IFBK Korea: London Fashion Week Interview & Shoot

I hope you have had a great Easter? I have been getting up to some pretty fun things these last few weeks I am so pleased to be able to share this with you! Here is my fashion shoot and interview that I got to do with IFBK Korea over London Fashion Week! I’m sharing some fun and personal things, including why I started blogging, my favorite fashion icons and boutiques and this seasons must haves, so I hope you like it and also make sure you check out IFBK Korea because they are the place for worldwide coverage of the fashion industry! 🙂 Abi xxx

Here is the link to the full interview with all the pictures! 🙂

Featured Blogger: Abigail Royston.

6 thoughts on “IFBK Korea: London Fashion Week Interview & Shoot

  1. Excellent interview! Ever miss the pro sporting world? It is hard to step away from it at times. The good thing is that you have to dissect yourself to see what makes you tick. I miss having the UPS driver drop off boxes of goodies from my sponsors!

    Have a good week Abi!!


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