Embracing Gothic Chic


It seems as if my parents constant health & safety concerns have now rubbed off on me and slowly but surely I am becoming the most scaredy-cat person in the world… I am not a complete freak, but I realized the other day when I tried to worm my way out of Christmas cheer ice skating for fear of loosing fingers and because “I was abroad and didn’t have my medical card”, that I was going to have to man up or risk missing out on some of life’s best adventures!So what better way to say goodbye to fear and comfort than to rock the gothic chic look! 🙂

My outfit is one inspired by some of my biggest fears and phobias and provides an edgy twist on the traditional goth look. It is often said that bad things exist in the world to make us appreciate the good ones, so I wanted to emphasize the happiness, joy and power that comes in overcoming demons with the bright yellow blazer and pink shoes. The medallion belt that I wore as a bracelet gave me a touch of warrior power and provided me with a way of turning a chain or shackle into a powerful attitude. I decided to accessorize with lots of bling rings and Geisha Nails to continue the eye catching look.



The only thing we have to fear is fear itself – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Since going on Tour I have proudly overcome my fear of flying and now I love it. I couldn’t even walk into a plane, so when I flew solo to China I really felt so proud of myself and elated 🙂 I still cross roads in an overly cautious manner, put my safety belt on in the car even when it isn’t moving, over cook chicken and walk home in the dark with the keys in my hands to slash my attacker in the face in case I get jumped… However I love climbing and don’t mind heights. I am not scarred of an adventure, foreign countries, crowds, going outside… So GO ME! What are your phobias and fears? How do you overcome them and what is your biggest achievement? Remember with phobias and fear, you are your worst enemy, you yourself are the one holding you back and if you put your mind to it, there is nothing that you can’t do or overcome  🙂



Yellow Blazer – PIERRE CARDEN

Mauve Stilettos – TOP SHOP

Gothic Dress – H&M

Silver Medallion Belt Bracelet – LA ROCA VILLAGE SPAIN

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14 thoughts on “Embracing Gothic Chic

  1. Well done on overcoming fears! I’m similar to you in the sense that I always do things cautiously and am I am very scared of a lot of things! Lovely post as usual!
    Isabelle xx


    1. Thank you so much sweetie 🙂 So glad you like the look! I’ve had this chunky madallion belf for years and I thought it would look better a necklace or a bracelet because it dosen’t really hold anything up as a belt 😉 Glad you like it ❤ Abi xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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