Elephant Charms, Exotic Orange and Sequins

What I love about London are all the communities that make up its vast rich tapestry. For me, Polish tailors, French bakeries, tea,  Nandos,  mandarins and the perfect Chicken Tikka Masala are just as much defining parts of British Culture as Winston Churchill and fish and chips. I love speaking to my friend from Southall about his family who all live on the same street, going to my local cafe and talking to its owner about his home country Angola, literature and art. Cheering Mo Farah, a national treasure at the London Marathon and turning up the radio to local Tinnie Tempah. I got to go the other day to to a BBQ where we serve sausages, home made meatballs and merguez by our hosts, a Turkish family who don’t eat meat. Only in a few cities in the world  could I eat Chinese at 3am after leaving a club owned by a Brazilian.


I love the fruit markets and the exotic fruits at my local grocers. Every time I walk down to my local market and take the bus into town, my eye catches the beautiful rich colors and elegant draping Saris, a traditional Indian female garment. I often feel like going into the shops and trying one on as I really do love them. So I decided, without engaging in cultural appropriation, to use these beautiful garments as inspiration. Associated with grace, they are very colorful, happy and alive.

To recreate this sumptuous beauty, I decided to wear  bright hand beaded orange chiffon shorts. I wore this together with a cream silk lined blazer and a rich gold top. I have worn it here both with slip-ons for a more casual look and nude heels for a more elegant look. I finished the look of with a new bracelet with elephant, Buddha and sapphire charms, as well as very ornate earrings. Let me know what you think 🙂


DSC_0519 DSC_0478DSC_0502  DSC_0470



Cream Silk Blazer – NEXT (sold out)

Printed Leather slip-ons with track sole – ZARA

Simone Handed Beaded Chiffon shorts – BOOHOO.COM

Charm Bracelet – THOMAS SABO

Gold tank top – FRENCH CONNECTION (sold out)



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