Dinner at Roof Gardens Hotel Sevilla Havana


The Roof Gardens of Hotel Sevilla was once the hotel’s grand ballroom, now an enormous and supremely elegant restaurant with great views of the city and the sea.


If you can get a table next to one of the balconies and you can enjoy the blissful ocean breezes.

The creative French-inspired menu and stunning setting make this one of the finest dining options in Havana. The dining area has massively high ceilings with windows lining the walls, marble floors and chandeliers. Entrees range from $15 to $35 and include dishes such as lobster stewed in rum and monkfish in basil-curry sauce.The menu is quite limited though and the price it is expensive compared to other restaurants in Havana.


The portions were reasonable compared to most french cuisine served and the vegetables and  lobster which we had were fresh.


We had the privilege of being serenaded by opera singers, the soprano in particular was incredible. The  whole atmosphere was the the epitome of elegance and class. A night to remember.

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