Turtle neck so high you can’t see your haters


There is something particularly elegant about high roll neck jumpers. I wore a black one to my trip to Paris but the one problem is that they tend to be quite thin, so not ideal for when one actually needs to wear a jumper. This is why I love my thick, wool and cashmere stripped turtle neck from French Connection so much. It is warm, comfortable and feels so soft, but is fitted and elegant in style. The colors were particularly special and quite unusual, baby blue and pinky orange and I really like the floppy yet high neck. I don’t know if you get this, but sometimes when I leave my house (especially after having been studying and festering for days in my room), it feels almost harsh stepping outside into the cold hard glare of the world. It is normally then, when I just want to recluse that I end up popping out to buy some milk and end up meeting half the people I am friends with on Facebook. Damn! This outfit is my answer to that: there is something quite protective about a high neck and when warn with sunglasses. Firstly, you can pass somewhat unnoticed, but also there is comfort in a large scarf or a high roll top into which I can just bury my face to ward off the cold wind.

image image image

image image

Here I have warn it with my baby blue jeans and leather sneakers. Let me know what you think about the jumper and if you have any tips on what to wear when you just want to snuggle but can’t because of some annoying friend who keeps harassing you to go for coffee or just simply because if you don’t go to the shop you will have to end up eating the cat :/


Turtle neck wool and cashmere jumper – FRENCH CONNECTION (sold out)

Blue Amelie Super skinny Jeans – RIVER ISLAND

Sunglasses – TRUSSARDI

Leather Sneakers – FILLING PIECES

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