Brick Lane Fun


These last few weekends I keep ending up at Brick Lane…It’s not that we don’t try to go somewhere else, but every time my friends and I try to organise something a bit different we can’t help but remember how good the shops and the food were and how fun our day was… so we just end up going back! Simple… I mean if it’s a good time, why not repeat it, right?

From the amazing food market on the Sunday, to the vintage shops and famous cereal bar, this street filled with art and music is definitely any hipster’s paradise and the best place to hang out over the weekend, which is why last Saturday, I went there with an incredibly talented designer and fellow fashion blogger, Georgina, the founder of whom I met outside the Pam Hogg show at London Fashion Week.

  It was quite grey but we took some fun pictures in front of this new graffiti of pink and red tea pots, right next to the place where we then went and had afternoon tea in a RED TEA POT! I know right! Coincidence? I don’t think so! 😉 We had a great time looking at all the amazing things for sale in the little shops and Georgina found the most amazing boutique that sold really beautiful things at great prices. I can’t quite remember the name of it but I will ask Georgina and then add it [here]… The window was filled with sequin hoodies and the small boutique was packed with shoppers snapping up the remaining pieces, all of which would make great eye catching street style looks. I must admit I got the most insane outfit envy when Georgina picked out the most amazing pair of of jean flared dungarees and black tie crop top with stars, because it not only looked great but it was super creative too! I hope we can shoot it next time we meet up, but in the mean time here are some of the pictures that we took during our afternoon together 🙂 I hope you like them!

I decided to wear an oversized jacket with shoulder pads to keep me warm with a rusty gold top to give the look a more Autumnal feel. The leather trousers have great detail on the knees that mean that they can look good dressed up but also worn in a more relaxed style. I decided to wear light green textured sneakers to give the look a more edgy feel and also because they would be a lot more comfortable walking round.

What do you like to do at the weekend? Do you have a favourite place to go with your friends or family?

Happy Weekend Everybody! 🙂 Abi xxx


Gold Neckalce – VANILO

Camel Silk Lined Jacket – JIGSAW

Leather Trousers – ZARA

Green Faux Leather Slip-Ons – ZARA







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Fashion Shoot with Jonathan Martin


As some of you who follow me on Instagram know, I am currently exploring the beautiful city of Madrid. So I thought it would be the perfect time to share with you an incredible shoot that I did with one of Spain’s most talented photographers Jonathan Martin. He and his wife Susanna came over to England to work to work on a couple of projects one of which was our street style fashion Lookbook that we shot in edgy Brick Lane – How exciting is that!? This was my first Lookbook with a professional photographer and it was just the best, most fun day ever!

Brick Lane is such a cool area of London, the graffiti is so bright and we felt it would be the perfect place for showcasing a street style look. I chose a few different outfits and because it was still quite cold then I wore wintery style clothes. I wore an over-sized man’s blazer with shinny creepers and ripped jeans for my first outfit. I liked the simplicity, the androgyny and the powerful statement of the large black blazer, which coupled with my Pepsi Cola pin stripped t-shirt gave the outfit a New York vibe. For my second outfit I wore a very red couture jacket and styled it with a large wide brimmed hat. I also thought it would be a great time to experiment with garment lengths and so I wore a long silver kimono under a shorter blazer to mix things up and create an eye catching look. Finally I changed the feeling of the outfit again by using a tie to add a Japanese element to my over sized blazer.

Let me know which one is your favorite photo and outfit 🙂

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Jonathan has worked on so many great projects. I felt a bit nervous because I am not a professional model and we were shooting in broad daylight in front of lots of people. Jonathan though really put me at ease and made it fun throughout, so much so that it was sad when it all came to an end! From Fashion to Weddings in Paris all his photos are just so beautiful and I couldn’t have been happier with the final shots! If you are looking for a great photographer for a special occasion, for a very important campaign or just to create some lovely memories then Jonathan Martin is the person for you! You can see more of Jonathan’s photos and shoots here on including our very own shoot 🙂

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Get the London Look – Vintage Shopping on Brick Lane




Adjacent to trendy Shoreditch, Brick Lane has become the Mecca of Vintage Fashion. London hipsters flock here in their droves. Used clothes, some designer others more like museum pieces can be used creatively to give your outfit a more retro look. Clothing is quirky, military jackets, jump suits, bowler hats and sequin dresses. This is the ultimate test for the fashion victim – to pick out and use these once discarded clothes and turn them into a vintage chic look.






This is the vintage jumper designed by Eleonora Scarmucci Milano that I bought. It has shoulder pads and I loved that it was ribbed. Here I have combined it with my killer heels from Aldo and hand-made Italian glasses from Trussardi for a chic stylish look.


For a more Revolutionary look




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