Fashion Weekend in Canary Wharf


It’s passed midnight here in London and my car hasn’t turned into a pumpkin and my dress hasn’t disappeared into a puff of fairy dust, but… some magic has been happening here these last few hours… in that my very own YouTube Channel is now finally up and running!!!

I am super excited to show you my very first video, one that we shot last weekend when we were staying in the heart of Canary Wharf, one of the most important financial districts in the world, courtesy of Rated Apartments!I am going to try to post more high quality videos of my travels and my outfits on my channel as per today, so make sure you subscribe or check it out, because I really think that that way I will be able to share my trips and adventures with you in a more personal and fun way!  ❤

You can subscribe here: MY GIRLS ON TOUR YOUTUBE

Last weekend was really busy as we were filming a secret fashion project in the capital.  I hope to be able to tell you about soon, but at the moment I can’t, so I thought that it would be nice to share with you some of my outfits for the shoot and a bit about our time in this super luxurious apartment in this amazing district of London!

We arrived with all our bags full of outfits and accessories, cameras and make-up bags. We were greeted by the concierge in a beautiful lobby, which had such a beautiful Christmas tree and our reception, thanks to Rated Apartments, was just so easy and hassle free. When we entered out flat it was just amazing, we had a beautiful bedroom which was really nicely decorated, a balcony with views and a kitchen/living room with plasma TV and everything we could need…and all for us!!! I couldn’t believe it! There were shops just next to our apartment, so on our first evening we cooked dinner and just relaxed, ready for the busy day which we had ahead of us.

We had a great time walking around Canary Wharf, going shopping in the many boutiques in the mall, eating in Carluccio’s and thinking about the fashion project that we were doing the following day. So here are just a few photos of when we arrived, but I am afraid that the rest of the guided tour and sneak peak into my mini-hotel wardrobe is in the video 😉

I would definitely consider RatedApartments a reliable accommodation provider around the globe and stay with them when I go abroad, to places that I am less familiar with. They bring travelers and accommodation providers together and as they have over 3,000 listings all over the world, including Paris, New York and London, I would definitely love to stay with them again.  Really I can not recommend them enough, they have the perfect apartments for if you are intending on staying in London for either a holiday or a business trip.

I hope you will enjoy our first video and stay tuned…We have more magic to come 😉

Abi xxx

To book the Apartment where we stayed click RatedApartments








Rental Apartments


Cream Coat – ZARA

Over-sized Sweater – H&M

Black Glitter Shoes – LONDON REBEL

Black Ripped Jeans – PRIMARK


Author: Abigail Royston

I am an ex-professional tennis player and have just graduated from King's College in London. I share daily fashion outfits and stories of my travels and the tour. Every story has a beginning, but I will start mine here, at the start of something big. For us this was a journey of a lifetime, where dreams were made and broken, where friendships were cherished and torn apart. We lived and still live the life of aspiration and we tell the tale of victories and defeats that come with growing up at such a young age on the brink of greatness and fame. In our world youth, beauty and riches combine. We trained hard but played even harder. Our parties’ were and always will be legendary, our travels exotic and carefree. We were becoming stars. My Girls On Tour showcases street style looks, avant-garde fashion, new designers, fashion shows as well as travel stories and adventures. A fun window into the glamorous world of a professional tennis player turned fashionista, this is the place for wonderlust and fashion inspiration. Instragram @abigirlx Twitter @Abigailroyston

9 thoughts on “Fashion Weekend in Canary Wharf”

    1. Aww thank you so much 🙂 It’s my first real video so apologies for my weird voice etc etc. haha. We had a great time there and I can’t wait to tell you about the fashion project :)) Thanks saying you enjoyed the video though it really means a lot ❤ Abi xxx

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    1. So glad you liked the video. The apartment was really lovely and we had a great stay. I’m really looking forward to telling you and showing you our fashion project, so this was sort of an introduction to that really…I haven’t done video before and my voice sounds a bit wierd/serious/ newsreader-y so hopefully with practice things will get better! Either way, thanks for the encouragement ❤ Abi xxx


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