Snowy White Lights with Stradivarius


Wow! It’s the start of  a New Year and we have so many exciting things ahead. It was with great enthusiasm that we set off to shoot this year’s first outfit inspired by love of Spanish Fashion. As some of you already know, I lived for four years in Barcelona where I played tennis and I learn so much about myself, life and a new culture during that time that I was so excited to be talking about a brand which reminds me of this time: Stradivarius.

I love Stradivarius because their casual styles are so simple. Founded in Barcelona offering an innovative take on Spanish fashion, they are the perfect place if you are looking to combine large brimmed hats, furry over-sized coats, bohemian plaid shirts and cool slip-ons. Their winter collection features lots of black leather, blue denim, camel, mauve, floral print but their new collection has some sophisticated shads of beautiful blues, reds and beiges. They have some cool metalized brogues and pointed black slip-ons which are really in fashion at the moment. For my outfit today I chose this beautiful white shirt as I loved its light material and minimalist cut, which I decided to combine it with some really girlie dirty pink and silver slip-ons (some of you may have seen me wearing the black version of these before! 😉 I loved these round John Lennon style glasses as I felt it gave the outfit a more retro look.

My breath was literally taken away by the wind and the cold air as we took the pictures, but even grey skies look beautiful around Christmas time. Today it looked like a mill pond, the color of snow. It had no depth which somehow like still water made it look deeper. The beautiful fairy lights of the Christmas tree shone in the distance and illuminated the expanse of nothingness like twinkling stars. It hasn’t snowed here yet, but it would have been magical if it had done, under the large fur tree filled with red, gold and white lights.

So here are my pictures of “Snowy White Lights” with Stradivarius ❤ Let me know what you think?

Abi xxx








Mao Collar Asymmetrical Shirt  – STRADIVARIUS

Pink Slip-Ons with Toe Detail – STRADIVARIUS

Glasses With Metal Trim – STRADIVARIUS

Mixd Fabric Faux-Leather Biker Trousers – ZARA

Hand-Made Evil Eye Bracelet – ABDURRAHMAN ERKMAN

Black and White Backpack – NEW LOOK


Author: Abigail Royston

I am an ex-professional tennis player and have just graduated from King's College in London. I share daily fashion outfits and stories of my travels and the tour. Every story has a beginning, but I will start mine here, at the start of something big. For us this was a journey of a lifetime, where dreams were made and broken, where friendships were cherished and torn apart. We lived and still live the life of aspiration and we tell the tale of victories and defeats that come with growing up at such a young age on the brink of greatness and fame. In our world youth, beauty and riches combine. We trained hard but played even harder. Our parties’ were and always will be legendary, our travels exotic and carefree. We were becoming stars. My Girls On Tour showcases street style looks, avant-garde fashion, new designers, fashion shows as well as travel stories and adventures. A fun window into the glamorous world of a professional tennis player turned fashionista, this is the place for wonderlust and fashion inspiration. Instragram @abigirlx Twitter @Abigailroyston

35 thoughts on “Snowy White Lights with Stradivarius”

      1. Hey Jamie! I am so sorry I haven’t been able to write before, I have been studying for my finals and had an exam today! I saw your post and it is lovely! I love your outfit and your shoes are amazing! Thank you so much for such a kind mention and also I am so so happy that my outfit/shoes inspired you to find yours! Your post is really the biggest compliment, thank you so much ❤ Abi xxxx

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I am so pleased that you like the pictures and thank you so much for your lovely compliment! I’m a bit pasty, wintery grey at the moment but nothing some good old bronzer can’t take care of 😉 Abi xxx


    1. Hahahah! I know confusing right?! Glad you liked the shades, had to leave the violin behind though I am afraid, a bit too pricey…maybe next time 😉 Wishing you a Happy New Year and a great start to 2015, my very best wishes, Abi xxx


    1. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments! I thought it would be nice to do a more wintery chic look after my street styles, so I am glad that you like it too! I’ve worn the white shirt loads actually and it goes with lots of things, so always a good one to have in the wardrobe… bad wardrobe days at least seem to be less frequent with it! 🙂 Abi xxx


    1. Aww thank you 🙂 I am so glad you like it that much to say that! I have worn it loads since this shoot and it really goes well with jeans and pretty much everything in my wardrobe so would definitely recommend them! ❤ Abi xxx


    1. Thank you so much for the reblogg :))) I truly appreciate it and I am so so happy you liked the photos! It was really cold that day and the sky was just so atmospheric but the little Christmas lights were just so lovely ❤ Abi xxx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so so much for such an amazing mention! I couldn’t have been more thrilled to see your message and to read your post! Your shoes look great by the way, I really love them! 🙂 I hope you have had a good start to your week? I have been studying for my exams but hopefully they will be over soon! Love Abi xxx


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