Don’t Pretend Like You Didn’t See Me…

                          Don’t pretend like you didn’t see me…Cos I’m wearing Neon Baby!!!!


Neon colours are some of the most useful ones around. On my desk I have a huge pile of fluorescent highlighters that I use constantly to help me study, with the bright yellow one giving me so much pleasure in my quest to make my notes appealing, that once I start highlighting one key word, I end up realizing that I have colored in an entire paragraph/page/chapter- which I guess sort of defeats the point… As for my tabs and posted notes that have filled up my law books – the pretty colors draw attention to important pages but somehow I always end up over killing the system and tabbing up every page and it is only towards the end that I realise that I can’t remember the system :/


I loved how Sophie Webster really made her shoes stand out with her urban jungle and like the 80s and early 90s, every other thing that was cool, was even more awesome because you could see it from a mile away. These bright colors look 100% fake and I have never seen anything in the wild which glows in the same way as this toxic radioactive color. So where do they come from? Neon is actually as noble gas which is colorless, odorless and was discovered in 1898 as one of the three residual rare inert elements remaining in dry air, after nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide are removed. However it gives a distinct reddish- organ glow when used in either low-voltage neon glow lamps or neon advertising signs which operate at a high voltage. Although still referred to as “neon”, other colors are generated with different noble gases or by varied colors of fluorescent lighting.  It is no wonder why neon is considered by so many the ultimate statement of a modern society. From the lights of the billboards in Times Square to the glow of radioactive material. Machines, inventions, these colors reflect the power of man to create something which is bolder than nature.



So how to harness this power in an outfit and not look like an over zealous traffic cone? A great way to dull the neon without loosing any of its eye catching charm is by combining it with neutral or pale colours. This brightens up the pastels and dims the glow. Accessories such as bright glasses or shoelaces are a great way to add a flash of colour to your ensemble. Here I have gone with a bright yellow blazer, which not only looks less bright when combined with baby blue jeans, a white shirt and a white bag, but which still looks vibrant enough for cars not to have excuses to ignore me when I cross the road. I have a love hate relationship with neon, in that highlighters and tabs make my life easier when it comes to exams but when I am in full throw my cramming, my room does turn into a wild paper glow party – my hands are covered in pen and left over fluo- posted notes get stuck to me in all sorts of awkward places. I thought that I could reflect that in today’s look and get my own back on those pesky suckers.


Do you love or hate neon?…Let me know what you think of the look and any tips that you may have on how to wear these bright colours! 🙂 Abi xxx



Yellow Blazer with Padded Shoulders  – ZANZEA (charity shop)

Black and White Back-Pack – NEW LOOK

Pink Neon Sunglasses – H&M

White Chuck Taylor Trainers – CONVERSE

White tank shirt – PRIMARK


Feline Hat – EBAY

Evil Eye Earring – ALI EXPRESS


Author: Abigail Royston

I am an ex-professional tennis player and have just graduated from King's College in London. I share daily fashion outfits and stories of my travels and the tour. Every story has a beginning, but I will start mine here, at the start of something big. For us this was a journey of a lifetime, where dreams were made and broken, where friendships were cherished and torn apart. We lived and still live the life of aspiration and we tell the tale of victories and defeats that come with growing up at such a young age on the brink of greatness and fame. In our world youth, beauty and riches combine. We trained hard but played even harder. Our parties’ were and always will be legendary, our travels exotic and carefree. We were becoming stars. My Girls On Tour showcases street style looks, avant-garde fashion, new designers, fashion shows as well as travel stories and adventures. A fun window into the glamorous world of a professional tennis player turned fashionista, this is the place for wonderlust and fashion inspiration. Instragram @abigirlx Twitter @Abigailroyston

14 thoughts on “Don’t Pretend Like You Didn’t See Me…”

    1. Hey Randi! I sent you an email :))) Sorry for my late reply! I explained all in my message! So glad that you like the outfit! I was tiered of studying and getting those pesky posted notes stuck all over me when I tabbed up my book! I thought I’d get my own back and wear them! I’ve always loved highlighter pens too and its so depressing wasting those bright lively color on work all the time. Again thank you for all your support, really your encouragement is so kind 🙂 Speak soon :))) xxx


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