Sitges Carnaval – Party Time

This is the ultimate party and one of the biggest carnival’s in Europe. On the most popular days you will find more than 300,000 party goers dancing on the major streets across the town.In the gay and lesbian stronghold the atmosphere is very shrill and eccentric, and the parade is unique. In Sitges, the Carnival has been celebrated for over 100 years. Bring your own alcohol and have a drink whilst watching the parades and floats go by. Then, after all is finished, party until the early hours of the morning. We did, it was crazy. My friend partied so hard he split his trousers. Too much grinding and tight hunting trousers = not a good combo!

IMG_3653 IMG_3630

Part of the fun is getting ready!

The carnival begins in Spain with “Dirty Thursday”, in Barcelona this day is called Jueves Ladero – Greasy Thursday, or Dijous Gras in Catalan. This day is dedicated to the “Vice” and is celebrated with many festivals in which vast amounts are eaten.

The weekend belongs to the Carnival Guilds. Highlight is the Gran Rue, the big carnival Parade (see below) with loads of colourful decorated carriages and carnival Groups.

On Ash Wednesday the carnival comes to an end with the funeral of the sardine. The King of Carnival dies and is buried in his grave in a funeral cortège, accompanied by his widow and companions – the colourful costumes are appropriately exchanged to black mourning clothes. The Part is dead! Long live the party… 😉

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