Fierce Street Style Fashion at London Fashion Week – Rein & Field of Ponies SS16

There was some pretty cool fashion going on in the Designer Showrooms and after 3pm a DJ started mixing music and the people drinking at the bar spilled out into the show space, turning the whole place into one massive party. It was during such times that some particularly fierce fashion came on show, with two designers in particular that I can’t wait to tell you about.

REIN was founded in 2013 by Rebecca Morter and Gemma Vanson, is rapidly becoming an industry favourite and has been worn by Lady Gaga, Lisa Maffia, and featured in Cheryl Cole’s ‘Crazy Stupid Love’, so it was no wonder that the fierce models and lazer cut monochrome collection really caught my eye. The pieces were really strong and very edgy, a rebellious and strong feminist statement. I loved it and I couldn’t help but think that the pieces would be great for cool street style look and would definitely offer a one of a kind design. Indeed, REIN is all about a celebrating the female form,  and their designs are inspired by and for women, focusing on the body as a medium and in keeping with their signature look, there was a real exploration between the body and clothing, revealing and concealing, a play upon the socially acceptable and clothing’s ability to empower women.

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In total contrast but equally as fierce was the collection from Field of Ponies. Eye catching bubble gum pink designs didn’t take away from the wild nature of the pieces. This London/Montreal based label designed by Julie Bérubé, is undoubtedly perfect for anyone looking to make a mark and find their “tribe” with monster shaggy hand woven coats and quilted pieces which really played with the relationship between man and nature. I just loved the use of different fabrics, woven rope and faux fur it was so different and really unique. Some of the most original sweatshirts I have seen, these unisex creations really stood out as amazing street style wear.

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Abi 🙂


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