocean and transferred the zen spirit of sea anemone and fish to these already majestically soothing garments. Fitted off the shoulder corsets were transformed by beautiful long gold and embellished shoulder drapes, which made the purple of the top richer. With some of the most original and beautiful fabric patterns I have ever seen, I watched in awe as magnificent trains billowed down the catwalk. I absolutely loved this collection and can’t wait to show you more pictures as Leonora will be a designer that I will be featuring on the blog!


Finally came striking models with dark eye make up done by London Muse and hair by Karine Jackson Salon. The Capital T designs by Tertia Enda were really rich, with red, orange and gold floral patterns cutting a dramatic contrast to the black fabric placed next to it. The silhouettes of the dresses were really slimming and would be perfect to high profile business meetings followed by classy cocktails with the girls. I particularly liked the amber two piece matching set, with floaty crop top and pencil skirt and the way this beautiful rich fabric hung loosely down off a striking collar.



  Truly a beautiful amber ending to a spectacular line up of talent. Let me know which one is your favourite? 🙂

Featuring in order of appearance:

Naveda Couture (USA)

Anya Liesnik (Germany)

Shefali Couture (Dubai)

Fleur Kelinza (UK)

Stefan Meuwissen (Belgium)

Azzurra (India)

Prieston (Hungary)

Leonora Asomanin (UK)

Capital T by Tertia Enda (Indonesia)