Abi & Bella Explore London


 I am super happy because as I write this I have just come back from a photoshoot with one of London’s most photogenic models… Not only was everyone smiling at us as we took pictures, but Bella’s good looks brightened up the grey London skyline. Who is Bella I hear you ask? Well, she’s the star of Handpick’s promotional campaign, the one in all my pics rocking the latex look…

So you guessed it, Bella is in fact the sassiest red balloon in the world. You may have seen her in some of London’s most iconic places, spreading the word about the coolest fashion app ever, Handpick. Handpick is great because it searches across social media and a huge number of brands, to pick a selection of clothes so that you can find the perfect dress for any occasion. They feature both unknown brands and well known labels so that you can find really original looks that you wouldn’t otherwise find if you were just searching on the giant search engines. Finally some chic looks that no one else has, all without the need to scroll through endless pages of dismal dresses! Did I die and go to fashion heaven? Quite possibly…

The shoot was really fun. I decided to wear a new ASOS long sleeve dress with cut out neckline and 60’s collar, which was great because it was a bit cold out… We started off the day having coffee at Monmouth, the place that should win the prize for London’s best Cappuccino (if it hasn’t done already…) before heading off around the colourful Borough Market. Hidden away went to one of the most photogenic places in London, the famous umbrella street, a little square covered in colourful umbrellas. I loved walking through the market place with Bella, enjoying all the colourful stands of fruit, flowers and of course the amazing food!

So I hope you like the pictures from was my time exploring London with Bella and the amazing Handpick team! Bella has been to so many cool places you should definitely check out her Instagram @BellaExplores if you love London and want to see some more colourful shots of the city 🙂

Let me know what you think,

Abi xxx









Dream Plunge Neck Tunic Dress with Collar – The Laden Showroom – ASOS

Nude Heels – NEW LOOK

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