Let’s Be Hippies

             So today we went walking in the Pyrenees. My boho parents moved here over 20 years ago now and this place couldn’t be any further removed from my every day life in London. Here we are so close to nature and unlike most small villages, Mosset is a place where everyone can be exactly who they want to be. I can remember when I was very young, men with long blonde hair ridding their horses up the mountain and tying them up outside the village bar whilst they had a drink…one man from Lapland even used to live up the mountain dressed as a Native American, with a head dress and Wigwam to go with his chosen mode de vie.

In the 1960s-70s a movement started in America spread across the world. The children of the baby boom rejected their parent’s formal dress code, consumerism and the war in Vietnam and changed their way of life to mirror ecological and egalitarian ideologies inspired by Far Eastern philosophers. Men and women wore their hair long in protest at the soldier’s having to have all of theirs shaved off. The summer of love, free concerts, communities and sexual liberation all marked this age, as did tie dye, flares and peace signs.


For me coming back to the mountains, to a simpler way of life really evokes in me some of these hippie ideals of happiness, love and freedom of the 60s era.I love going to concerts and wearing flowers in my hair and dancing around feeling care free. Although I don’t think I could ever be a real hippie, as I like shopping too much, live and work in the City of London the most corporate of corporate places and thirdly love communities and LSD really don’t appeal to me…I still really admire their appreciation of nature, their love for the world and their unique style of clothes.

The 1960s was an age of bright colors which really shocked society who’s look was more sombre and serious until then. Jewellery, Afghan tunics, Indian shirts, leather sandals, bare feet and flared trousers were all of this time. So today, in this magical place, to be even closer to nature, I decided to wear my hair tasseled, a head band, a tie dye t-shirt and ripped short jeans. Sometimes I walked with bare feet and felt the grass on my toes. Walking in the mountains with such a carefree, peaceful attitude was such a great feeling and perhaps I should try being a hippie for a day more often 🙂 You should try it sometime too 😉 Let me know what you think of the look?

Peace Out x













Ripped High Waisted Jeans – BERSHKA

Tie Dye Top – Wollen Mill Scotland

Kimono Tassle Hair Band

Purple Studded Flip Flops – PRIMARK

Multi-coloured Bracelets – CLAIRE’S



Author: Abigail Royston

I am an ex-professional tennis player and have just graduated from King's College in London. I share daily fashion outfits and stories of my travels and the tour. Every story has a beginning, but I will start mine here, at the start of something big. For us this was a journey of a lifetime, where dreams were made and broken, where friendships were cherished and torn apart. We lived and still live the life of aspiration and we tell the tale of victories and defeats that come with growing up at such a young age on the brink of greatness and fame. In our world youth, beauty and riches combine. We trained hard but played even harder. Our parties’ were and always will be legendary, our travels exotic and carefree. We were becoming stars. My Girls On Tour showcases street style looks, avant-garde fashion, new designers, fashion shows as well as travel stories and adventures. A fun window into the glamorous world of a professional tennis player turned fashionista, this is the place for wonderlust and fashion inspiration. Instragram @abigirlx Twitter @Abigailroyston Facebook.com/mygirlsontour

22 thoughts on “Let’s Be Hippies”

    1. Hey Guilhem,

      What a great message you sent me 🙂 I grew up in Mosset and have been to both Eus and Saint Martin Du Canigou many times 🙂 You are right they are both stunning, not to mention that Eus has more sun than any village in France! Are you from there?

      Many thanks for your message, Abi xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, I was born in Perpignan, grew up in Reynes (next to Ceret) and I’ve a chalet in Bolquère!
        I’ve visited Eus only few time but yes, you’re right, this village is sun bathing!
        I’m in love with this region of France. But my work doesn’t allow me to stay there for long 😦
        May be one day 🙂

        May be we meet next time you’re back there!


        Liked by 1 person

      2. Wow that is amazing! Great to be in contact with someone from that region too! Yes I agree it is so lovely there but I must admit I have never been to Reynes 🙂 It would be great to meet up when I am next back! Best of luck with work and keep in touch, Abi xxx

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Jessica, thank you so much! I am so pleased you liked the look! I always wish I could look so cool as the hippies and festival chics I see in magazines, so am happy that you like this boho inspired look 🙂 Abi xxx


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