Moda y Besos Shoot


We have some amazing collaborations coming up soon but for now I am proud to announce that I have been collaborating with Moda y Besos to launch my own collection!

When I played tennis in Spain my friends and I would go shopping every Saturday for something to wear out in the evening and we always found it super difficult to find anything that was appropriate club wear. So with Moda y Besos, I wanted to reflect my personality in the designs and chose dresses that were feminine, elegant and that would be great for parties. I love lace so decided to feature it heavily in the designs but the accessories and the fashionable clothing that I went with was more bohemian, with ethnic necklaces, long chiffon skirts and ripped jeans.

It was amazing talking with the manufacturers and shooting the collection, something that I am sharing in this post! The collection was launched in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where we flew this summer with British Airways. Seeing such an incredible city was fascinating. We stayed in the Hotel Boca Junior, inspired by the football players and history of the Boca football team, one of the biggest teams in Argentina. We were close to the Casa Rosada and the Plaza de Mayo, so also had some time to explore some of the main sites of the city! I can’t wait to tell you all about it very soon but in the meantime here are my favourite pictures from the shoot that we did in Islantilla, Spain, of one of my favorite dresses from my collection, the Julia bohemian from Moda y Besos.

Let me know what you think, Abi xxx

 imageimage image image image image image image image image image image Wearing

Juliana Bohemian White Dress – MODA Y BESOS

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