Cliff Jumping in the Algarve


Ever since I left Portimao where I was playing a WTA tennis tournament with my friends in 2009, I have longed to set my eyes again on the green waters and yellow sandstone cliffs of the Algarve. We were setting off from our little house in Islantilla just across the boarder in Spain and so we would have to travel quite a way to finally get onto the stretch of coast where there are cliffs, coves and beautiful little bays. We therefore wanted to stop at a spot which would be breathtaking, yet as far East of Lagos (and as close to Spain) as possible. After a quick scour of a travel magazine we saw a few pictures and set off on our quest in search a beach like the one in Portimao.


We had arrvied at Praia Marinha and as soon as we stepped out of the car I knew that we had come to the right place. The golden cliffs loomed out of the water and I could see stacks, eroded stones and arches. People walked along a costal path and took pictures, but we set off down the windy cactus lined steep stone pathway down to the warm sandy shore. This place really is paradise and a must for anyone traveling around this area.


Lemon slush puppies and jumping off the rocks was in order and we did both after finding a place to lie our towels down amongst the many bathers who had made the trip to this secret little treasure island of bliss.


Today I wore a AX Paris lace dress with bare midriff which I complimented with a large pink flower that I picked up along the way. I spent most of my time in my La Senza swimming cozy though, so not many pics in the dress soz!


Let me know about the best beach you have ever been to or have heard about and where it is! I would love to know about some more hidden gems like Praia Marinha and perhaps maybe I or my readers will be able to visit them one day! 🙂 xxx


Bikini – LA SENZA

White lace and crochet dress – AX PARIS

Wedge Flip Flops – GUESS

Diamond Bracelet – MACY’S

Mama Mia! Here We Go Again

Shhh! I’ve found it…the house, the sea…its even got its very own village people – the secret Mama Mia town of the Algarve, Cacela Velha the first stop on our Portuguese road trip!

I ran out of the parked car and started clutching my purse and shouted loudly: “We danced on the beach, and we kissed on the beach, and dot dot dot – dot dot DOT that’s what they did in the olden days!” I turned around, wide eyed and grinning, so full of joy and happiness – Over the cobbled streets, the white houses loomed up ahead. Now, at this moment in time I WAS AMANDA SIEGFRIED.

And then on the wind came: “Abi! Stop being a freak! Hold the camera, I need to pee.”


Moment Over.


Off the Shoulder Swing Dress with Crochet Top – ASOS

Pink and Gold T Bar Sandals – NEW LOOK


Sunglasses – TRUSSARDI


image image image image image image image image

image image

Mama Mia is one of my favorite films, I’ve seen it dozens of times and it never gets old. Its just a great piece of escapism, full of humor, great songs and a great love stories set in the most idyllic place. What is your favorite film? I really liked the relaxed summer outfits of the actresses in the film and their fun and care free lifestyle. The dress that I wore today has off the shoulder sleeves and I just couldn’t help twirl around in it all day long. I combined it with my pink and gold flats for a semi- Grecian look.


Casella Velha was the first place that we stopped on our Portuguese Road trip. It is very close to the Spanish boarder (Monte Gordo turn off) and is just breathtaking. You can take a boat out to a sand bank island and we ate the best marinated prawns at Casa Velha, really worth having lunch there as the quality and the price was great.

Next Stop Albufeira! x

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