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So I wanted to say a massive thank you to Street Racer Productions, Lanre and his team for featuring me and My Girls On Tour in their Born to Create Campaign. Street Racer Productions have made it their mission to share with the world artists, photographers, bloggers, industry professionals, singers, producers, writers and I am so honored that they should think of me worthy of a place next to other great emerging talent. Definitely check out their page, its pretty cool. Thank you to Lanre and to all of those who enjoy My Girls On Tour as you too are helping to bridge the gap between fun and culture 🙂 Abi xxx

Tiger Tiger


  I was 7 I was when at a village market I decide to spend 70 Francs (approx 5£) on a hat. This was my most expensive purchase to date and I can remember my Dad looking at the pill box hat and then at my tiny head and saying: “Are you sure you really want to buy that”? I had seen this look only once before, when I had asked him to cut all my long blonde locks off and give me a bowl cut, to resemble the close crop that my best friend had been given for her ear pinning back operation. I thought that she looked so cool and then I had mine done and I just looked like a freak. My primary school teacher exclaimed:”Oh! I thought that was a little boy in a dress!” :/ Anyhow, I bought the hat and gradually over the years have collected more and more strange bonnets and weaved bowlers. They don’t look bad, but I never seem to wear them. So after my trip to Morocco where the streets were strewn with Fez hats, I decided to get the Tiger printed Pill Box hat out of my draw, because although I haven’t worn it, I haven’t ever thought twice about dragging it around with me and on to my next house. Tiger Tiger is the center piece of today’s look.

What are you most crazy childhood purchases? Which ones do you still use or wear? Let us know 😉

 image imageimageimageimage image



Tiger Vintage Hat

Black Top – PRIMARK

Triangle Skorts – ALI EXPRESS

 Black Sandals -PRIMARK

Orange Leather Studded Bracelet – ALI EXPRESS

Evil Eye Jewellery – ALI EXPRESS

Leather Back Pack – Souks Marrakesh

G.I Jane meets Skater Girl at the Southbank


Today it was sunny and I went to meet my friends in town for lunch. After, we walked from London Bridge all the way to the Southbank. Now not being ex-military or an actual skater, it can be awkward if you decide to rock up too dressed up completely as either one or the other, as lets be honest all your friends know who you are, so to them you would be wearing fancy-dress.


For me therefore this hybrid of G.I Jane and Avril Lavigne skater chic is quite daring and different to what I usually wear. With the combat net color top and dog china but then with slip on shoes and ripped jeans, I think that this mix has enabled me to get away with both two looks which I would otherwise not be able to pull off.  What do you think? Are there two looks which you like to combine? What could be the strangest looks to mix which would also work? Let me know your suggestions!






The main accesory which I have used for this look is my Dolce & Gabbana dog tag which I wrote about earlier today.



The walk from London Bridge down to the Southbank is lovely on a sunny day. Here is a picture of me with the tallest building in Europe, the Shard. On your way to the skate park and the lively restaurant/bar area which adjoins the National Theatre you will pass the Tate Modern, The Globe Theater,  the Millennium Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral. Its truly lovely by the water and a great place to meet friends.








Gaudi, Picasso…in Barcelona we all become ledgends

It is strange, seldom when you live in a city do you fully appreciate it for the things which the tourist fly thousands of miles to see. How many times do you venture to Westminster to admire the Houses of Parliament? Or do you make the trip up the hill to see the Sacre Coeur and the great vistas of Paris which the Cathedral enjoys? As a New Yorker do you venture up the Empire State Building often? Or make your way to the Great Wall if you live in Beijing?Playing, shopping,competing, partying, sleeping. Dramas and laughter. Sometimes a city is just a frame for the bigger picture,friends, networks and communities- invisible to the world and to Google.We engulf ourselves in humanity and the everyday. Are we mistaken to do this and do we lack culture and appreciation? Indeed, home is where the heart is, so I will start off with what made my heart beat stronger and what fueled my passions and my rages in this city of sun, dust and wine.

Barcelona. Countless parties, countless faces and memories. Some fade and yet others never will. I miss it and yet as it is part of me I will take it wherever I go. I remember the Hard Rock Cafe and the flocks of people when leaving the Nou Camp. Godo, Barcelona’s tennis open where a famous tennis player asked me out. Chupito, the shot bar, where we would order the “Monica Lewinsky” for the most extroverted ones of our group.The face of the tennis academy owner when he walked into the nightclub Shoko and saw 28 of his underage pupils dancing on the bar and


Our beach parties, the Starbucks in Plaza Catalunya and the L95, the bus which we would wait hours for and curse when we had missed the last one after a night out. Port Olympic and its tiny English cinema – the only place to watch a film for the first 6 months for lack of language. El Bosc de les Fades, the fairytale wood, a bar decorated to look like an enchanted forest.

La Obeja Negra, the black sheep – sangria and pop corn, a fantastic mix. I remember the blue of the sky and the red of the Earth, the heat and the dry palm trees. The leathers and the dark browns, the dark hair. The loudness of the voices and the smells of the drains. Las Ramblas, magical, alive with birds, portraits and grotesque statues.

My firs trip to the magnificent mind blowing Parc Guele designed by Gaudi, when we raced each other up the stairs to the top. When we almost got run over crossing the boulevard Paseig de Gracia and the Ronaldinho look alikes who played tricks with a football along las Ramblas.

Late nights and excruciating hangovers. The Gothic quarter, and the beautiful woman who sang or maybe still sings in the square. The courtyards, and the great tapas restaurant which we found when we got lost trying to find the Picasso Museum.

Four years, and not once inside the Sagrada Familia and not once to Montjuic. Once to Plaza Espana, on a date to see the sun set and the waterfalls change color. What I would give now to see inside that Cathedral, now that I am more than 1,000 miles away. We have returned now, to see what we have missed.

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