White Stripes and Scallop Short Love


Its been raining for the past few days and I’ve been stuck inside revising for my final Law exams which are Oh! so very soon! I’m sure all of you know what it feels like to be trapped inside and forced to fester in your room or office over books, when all you want to do is go on holiday and do some exercise. So when I was invited for a tour of some artist studios in Hackney Wick, I thought that it would be fitting to wear a black and white stripped convict blazer to match my prisoner persona which I have been forced to adopt in order to get me through my course. I recently bought a pair of white scallop shorts which I love. These can be worn with just about anything and they were a great way to add a feminine touch to the harsh lines of the jacket. Red sunglasses and the red rims of the white converse for some much needed color. Let me know what you think about the outfit and on how you cope with exam/work stress!

image image image image image image image image image image image

Hackney Wick and Fish Island currently has the highest concentration of creative practitioners and artist studios in Europe. I loved seeing the paint stained overalls, the boho cafes and the small galleries. Paint stained overalls…now that is an idea…;)


White and Black Stripped Blazer – FOREVER 21 (sold out but similar one)

Silk Halter-Neck Top with Choker – NEXT (sold out)

White Scallop Shorts – ASOS

Chuck Taylor White Trainers – CONVERSE

 Red Sunglasses – RAY-BAN

Heart Tag Bracelet – TIFFANY & CO

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