Walking Amongst the Gods

Walking Amongst the Gods

There is something about the rocks, the wilderness of the sea and the vast openness of the mountains which is humbling. Nature’s power is the reminder that long before we were here and long after we are gone will life continue. The Earth rises and falls, the cliffs are dashed and broken. Contours are made and remade and plants die and are reborn. Walking to St David’s Head on a wild windy road flanked by mountains and water I really felt the presence of the past. Ancient monuments showing signs of early occupation, including, an iron age cliff fort, prehistoric settlements and stone circles made this journey more akin to a quest of one of the characters in Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. When the storms hit a ship wreck and a huge prehistoric forests were unearthed. We ate out pic-nic on large rocks which had been stacked up on on top of the other by the wind and the water.

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My outfit choice was deeply influenced by clothes worn by ancient civilizations. Short tops and long skirts. It was hot, so I wore my Finder Keepers Bustier. I really liked the triangle neck and I found that if I put it over my head, I could bend half of it over to turn it into a thick crop top with triangle edges. This turns it more into a neck collar, similar to the fashion worn by Egyptians and so I thought it fitting to wear it for my journey to this sacred place. We were going swimming and bathed in little coves along our walk. I wore a long white and gold cotton wrap as a skirt and rolled down the top. I really liked the new Chanel dresses that have thick waist bands as this makes actual waists look thinner. I combined it all with a double amber bracelet and top shop ankle boots.


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One Step Ahead Le Bustier – FINDERS KEEPERS (sizes very! small)

Turkish Sarong as a skirt

Ankle Boots  – TOP SHOP (sold out)

Amber Beads from Lithuania