Cool as a Cuccumber

So yesterday I went to my first haute couture exhibition and I must say it was fascinating! It was a lovely sunny day, the temperatures here in London have been soaring…the figures are now into double digits (I know right!?) and Brits are melting away into pools of hot pink sweat even as we speak. The roasting is slow but the air isn’t dry. London is being dragged kicking and screaming into summer and is doing its best to fog us all out with hot clouds and threatening storms. Men walk around without their shirts on and anyone who hasn’t looked at the every changing weather forecast will have got caught out by this  tropical fever wearing a coat and long boots.


Black would be way to heavy and hot, but all white would be seen here in the city as a little too eager for a summer which really everyone is expecting but still isn’t sure will materialize. Colors have a somewhat soothing effect on me and so I decided to wear a very minty shade of green and to stay as long as possible round the fountains at the Barbican to try to keep myself as fresh as possible.


Now the other day I discovered an amazing website They sell the clothes of some great Australian designers, which are just perfect for hot weather. This top came from there and arrived yesterday, just in time! The fabric was really light and the cut out under arms meant that I was probably one of the very few that day not suffering from outrageous sweat patches! 😉 1-nil London! It also has a cut out back but the little crossing crossing straps still makes it feel quite formal and not too over exposing. I could easily wear this out, but today I chose to dress it down with short white shorts and green leather slip- ons. Let me know what you think and also how you stay cool in this hot weather? I am going to be off to Marrakesh soon once I finish my exams so would fully appreciate the tips! 🙂












Learn to share top mint  – CAMEO

Printed Leather Slip ons with Track sole – ZARA

Eva Clutch Monogram Canvas Damier Azur – LOUIS VUITTON

White Shorts

However, a massive warning to UK customers of this webpage…I didn’t realise but even though it says shipping is included and free, you will still have to pay extra VAT and import taxes on your items…so its not free at all. 1-1 London 😦


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