London Look


I absolutely love travelling and soon we will be jetting off to a super fabulous location, but as some of you have seen from my posts and Instagram, for the last couple of months I have spent a lot of my time in London working on lots of different collaborations, going to some super fun events and also going to lots of meetings! The weather is getting colder and all I can think about are bright green palm trees and beautiful beaches but things in London are so exciting and busy at the moment that I haven’t been able to leave the big smog.

So in homage to this super cool city, to the red phone boxes and the red buses, I decided to wear a fabulous black and red London Look to the Pop Pr Press day, that took place after London Fashion Week. The main focus of the look was a thick rib knit jumper with shoulder pads and gold buttons, that creates a really fierce Grace Jones 80’s style silhouette. I bought the jumper from a vintage store along Brick Lane and I am super pleased to have got it for just 20 pounds, especially as so many people have commented on it and have even thought it to be Versace. For me the piece created by the Italian designer Eleonora Scarmucci is so just special which is why I wore a black roll neck underneath and high waisted black jeans, to not only draw attention to it, but also to help with silhouette shape the top creates.

So here are some pictures that we shot of the look, close to my house in East London. I will be sharing some of my favourite designer’s from the Pop Pr Press Day tomorrow as well as some pics of the goodie bags and my amazing time with Revlon Professional, so make sure you stay tuned 🙂

In the meantime I wanted to ask, if you could create a London Look what would you wear? What city are you spending a lot of time in at the moment and what looks do you think represent that place? Let me know,

Happy Tuesday everybody! Abi xxx






Glitter Creepers – LONDON REBEL


Cashmere Black Roll-Neck – MASSIMO DUTTI


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