Radio Bar and Herve Ledger

Radio Bar is incredible and it is a place which I have been back to again and again. In the day time it offers undisputed views over the city and at night the glass triangle structure on the top of W Hotel turns into a private party with blue lights, the best lounge house and the most beautiful crowd in London. With a minimum spend is £50 per person for a reservation, this place is open to the rich, the savy or the sexy. Once you are inside however, the first you want to do is escape the large bar and walk out onto the beautiful roof terrace, which is decorated with large comfortable chairs and beds. Tables are light by large candles in glass jars and fires burn to keep the scantily clad girls warm.



The cocktails were beautiful and all tasted great whilst being strong. The flowers floating in my martini glass really gave it an added touch. The food bites were very small for the price, so one of our party who hadn’t eaten and decided to eat there got a bit disappointed and had to order doubles of each plate. The service was also a bit slow as we were sat outside, but the views were lovely and the music was less loud, so all in all it was worth it!


I wore a green beaded Herve Ledger dress. I chose this one instead of others as I just loved the beading and the olive green colour.I have combined this with gold earrings and black heels. Some of Herve Ledger’s bodicon dresses can look a bit tacky as the colors are really really bright, which although great for the summer, might be too informal for the winter.


IMG_8150 IMG_8149 IMG_8147 IMG_8137 IMG_8132



This last picture was taken in Barcelona in a hotel. Although it isn’t from the same night out, it is the same dress, so it is just to give an idea of what it looks like.








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